Chapter 37 Uncle, it’s just a little itchy (Slightly H)

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Chu Jiao didn’t know what happened after she left the mountain. She quietly laid on Chu Minshen’s back as she was carried back to base.

Unlike the difficult raggedy path uphill, the path downhill was a relaxed yet a torment at the same time.

Naturally, the one who was relaxed was Chu Jiao and the one who was in torment, was Chu Minshen.

Chu Jiao was sprayed on his back, her little bottom supported by his big palms. The two lumps on her chest were glued close to him. With every step he took, it would rub up and down his back. Even though the soft and smooth sensation was separated by a piece of cloth, it still almost made him lose control.

The height of summer still hadn’t passed and inside Chu Jiao’s camouflage clothing were only thin undergarments that held her bosom and covered her lower half.

When the mountain road became bumpy and winding, Chu Jiao held close to Chu Minshen. Her body slid up and down along his movements as the two little pearls on her chest had already gotten erect from the unceasing friction created from rubbing and it protruded through her thin undergarment.


Just as Chu Minshen lifted his foot to step across a small channel of water, Chu Jiao’s nipple streaked across his shoulder blades, making her unable to hold back her moan.

“What’s wrong, Jiao Jiao?”

Chu Minshen asked at once, worried that he may have unintentionally bumped against Chu Jiao’s injury.

“Mmm….it’s nothing…” Chu Jiao bit her lip and was embarrassed to say the real reason. Even though she was quite frank in bed, under broad daylight, she felt ashamed to admit she was feeling something.

Darn it, why did this body have to be so sensitive.

Chu Minshen’s hearing was superb and adding on to his understanding of Chu Jiao, he had heard the girl’s moan that wasn’t of pain but had some coquettishness to it and after thinking for a few rounds, he had probably figured out what had happened.

He couldn’t help but hook his lips up in a slight smile. This little hussy can’t even calm down even when she was injured.

The mountain road was precipitous and not long after, he encountered another embankment he had to leap across. This time, Chu Minshen harbored evil thoughts as he loosened his hold on Chu Jiao’s butt as he jumped across. Chu Jiao’s butt slipped down a lot as she called out “AHH” in surprise and hurriedly put more strength in her arms. Her legs also tightened a lot around Chu Minshen to prevent herself from falling down. Her privates stuck closely to Chu Minshen’s waist.

“Wuuu….” Chu Jiao sensitvely discovered that the action earlier had caused the edge of her little underwear to slip inside the seams of her meat, causing the other half of her privates to be exposed as it pasted directly on the inside of her camouflage pants.

The texture of the camouflage pants was rough. When the soft petal jolted and rubbed against it over and over again, not a moment later, Chu Jiao felt a burst of itchiness.

However, both her hands were currently wrapped around Chu Minshen’s neck. Her body was also stuck closely to Chu Minshen’s. She simply had no way of setting one hand free to reorganize her clothes so she could only carefully wiggle her butt in hopes of getting the little underwear to shift back into place.

It was a pity that things often turn out the exact opposite the way we want them to be. She continued to twist and turn but it only made her underwear dig in deeper and the itchiness she felt on her lower body became more intense. She also didn’t know when the legs she had circled around Chu Minshen’s waist slipped down to reach the man’s crotch as her calf would occasionally streak across Chu Minshen’s huge sleeping dragon, appearing to carelessly seduce and invite it.

Chu Minshen only plannted to tease the seductive little hussy and didn’t think he would be unable to step on the brakes, having his fire ignited by her.

Although Chu Jiao acted very carefully, her entire body still adhered to Chu Minshen’s so there was nothing that could escape Chu Minshen’s senses.

The girl’s soft lower body grinded sensually and pliably against his back. Her honey butt twitched within his hands as her legs rubbed against her lower abdomen in allure. It was this kind of provocation that no guy was able to resist against. Moreover, this was the guy she held deep feelings for.

The huge dragon on his groin area gradually regained consciousness. Chu Minshen couldn’t resist spreading his hands behind his back and gave a heavy slap to Chu Jiao’s smooth and round bottom.

“Owwwww…. Second uncle!” Chu Jiao was taken by surprise from this sudden slap and yelled out in a spoiled tone. 

“What are you recklessly moving round for, hm?” Chu Minshen walked down the slope and asked in a half pretensed manner. “You’re already injured yet you still have to heart to tempt second uncle, are you looking for a beating!?”

“Ahhh…..when did I….” Chu Jiao realized that Chu Minshen had discovered her actions and her little egg face turned beet red. “Ahnn…..I didn’t…..tempt second uncle….”

“Then what were you doing. Hm?” Chu Minshen withdrew his hands slightly and kneaded Chu Jiao’s little butt. “If you weren’t tempting second uncle…then why was this little butt twisting so lively?”

Chu Jiao already had nothing more to lose at this point so she started to use more strength in rubbing her lower body against him. She leaned her head closer to Chu Minshen’s ears as she blew beside it. “Mmm.. it’s… it’s just that… Jiao Jiao has a slight itch.

As for where it itched, no words needed to be said.

T/N: (pretending to be dense) Oh? Where does it itch? Is it….. YOUR FLOWER? ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

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