Chapter 4.2 Uncle, give Jiao Jiao a bath please! (2)

Starting from the soft neck, Chu Minshen rubbed and streaked across the little girl’s back and arms.

But when it came to the chest, he was a little bit hesitant.

There should be a prudent reserve between sexes and even though Chu Jiao was still a little doll, he had always felt that it was still not right.

“What’s wrong uncle? Quickly wash Jiao Jiao clean ah, the water’s gonna get cold.”

When Chu Jian saw Chu Minshen not moving a muscle, she could only actively add to the fire.

She reached her soft little hand out and held Chu Minshen’s big hand, hugging it to her own chest. Chu Minshen’s palm was very warm. Her upper body that was exposed to the air was a little cold so holding the warmth felt very good.

Chu Minshen sensitively felt two protrusions sticking onto his arm from her pull and his hand shook, causing the shower puff to fall into the basin of water.

“Uncle is really stupid.” Chu Jiao puckered her little nose. “Mama says, you have to wash like this.” She held Chu Minshen’s hand to do a demonstration.

Chu Minshen let his hand be held, his palm stuck on Chu Jiao’s chest, slowly stroking Chu Jia’s right little pearl and then over to the left.

This was the first time Chu Jiao had taken initiative in letting a guy touch her own body. Even though the body was still small and didn’t feel anything, inside, she was panicking. So she made a move and had just let go of it.

“There! Just like that. Now you know how to do it right, stupid uncle.”

“Cough, forgive uncle, Chu Jiao.” Chu Minshen felt it was a little hot inside the bathroom. “This was the first time Uncle had to do it so he couldn’t do it well. I’ll get better at it in the future when I practice more.”

Pei! What was he saying about a future and even practicing. Chu Minshen felt deep disdain for himself. This was simply a matter he was not good at.

Hopefully, Jiao Jiao could quickly learn how to take a bath herself.

What he didn’t know was that, in the near future, he would want to take back saying these face-slapping words.

Chu Minshen picked up the pace and rubbed Chu Jiao’s skin. Without paying attention, the strength he used increased.

“Ah, Uncle, be gentler~” Chu Jiao feigned anger coquettishly.

As expected, the male lead really was trained in the military. The amount of strength was big.    

“Sorry, sorry. I didn’t hurt you, did I, Jiao Jiao?”

Chu Minshen quickly dropped the amount of force used and lightly rubbed the areas he had used great force over earlier.

However, he stopped rubbing after not too long.

“Ah, Uncle~”


The place he was using a lot of force on was coincidentally Jiao Jiao’s chest.

Chu Minshen’s bronze skin may have been smoked in hot air too long because it suddenly turned into a shade of red. Beads of sweat also started to appear on his forehead.

He sighed in his heart. Why did it feel hotter giving Jiao Jiao a bath rather than running 3000 meters?

“Uncle, you’re sweating.” Chu Jiao took her little hand and wiped Chu Minshen’s forehead.

“How about you take them off and take a bath with Jiao Jiao?”

“Mama would also take baths together with Jiao Jiao~”

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