Chapter 49.1 [Master-disciple story 7] The one who should apologize, is you (1)

“Since giving advice is contrarily out of the question.” Su Ruizhi gave Chu Jiao a onceover, her gaze filled with fastidiousness and disdain. “Then I’m quite doubtful whether Uncle Master Ling was really blind at that time to be able to see something in a trash like you.”

She said while releasing the might of a Foundation Establishment Stage, acting as if she wanted to intimidate Chu Jiao.

However, she had completely forgotten that Chu Jiao was a person who was able to genuinely reach the top of Stairways to Heaven and the long duration of real combat practice had enriched Chu Jiao’s skillset so she was able to hold off a few attacks against people who were in a higher realm than her in battle so how could she possibly fear her, who had just broken into  Foundation Establishment Stage.


Chu Jiao hardly seemed to be affected by her words. Instead, she took a step forward and raised the sword in her right hand, blocking the sword that Su Ruizhi had laid out in front of her as a cold smile hung onto the corner of her lips.

“Haha. It looks like Senior Su’s not afraid of a huge wind cutting her tongue off.”

If it wasn’t for her master’s enlightening words from before, she could have been influenced by Su Ruizhi’s ridicule at this moment and would have been in an unstable state of mind. However, now, she knew that her master had never once been disappointed in her and had even been silently encouraging her behind her back, in support. How could she continue to have worries?

Even if she was still only at the peak of Qi Condensation Stage, she still needed to let everyone know, that as the only disciple of Highest Heavens zhenjun Ling Yue, she was definitely not trash!

“If Senior Su wants to teach this junior, then this junior doesn’t have any words to say.” Chu Jiao’s pitch black eyes coldly gazed at Su Ruizhi as she continued. “But if Senior Su wants to vilify my master,” With a bout of strength, she pressed her sword against the hilt of Su Ruizhi’s sword, pushing her back two steps.

“The sword in my hand and I both don’t agree!”


Su Ruizhi was stirred furious by Chu Jiao’s haughty attitude. She ignored the mollifying words and obstruction of her fellow sisters surrounding her and pointed her sword at Chu Jiao.

“Good, good, good! Then from now on, I’ll properly teach you and let you know what it means to respect an elder! I’ll drill into you, that beyond the horizon, there are people more talented than yourself!”

To persuade her, she pulled the jade amulet on her waist and threw it to Chu Jiao, gazing at her with a look of provocation.

Chu Jiao caught it smoothly and tugged down on an identical jade amulet she had hung up on her waist and also threw it across.

This was one of the rules in the Noble Spirit Sect.

The Noble Spirit disciples were not allowed to have an internal strife and massacre one another. They were however, allowed to swap pointers by having a duel. For this, they need to exchange the jade amulets, which signified their identities, and head to the Yin Yang Stage. This represented their determination to hold the battle.

Once they stepped on the stage, getting injured in battle was inevitable but in a duel, until one had conceded their defeat, the winner was not allowed to purposely commit murder nor could they secretly continue to harm the loser. The outcome was decided based on their abilities and all gratitude or enmity would be expelled on stage. Nobody in the audience was also allowed to entangle themselves with the decided outcome.

Su Ruizhi and Chu Jiao both knew this rule so the two exchanged their jade amulets which signified the acceptance of the soundless declaration of war on the Yin Yang Stage.

“Aiii, quickly quickly. I heard that Junior Apprentice Chu and Junior Apprentice Su are going on the Yin and Yang stage!”

“What? How did they get into a brawl?”

“Junior Apprentice Chu? Was she the one who had failed to break into the Foundation Establishment Stage three times?”

“Yeah Yeah Yeah, that’s her! She’s still Highest Heavens zhenjun’s only disciple!”

“Then who’s the other one?”

“The other one’s the complacent disciple of Scarlet Sky, who’s at the Initial Stage of Foundation Establishment, Su Ruizhi!”

“Is this Junior Apprentice Chu looking for an early death? How could someone in Qi Condensation Stage beat someone in Foundation Establishment Stage….”

“How dull. Who knows if it’s just some insignificant squabble between two ladies.”

“Well, I’ve heard rumors that the two ladies are both beauties in a bud…”

“Aiyo, then what are we waiting for. Go Go Go. Let’s go and take a look!”

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