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  • Chapter 22.2 Uncle, Jiao Jiao is afraid of pain (2)

    To be a good guardian, he often needed to remind himself to properly educate Jiao Jiao.

    “If we made a mistake….” Chu Jiao hung her head to look down at her fingers. “If we made a mistake, we need to accept our punishment ma~”

    She bit her bottom lip, half in gloom, the other half in distress. “Then how does uncle plan to punish Jiao Jiao ah?”

    As if she recalled something, Chu Jiao reached her hand out to cover her little butt while she was still sitting. “Jiao Jiao is afraid of pain. No matter what, as long as you don’t hit Jiao Jiao’s butt, I’ll take it.”

    Chu Minshen’s hand slipped off the steering wheel causing the car to run in an S shape along the empty road. Chu Jiao’s seemingly earnest yet teasing words caused his breathing to become heavier as he recalled the “punishment” experience not too long ago.

    That was the summer Chu Jiao was taking her exams for senior high.

    Her third year of junior high had just ended and she had gone out for dinner with the guys and girls from the same class. After they finished eating, they spent a few hours singing at a ktv. By the time they dispersed, it was almost nearing midnight.

    Chu Minshen coincidentally had matters to discuss about with his comrade-in-arms. When Chu Jiao reported her own whereabouts that evening, he felt relieved and didn’t ask for more information. The two people would occasionally speak two sentences on WeChat.

    Young people always had their own lives. Although he felt quite sour about her rapid growth, he knew clearly that he couldn’t monopolize all the little flower’s time.

    However, something occurred that very same night. Chu Jiao got to know that Chu Minshen’s current whereabouts weren’t too far from the ktv place and wanted to wait for him there so that they could return home together. However, she never expected that when she passed through an alleyway, someone had kept an eye on her.

    Chu Jiao was just at the right age. She was taller and more charming compared to people her own age. She could easily be identified the center of attention within a group of people. That day, she only wore a simple T-shirt and shorts. Her smooth white legs appeared very captivating in the dark.

    That person was presumably a nearby wanderer. When he saw Chu Jiao walking alone without a soul in sight. A lewd malicious intent arose within him.

    Chu Jiao was still talking to her second uncle on We Chat and wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings. She suddenly smelled a stinky odor wafting from the side in the dark and subconsciously crouched down. She decisively used the pervert prevention method her second uncle had taught her by grabbing the person’s hand and executing a shoulder throw.

    That person didn’t think that a weak and delicate little lady would actually have such skill and felt pain all over. Regardless, he exerted all his effort to get back up again and pounced on Chu Jiao.

    Chu Minshen who was on the other end of the phone, heard the distinct sound of Chu Jiao cutting off oddly and even heard Chu Jiao’s small cry of alarm in the background. Unease promptly filled his heart as he tried to call her once more without any avail. He immediately stood up in the booth and apologized to his comrade-in-arms, rushing towards the place Chu Jiao had last sent to him about her whereabouts.

    Although Chu Jiao’s skill was trained by Chu Minshen for several years, in reality, she hadn’t had any experience of putting it into real practice. She would usually mess around with Chu Minshen and because Chu Minshen cared about her, he would always make concessions so when she encountered a genuine bad person for the very first time, she realized that her skill was still lacking.

    She resisted him off with arduous strength but was pushed down in a moment of inattention. Her legs were scraped by stones on the floor, causing a few wounds to appear.

    When the person saw Chu Jiao with her strength depleted, glee flashed through his eyes. Having touched the lady’s skin earlier, tsk tsk, it was so tender that he almost got hard. He slowly neared her, mischievously giving a vulgar laugh.

    Chu Jiao was about to vomit in disgust. She struggled to fight him with all her might while fumbling about on the ground, hoping to find a stone to be used a tool to smash him with.

    That person anxiously stuck his lips out, wanting to get on intimate terms with her but he didn’t expect to feel a sudden tightness on his neck. Someone had grabbed his clothes from behind and lifted him up before throwing him to the ground.

    Chu Jiao’s body felt relieved. She lifted her head and realized a tall figure that made her feel at ease had shrouded her.

    “Second Uncle….”

    Chu Jiao mumbled.

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