Chapter 15.1 Uncle, I want to eat your big meat stick (1) (H)

Chu Minshen’s fingers slipped into the loose straps on Chu Jiao’s shoulder, slowly pulling it down.

On the pure white soft chest, two bright red dots were extremely striking. As if they suddenly came into contact with the cold air from the air conditioning, the two soft red dots gradually perked up, looking like two red pomegranates adorned on a snowy white mountain.

Chu Minshen lowered his head.

And gently sucked on one side.

“Ahn——” Having her buns suddenly sucked on, Chu Jiao couldn’t help but moan.

Chu Minshen used his thick tongue tip to flick Chu Jiao’s right pearl strategically. At the same time, he raised another hand to caress Chu Jiao’s left bosom.

He used his thumb and index finger to pinch the girl’s left nub, rolling it, grinding it and occasionally pulling the little nub to form different shapes, provoking Chu Jiao’s unceasing groans.

The fifteen year old girl was like an unripe fruit. It hadn’t completely matured, giving off a bittersweet taste.

“Ahh….Umm……Second uncle… second uncle…..”

Chu Jiao felt immense pleasure from being lapped by Chu Minshen and she couldn’t help but moan.

The right nipple gradually turned red between the man’s teeth while the left nipple was given the cold-shoulder.

“Ah, that side, that side also wants it~ uncle~ ah~”

Chu Jiao reached her hands out and propelled Chu Minshen to her other bosom.

A light chuckle came out of Chu Minshen’s throat.

What a spoiled little Jiao Jiao, can’t even handle a little neglect.

He went along with her wishes and parted his lips, moving them closer to her bosom and taking Chu Jiao’s right milk bud into his mouth. He used his teeth to gently grind the little pearl and licked and sucked and gnawed on it.

“Ahh.. Yess…. Feels so good.. Ah, Second uncle, Jiao Jiao feels so good….”

When the two little pearls turned extremely red under continuous torment, Chu Minshen moved his tongue further down, his hands stroking Chu Jiao’s slender thin waist until they reached a soft piece of triangular cloth.

He looked as if he had just uncovered a treasure box. He pulled the piece of cloth down gently and carefully as the inside of the treasure gradually revealed itself before his very eyes.

The girl’s lower body was the same as her other body parts. It was as white as snow and smooth and clean. And concealed between the legs was a hidden ravine which was gradually divulged by uncovering its mysterious veil.

“Wuu~ Uncle, don’t look~ It’s so embarrassing~”

Chu Jiao could feel Chu Minshen’s scorching hot gaze. It was like he saw through her. She shyly stretched her hand below, wanting to cover up her privates but was caught by Chu Minshen’s big hand.

“Jiao Jiao, be good….let uncle inspect this place of yours…. carefully……”

At this moment, Chu Minshen felt like he was a traveller that had walked in the desert for a long time and was extremely thirsty. He was urgently looking for an oasis and wanted to be soaked in a lake, taking a big nice gulp of sweet rain.

And his oasis was right before his very eyes.

So he did as he desired. 

He buried his head and took in the unique scent that belonged to the girl into his nose. It was distinct, rich and very captivating. He always had a strong tolerance for alcohol but now, he found himself slightly tipsy which no alcohol had ever achieved before.

He stuck the tip of his tongue out and gently made contact with the front stamen of the flower.

Feeling the delicate body under him tremble slightly, he moved his big hands towards the two soft buttocks and with a bit of strength, pulled the body closer to himself.

He would not restrain his own desire any longer. His thick tongue was like an agile fish, drilling through the overlapping layers of petals, streaking across the layers of creases and directly attacking the heart of the flower.

“Ah….uhm..mmm…second uncle…. Second uncle… don’t….mhmmm…hah..”

Chu Jiao was currently disoriented at the moment. She was thoroughly conquered by Chu Minshen’s tongue. The pleasurable thrill was the only thing that filled her mind.

Chu Minshen’s big tongue charged around violently at the stamen, drawing in the fragrance when suddenly, he felt a gradual wetness coming out from the flower of the heart, his pupils immediately brightened a bit. 

“Jiao Jiao… you’re leaking….”

He temporarily left that oasis and huskily told the blurry-eyed person underneath him before burying his head back again once more.

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