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  • Chapter 21 Uncle, have you finished looking?

    Li Menger and Chu Jiao conversed for a bit. In the middle of the conversation, she would occasionally sway and turn, wanting to converse with Chu Minshen but she ended up tactfully leaving, supporting her bicycling and leaving without catching Chu Minshen’s attention..

    To express her apology, Chu Jiao gave her own name and number to Li Menger for her to contact in case anything came up when she went for a full-body inspection.

    She had no choice. If she didn’t give it then according to her knowledge of Chu Minshen. This rigid fool would take responsibility for her mistake and would take the initiative to deliver his own name card.

    After Li Menger left, Chu Jiao pouted unhappily looking at Chu Minshen who had not made a peep all this while. 

    “Why aren’t you speaking. The other person has already left. Haven’t you finished looking?!”

    “Huh???” Chu Minshen was out of touch with what was happening.

    “What do you mean ‘huh’!?”

    Chu Jiao simply didn’t hear Chu Minshen’s confused tone. She thought that in the end, he still wasn’t able to escape the female lead’s charm and was attracted to her.

    So she gloomily turned and headed to school by herself.

    Chu Minshen was in between laughter and tears. He simply didn’t know what the little devil was angry about this time. He dragged the luggage and chased after her, putting an arm around Chu Jiao’s shoulder and causing her to pause in her steps.

    “Why is my ‘girlfriend’ so quick to turn hostile and not acknowledge her ‘boyfriend’? Hm?”

    He grabbed onto Chu Jiao’s earlier words, never letting them go and repeated these in a low and deep voice into Chu Jiao’s ears.

    Chu Jiao’s ears flushed red. She turned to look from left to right and saw that her surroundings were just parents and students who were in a hurry and did not pay any attention to them. This made her widen her eyes as she planted her face close to him, whispering. “When I was eating your big cock, you even told me to call you ‘Hubby’. Now what, I can’t even call you my boyfriend!”

    After seeing Li Menger today, her heart was in a mess. She felt uneasy and was now letting herself spout nonsense.

    Chu Minshen didn’t think that Chu Jiao would dare speak such obscene words in public with so many people around. His breathing became heavy for a moment. He really wanted to teach this little mouth a lesson.

    “You can you can…Whatever Jiao Jiao wants to call me, Uncle has no problem.”

    If they could, he also wanted to become a normal pair of boyfriend-girlfriend with his little flower and not the current situation where they were separated by family seniority, placing care on people’s opinions.

    At this time, they had already walked into the academic area and entered the dormitory area. The two areas were separated by an exquisite garden. The garden was accessible from all sides and the top part was filled to the brim with dense flowers, forming an arc towards the sky. Only starry bits of sunlight peeked through the seams in between the flowers, a couple of petals were blown away by the wind, fluttering in the air before reaching the ground. It was extremely beautiful.

    Chu Minshen took Chu Jiao and walked towards the middle. He smelled the fragrant aroma of flowers and looked at the faint shadows concealed by the branches in the surroundings. Thinking about the way Chu Jiao called him earlier, he couldn’t resist bending down and in between the figures of branches and flowers, he lightly captured Chu Jiao’s lips, planting a kiss full of love.

    This was the first time he acted without restraint in public. He realized. There was nothing much to worry about in reality.

    Perhaps, it was because this was an unfamiliar place filled with people who didn’t recognize them.

    Or perhaps it was because Chu Jiao was already slowly growing up, yet she still depended and adored him just as before.

    Or maybe it was because Chu Jiao calling him her “boyfriend” made his heart throb endlessly. It made him think about the things he could do with the identity of a boyfriend.

    Chu Jiao shut her eyes and quietly enjoyed this kiss that didn’t contain any lust.

    If you need to know, this old-fashioned guy was raising and lowering his hands against her at home for the past year. He had never done anything that was beyond the acceptable to her and now he was actually making the first move.

    Today’s stimulation was quite effective. Chu Jiao thought to herself as she secretly ate this sweet honey candy like a small squirrel, throwing Li Minger’s matter to the back of her head.

    After kissing for a while, Chu Jiao heard footsteps gradually approaching and lightly pushed Chu Minshen away.

    The two people held hands and continued walking towards the dorms. On the way, Chu Jiao kept rambling.

    “When you’re alone at home, my fridge still has some frozen fish that I’ve bought before. If you return home early, you can cook it for yourself to eat. If you go home late, then you could order yourself some take out. Don’t randomly order food that isn’t good for your health….”

    “Don’t also train too hard to the point of exhaustion. Also, you aren’t young anymore. If those new recruits aren’t easy to train, then just slowly take your time. It wasn’t easy for your previous injury to heal, if you get injured again, I won’t care about you anymore…..”

    “If the neighboring Aunt Luo introduces you to another blind date, you better reject it, understand?… I don’t care what reason you use…..”

    “If I’m not at home, you better miss me, do you understand……..”

    She didn’t know she had completely become a naggy mother. Worrying about this and that and trying hard not to part with Chu Minshen.

    “I know, I know. I’ve already remembered them by heart, my little housekeeping wife.”

    Chu Minshen was also feeling the torment of separation at this moment. He didn’t know why he made such a firm decision on letting Jiao Jiao live at school. At this moment, he really wanted to retract that decision.

    Chu Jiao’s eyes were getting moist the more she spoke. In the end, when she heard the way Chu Minshen called her, she smilingly scolded him.

    “Who wants to become your little housewife!”

    Chu Minshen relied on words to ask. “Then what does my baby Jiao Jiao want to be?”

    “I only want to be uncle’s little wife.” Chu Jiao pursed her lips and chuckled. Her charming face and sudden words made Chu Minshen overcome with emotion.

    When they reached the dorms, Chu Jiao raised her hand to look at the time. It wasn’t early anymore so she took the luggage from Chu Minshen’s hands and pushed him. “Quickly go back, you still have to go to work~”

    “How could going to work be more important than sending my Jiao Jiao.” Chu Minshen didn’t care.

    “Are you going to listen to me or not!? I told you sending me up until here is fine~”

    Chu Jiao pouted. “I don’t want to let anyone else see you….”

    Chu Minshen heard these words and on the contrary, didn’t persist any longer. Was Jiao Jiao eating vinegar right now?

    He smiled and rubbed Chu Jiao’s long hair, his palm streaking across her cheeks, His thumbs rubbing her lips with reluctance to part. “Alright, whatever Jiao Jiao says, Uncle will obey.”

    Little play:
    Chu Minshen (raises eyebrow): How could going to work be more important than…going on top of you?
    Chu Jiao (hooks finger): Why don’t you come on over then…..

    T/N: Such a sweet and tender moment between them, don’t you agree?  shalalala~

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