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  • Chapter 16.2 Uncle, it doesn’t taste good at all (2) (H)

    Chu Jiao’s mouth was already being pumped into numbness by Chu Minshen. When Chu Minshen ejaculated, she still did her best to hold his cock in her mouth, allowing the semen to fill the entirety of her mouth.

    Chu Minshen’s semen was thick and viscuous. It was unknown whether he had accumulated it for a long time as there were still spurts coming out in between intervals as he slowly withdrew his rod from her mouth which shot directly onto Chu Jiao’s face.

    He propped himself up to sit and hoisted Chu Jiao up to straddle on his legs.

    The two people faced each other. He then saw Chu Jiao’s cum-filled tender face.

    Her elegant brows and fan-like long eyelashes, as well as her small reddish lips were smeared with his cum.

    And she currently had her cheeks puffed, her mouth still containing the fluid he had just shot out earlier.

    “Jiao Jiao, spit it out.”

    Chu Minshen reached his arm out, taking two napkins from the table and placing them in front of Chu Jiao’s mouth.

    Chu Jiao shook her head.

    Big black grape-like eyes shut and with a “gu du” sound, she swallowed the entire semen in one go.

    Even though she was played with all over until she was weak. At this moment, Chu Jiao still vaguely remembered her own mission of absorbing the fluid. She couldn’t waste this precious opportunity so she decisively swallowed all of his cum.


    It was so fishy.

    “It doesn’t taste good at all.”

    After she gulped down, she criticized in dead earnest.

    Chu Minshen loved her adorable little face to death. The hard member that just had its release twitched twice and was getting ready to stand erect once again. The virgin old male that had suppressed his lust for many years had turned carnivorous in one morning, coming in like a tumultuous momentum.

    On one hand, he restrained himself, on the other hand, he couldn’t help but capture the little flower’s chin again and fiercely kissed her.

    The two people’s tongue played tag and chase, Chu Jiao didn’t concede defeat and even stuck hers inside Chu Minshen’s mouth, recklessly licking and sweeping everything, causing Chu Minshen to deepen the kiss. He wanted to swallow her whole and fill his belly with her.

    When Chu Jiao was finally kissed until her eyes became teary, he finally released her.

    “Wuuu… Uncle…. I want to take a bath…..”

    Chu Jiao sat on Chu Minshen’s legs, loosely hugging him as she said in a spoiled tone.

    The two people’s activity earlier had caused her to sweat all over. The sticky feeling made her feel uncomfortable.

    Chu Minshen wiped the girl’s soaked neck and in this position, lifted her up and stood.


    Chu Jiao wasn’t a little girl anymore. Even though there wasn’t an ounce of extra fat on her but her body weight was still there. Being carried by Chu Minshen like this, her body couldn’t help but slide down by itself.

    She hurriedly tightened her arms, hugging his neck closer. Her two legs also used strength to hang onto his lean waist.

    It’s not as if the two people hadn’t hugged like this before, but they would usually part after a second.

    But now, the two naked bodies were closely stuck together. Every time Chu Minshen took a step, Chu Jiao could always feel his member slapping against her honey butt along with every step. 

    Pa, Pa, Pa.

    She flushed and buried her head on the crook of Chu Minshen’s shoulder, like a little ostrich.

    Chu Minshen let out low laugh.

    “Now you know how to be embarrassed, little rotten egg?”

    “Didn’t you want to eat uncle’s big cock earlier?”

    Chu Minshen felt that tonight’s scene was blurry, like his person was falling in a dream.

    He might as well let himself go and allow the beast inside him to take over his rationale.

    “Hmph, the film was a scam.” Chu Jiao was unconvinced.

    “I ate the fluid coming out of Uncle’s big cock but I still didn’t grow up.”

    “Why do you want to grow up, Jiao Jiao?”

    Chu Minshen placed Chu Minshen atop a bathroom counter and stared into her eyes.

    “Didn’t I already tell you before! I want to become uncle’s bride!”

    “All the adults say that you can get married after you’ve grown up.”

    “I know what marrying is! It’s just like papa and mama!”

    Chu Jiao uttered in a barrage of fire. 

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