Chapter 26 Uncle, shoot it all inside me (H)

Inside the dim room, two people were on the bed engaging in a passionate activity. The robust man leaned on the tender girl’s body, moving his muscled waist pumping in and out using deep and shallow thrusts. The girl’s fair legs was raised up high and was supported by the sturdy man’s arms. One leg still had a black stocking on while the other leg’s stocking had already been taken off and was casually thrown on the bedside.

The two slender long legs moved up and down along with the rhythm of the man’s body. Her smooth and round toes curled up tightly which expressed that the owner was in a situation where it was hard for her to endure.

“Does it feel good…..Jiao Jiao…..Is uncle fucking you real good?”

“Umm hmm…….Good….It feels goodd….ahhh…..” The girl’s eyes lost focus, her mouth parting slightly as she couldn’t help but moan involuntarily while answering the man’s inquiry.

“Huff…..Hiss……Jiao Jiao, your little hole is so tight…..ugh…..” Chu Minshen didn’t know how many times he had been entering in and out and only felt the little hole that was wrapped around him becoming softer and was sucking him in more, causing him to feel intoxication.

“Ahhhhh…..My little hole’s about to be fucked broken…..It’s so big……It’s filling me up…..Ahhhnnnn~~~” Chu Jiao was fucked so passionately, pleasured moans spilled out of her mouth intermittently.

“Little hussy!! Ahh….Uncle’s going to die sooner or later by your body!….”

“Nnnn Hmmm….It’s obviously….. uncle …who’s….going to fuck……… death…..Unnnnhnnn…ahhhhh~~~”

The man and the girl’s dialogues were vulgar and lascivious yet it carried an affection that was hard for people to ignore.

“Ahhhhhhh…..Uncle…..I can’t take it anymore…..Jiao Jiao’s going to dieee……” Chu Jiao was made to accept Chu Minshen’s seemingly endlessly pounding, feeling that she was almost quickly going to be fucked to death.

“Huff…..You won’t……Hahh..hahh…..Jiao Jiao’s this soft……no matter how much uncle fucks…..I can’t possibly fuck you broken……you’ll only get more wet the more I fuck you……”

As if to prove Chu Minshen’s words, the two people’s continuous linkage gradually pervaded the air with dampness as transparent liquid flowed out from Chu Jiao’s little hole. The continuous slapping of bodies conjoining the two people’s groins, emitted a sloppy wet sound.

“Look…..Jiao Jiao…..see……you’re leaking again….” Chu Minshen continued moving his waist while reaching out a finger out evilly to swipe at the area where they were joined, and holding up the sparkling and translucent liquid up to Chu Jiao’s face.

“Ahhhh…..take it awayyyy…..” Chu Jiao didn’t want to know licentious she was so he pushed Chu Minshen’s hand away. “Uncle….Uncle, you big baddie!”

Chu Minshen at this moment, wasn’t his usual serious and rigid him. His eyes squinted slightly as the corner of his mouth slightly arched up, carrying a bit of devilish charm. “Hmm?? Uncle’s a big baddie…..Huff…..Hmm…..How is uncle bad?”

Chu Jiao began to fill pleasure from Chu Minshen’s gentle yet powerful thrusting. Her voice gradually became coquettish as well.

“Uhnnnn ~~~Umm….Uncle……is bad~~ Ahhnn hahh….Baddie~”

Chu Minshen heard Chu Jiao’s incomplete moans and increased the strength of his thrusts and even continued to adjust to different directions.

“Huff….is it this bad…..” He thrust upwards and asked. “Or….is it this bad?” He used his glans to rub the hole’s deepest part nearing the uterus heavily.


The huge stick followed Chu Minshen’s movements whirling and bumping inside Chu Jiao’s little hole. He didn’t know where it collided but when he did, Chu Jiao felt a tingle. A pleasure surged in her like her entire person was high up in the clouds.

Seeing this situation, Chu Minshen wasn’t some ignorant pre-pubescent kid. He seemed to have realized something as joy flashed through his eyes. “Ohhh, looks like I found Jiao Jiao’s sensitive spot…..” He recalled the place he had poked earlier and probed the passage that wrapped him. As he slowly fumbled inside, his glans once again streaked across the protrusion inside the passage.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!……..” Chu Jiao immediately trembled all over and let out a satisfied scream.

“So it’s this place…..” Chu Minshen had found the right place. He smirked and held Chu Jiao’s waist tightly. Positioning himself towards the protrusion, he rammed inside not fast nor slow but with power in every thrust.

“Oh! Ohhh uhhhhh…..ahhhh……” Chu Jiao was already a bit absent-minded at this time. A mind-numbing thrill arose from her lower body like she was a little boat afloat the ocean’s big waves. Without any control of her own body, she could only drift along with the desire.

“Nooo……Don’t…….Nghhhh… Uncle….Don’t poke there…….”

When Chu Minshen continuously attacked that place, Chu Jiao suddenly felt a desire to pee. While she bore his ramming, she wanted to stop Chu Minshen, however, why would Chu Minshen listen to her. He continued striking that place strongly without any hint of fatigue.

“Mmmm…….You can’t…..Ahhh….Uncle get off quickkk…….Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”

A huge tide surged unexpectedly. Chu Jiao hadn’t pushed Chu Minshen away when she felt the water squirting out of her little hole, soaking the huge stick buried inside her.

“Wuuuuu….Uncle, you big baddie! Go awayy…. Go awayyyy…wuuuuu” Chu Jiao felt too ashamed. She thought Chu Minshen fucked her until she peed, causing her entire person to crumble.

Chu Minshen felt juice bursting forth Chu Jiao’s flower hole and sprinkling on his glans. This stimulated the numbness of his lower body. Jiao Jiao..did Jiao Jiao….just ejaculate? Did he just fuck her to ….. orgasm?

Chu Minshen still hadn’t recollected his senses when he heard Chu Jiao’s ashamed sobbing. He hurriedly comforted her. “Silly Jiao Jiao….What are you embarrassed about….”

“Wuuuu…I told you not to thrust there but you didn’t listen….wuuuuuwuuuu….now I peed all over you.” Chu Jiao was so immersed in her own misunderstanding, she wallowed in extreme shame.

“Haha……silly Jiao Jiao….” Chu Minshen, still soaked in Chu Jiao’s flower juice, continued to poke inside the wet passage without going light or heavy handed. “How is this pee…It’s your own body fluid…..just like Uncle, when you’re too aroused, you will shoot this stuff out…” Chu Minshen explained science to her in a good mood. As a man, having able to fuck his girl into climax was a positive affirmation of his abilities.

“You love Uncle  so you were fucked by Uncle into climax…..what’s there to be embarrased about….hm?”

Yi, wasn’t this being fucked to….incontinence?

Chu Jiao’s thick face flushed red. She felt embarrassed by her skewed thoughts.

Even though she knew about female ejaculation, it was still the first time for this old lady. The previous pornos she watched before couldn’t really match nor show what the actual body felt like, so she initially thought she …. peed.

Since the bottom line hasn’t been broken, Chu Jiao came back to life. Her eyes climbed up Chu Minshen’s shoulders like silk as her little hole clenched tightly. “But…..Uncle still hasn’t cum yet…..”

Chu Minshen’s eyes deepened as he picked up the pace. “Do you want it….hm? Do you want uncle to cum in you….Jiao Jiao…..en?”

“Ahhh… I want….I want you too….Jiao Jiao wants….Uncle to shoot it in me…shoot it in my little hole…..”

Chu Minshen heard wanton words coming out of Chu Jiao’s mouth and felt like he had just eaten the most potent aphrodisiac. He was like a pile driver, engaging his waist and ruthlessly pounding Chu Jiao’s lower body. The two people’s flesh slapped together making “Pa Pa” sounds.

“Alright……since you want it……Uncle will shoot…..everything….huff….shoot everything inside you……”

Chu Minshen loosened the long tightly closed semen passageway, burying his huge object inside the deepest part of Chu Jiao’s flower hole and just like an artillery cannon, violently ejaculated the rich and heavy essence he had accumulated for a long time. 

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