Chapter 27.1 Uncle, even if it hurts, it’s all right (1)

The two people played almost until midnight. Chu Minshen originally wanted to carry Chu Jiao to take a bath but gave up on it under Chu Jia’s persistence. The two people were wrapped around each other as they fell into deep sleep. 

The reason why Chu Jiao did this was because she was worried that after she cleaned up, it would affect the judgement of body fluids absorption by the system. But in the second morning, after she woke up and called 419 out, she realized that the way this carnal desire system that took root in her soul absorbed body fluids was different from the way she had thought. 419 didn’t care what method she used to absorb, as long as the male lead held feelings of love and shot fluids on her body.

She shrugged her shoulders and was too lazy to ask for more details. The fact that she was bound to a system was already against conventional reasoning. If she worried about the rest of the matters, it would be meaningless to her. As long as it didn’t affect the mission progress, it was all dandy.

Being eaten clean for the very first time, she didn’t feel the effects when they were doing it yesterday. Now that she was awake, Chu Jiao felt a slight soreness down there. She rubbed the other ice cold half of the bed thinking to herself. This stinky second uncle, disappearing the next morning. Just because he penetrated her deeply yesterday doesn’t mean he shouldn’t keep her company and coax her today.

Chu Jiao misunderstood Chu Minshen this time.

He got up early in the morning and wiped Chu Jiao clean before heading out to the pharmacy to buy some medicine.

He felt a bit regretful. He shouldn’t have twisted and turned Chu Jiao around without principles last night and shot his own essence inside the little flower’s body. She was still so small. What if he carelessly won the lottery, how could they face other people?

He quickly bought oral contraceptives and asked the doctor for an ointment that could help ease the soreness in ‘that’ place before hurriedly returning home, wanting to be by the little flower’s side when she wakes up.

As a result, when Chu Minshen finally got home, he saw Chu Jiao propping herself up and trying to get down from the bed.

He hurriedly threw the things he was carrying and took large strides forwards, reaching out an arm when Chu Jiao’s legs turned soft and was about to fall on the floor. He carried her in an embrace and stood back up, placing her on the bed.

He punitively swatted her little butt. “What are you showing off your ability for. Stay in bed and behave. Uncle’s going to help put ointment on you.

Chu Jiao did as he said and obediently laid down. Every time Chu Minshen was worried she was hurt, she would feel a sweet and warm feeling in her heart. She would also become especially lovable.

At this time, it was very bright outside.The main bedroom was sprinkled with sunlight. Chu Jiao laid on her side, allowing Chu Minshen to part her legs and apply the cool ointment on her privates.

Chu Minshen’s hands were hands that have held guns. Usually, when they held guns, they would be bold and powerful. At this moment, however, they were soft. He looked at Chu Jiao’s lips that were red and inflamed and he felt distressed. “I’m sorry, does it……hurt, Jiao Jiao?

Milky white cream spread out under the warm heat of Chu Jiao’s privates. Chu Jiao resisted the itchiness down there as her brows and eyes curved. “It only hurts a bit.” She leaned towards Chu Minshen’s forehead and with a “pa” sound, planted a kiss. “Because it was uncle…..” so it didn’t matter if it hurt.

Chu Minshen heard this and his heart warmed. He raised his head and exchanged a kiss that didn’t carry any lust, it was warm and sweet.

For the entire weekend, the two people stayed at home without going anywhere. Chu Minshen was worried that Chu Jiao’s body would keep enduring the pain of her first time so wherever he went, he would always carry her. The two didn’t even do any “nourishing” activities. They watched movies and chatted, filling the entire compound with a greasy sweetness.

With a new week coming, Chu Jiao originally prepared to do her best to listen to class yet she received a notice that she was about to participate in a 20 day military training. The girls in her class howled in grief for a period of time. If you had to know why, it was because it was currently the peak of summer where the heat felt like hell. Enduring 20 days under the sun wasn’t something every person who wanted to look beautiful, was able to accept.

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