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  • Chapter 2.2 The first world: ‘Soldier Uncle fucks me inside out’

    “Daddy, Mommy!”

    Chu Jiao called out without having even seen anybody.

    The person who heard these words had a resolute face that suppressed pain. He put down his luggage and scooped up Chu Jiao for a hug.

    “Jiao Jiao, it’s Second Uncle.”

    Chu Jiao looked towards the man.

    Dense sword eyebrows, tall nose bridge, the wears of travel covering his handsome face and his pair of sharp eyes were at this time, bloodshot.

    This was the male lead, Chu Minshen.

    He should have heard about the news of his brother and sister-in-law’s death and quickly came back at the first moment. 

    “Second Uncle!” Chu Jiao softly and stickily smiled at him, hugging him back.

    “Second Uncle, Jiao Jiao missed you! You haven’t come to see Jiao Jiao in a long time!” In her memories, the first time Jiao Jiao saw this second uncle was a year ago. Chu Minshen was at the army all year round and rarely ever came home.

    “Why did Second Uncle come today, did you come back with daddy and mommy?”

    “…..Jiao Jiao…..”

    “Your dad and mom, they… they….”

    Chu Minshen was the kind of guy who handled matters with a firm hand, yet at this moment, he didn’t know how to start speaking without hurting the little child in his arms.

    “En? What happened to them?”

    Chu Jiao started struggling, wanting to get down. She headed towards the door and started searching, wanting to see if her parents were hiding somwhere.

    Chu Minshen felt his throat closing up and tightly embraced Chu Jiao. “They went to a very far place and will not be coming back anytime soon. Jiao Jiao will have to live with Uncle from now on, is that alright?”

    “Where did they go?”

    “Do Daddy and Mommy not want Jiao Jiao anymore?”

    “Jiao Jiao will be very good. Uncle, Jiao Jiao won’t buy any more dolls, Jiao Jiao will be very behaved.”

    “Can you let daddy and mommy come back home, please?”

    “Jiao Jiao is a very good child, why does daddy and mommy not want Jiao Jiao anymore?”

    Chu Jiao, in the beginning, was pretending to be anxious but the more she talked, the more she could relate to the character’s feelings. She had always wanted to say these words to her parents who abandoned her. She was a very obedient child, why did her parents not want her? She had been very very good at the orphanage, why didn’t anybody want to adopt her?


    Big teardrops slid down from Chu Jiao’s eyes and dropped on Chu Minshen’s neck, heavily, like it was dropping on the pit of his stomach.

    “Jiao Jiao is the most well-behaved child.”

    “Daddy and Mommy don’t want Jiao Jiao anymore.”

    “They only went to a far away place, Jiao Jiao still has uncle.”

    “Uncle will accompany Jiao Jiao to wait together for Daddy and Mommy, ok?”

    “Uncle is only by himself too. Doesn’t Jiao Jiao like Uncle?”

    A child’s tendency to forget was big. Chu Jiao was only 5 years old so Chu Minshen could only use this method to placate her.

    He had always rolled about within groups of men and had been straightforward towards his subordinates. There was nothing that couldn’t be solved with by a fight.

    But towards how to appease the little pampered lady, Jiao Jiao, he was simply at a loss of what to do.

    Chu Jiao cried for a long time, having vented out the pent-up frustrations in her heart.

    She felt a bit embarrassed. Even though she had a five year old’s body, she was still a 20 something year old adult inside. Having bawled out loud was simply losing face for her.

    She rubbed against Chu Minshen’s thick tolerant shoulder.

    The winter sun’s rays passed through the mirror and soaked the two people’s body.

    Chu Jiao thought to herself that these arms was really warm.

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