Chapter 3.2 Uncle, give me your down there to eat (2)

Chu Jiao tiptoed to look at the fridge and made some calculations in her heart.

“Mommy said that while I’m still growing, I need to eat less of the food outside because it’s not clean.”

That’s true. Chu Minshen also often took note of the news. Illegally recycled cooking oils and the kind were extremely common and they were extremely harmful to the body. They definitely should not be given to children to eat.

“Uncle, give me down there to eat.(1)[efn_note] 下面: homophone for noodles. In this context, Jiao Jiao is asking Chu Minshen for noodles. However, he hears it wrongly instead [/efn_note] Jiao Jiao wants to eat uncle’s down there.” Chu Jiao said knowingly. In her heart, she was thinking, looks like I’ll have to take up the responsibility of cooking. She was independent since she was small and had honed her cooking skills every since she got out of the orphanage. Besides, there was no better way to get on someone’s good graces than this.

Eat what? Eat down there?


Fuck. Chu Minshen felt that he was corrupted by the hoodlums in the army’s behavior. He looked at Chu Jiao’s limpid big eyes and his face flushed. He gave himself an imaginary big slap for suddenly mishearing things.

“Alright. Since Jiao Jiao wants to eat. Uncle will cook for you.” Chu Minshen pulled his sleeves up and started to cook.

Chu Minshen didn’t know how to cook fancy dishes but he knew how to cook noodles. The two people simply improvised along the way. Chu Jiao commented inside, it’s not bad. It’s not so bad that it’s hard to swallow yet she didn’t realize that she had just hit on the male lead.

After eating and washing their bowls, it was already close to 8pm.

Chu Jiao rubbed her eyes.

The only part that sucks about being a kid was this. She was too delicate and it was time for her to want to go to sleep.

She busied herself today and felt that her whole body was sticky so she planned to take a bath first before sleeping. 

“System’s Friendly Reminder: The washroom is a good place to exchange body fluid.”

The sudden voice took Chu Jiao off guard and made her almost slip down.

“419, let’s discuss this over. The next time you remind me, can you be a little bit more tactful?” Chu Jiao said helplessly.

“Sorry. This is 419’s factory default setting. There’s no way to change it.”

“Then can I choose the um, location myself?” Just thinking about  the mission execution method made Chu Jiao feel a bit unwell.

“You can. The system will judge the mission’s success according to the amount of body fluid and the quality of it.”

“Even the quality? How do you judge this? Eating oysters everyday for replenishment?” Is it looking at the vis-viscosity? Chu Jiao’s thoughts flew all over the place..

“The system can, according to the test, analyze the concentration of nerve fluid generated by feelings of love in the male lead’s body fluid.”

“You mean to say, if I forced myself on the male lead, the quality wouldn’t be able to pass the standards.” As expected, she knew that the mission wasn’t gonna be easy to complete.

“That’s right.”

So she needed to make the male lead fall in love with her.

This was a lot harder than innocent body contact and exchanging body fluids.

“Alright. 419, do you still have any other rules you haven’t told me?” Chu Jiao had a faint of regret. This system was really unreliable.

“After the mission is declared completed, the host can then explore the rest of the world.”

Speaking was just really a waste of its breath.         

Chu Jiao grinned, no longer caring about this unreliable 419.

But, since she needed to complete the mission, then she still needed to start working hard.

“Second Uncle!”

Chu Jiao took out a pair of skirt and underwear from the wardrobe and called Chu Minshen.

“Ai, what’s wrong, Jiao Jiao.” Chu Minshen had just finished washing the dishes and walked out of the kitchen while wiping his hands.

“I want to take a bath!”

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