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  • Chapter 14 Uncle, I’m not stupid (Slightly H)

    Chu Jiao’s mouth had gone sour. Looking at the still erect meat stick before her eyes, she wanted to cry but lacked the tears. After persisting for a long time, she had a bit of fear in her heart.

    While she was having nonsensical thoughts, the next moment felt like the sky and earth were spinning.

    Her entire person was lifted by Chu Minshen. Then, while she was faced upwards, she was eventually pushed down by him on the sofa. 

    “Jiao Jiao…… Jiao Jiao…..”

    She heard Chu Minshen call out in a raspy voice full of desire.

    “Second uncle…”

    She looked at the heavily breathing man that covered her body and somewhat idiotically reached out to trace his eyebrows with both hands.

    Sword eyebrows and bright eyes, how good-looking. 

    She leaned forward, puckered her lips and kissed Chu Minshen.

    Previously, they also kissed like this but those didn’t contain any lust. It didn’t have the intimacy between people. It was just a point of touch.

    But now.

    Four petals of lips were glued together and did not immediately part. 

    Chu Jiao’s upper half was still mid-air. When she got tired, she straightforwardly hooked her arms around Chu Minshen’s neck.

    Chu Minshen’s one hand was supported on the sofa. He slowly bent down, deepening the kiss.

    He thought of the dream where he rapturedly tasted the little flower and slowly parted his lips, bringing this thick tongue out.

    Slowly, he pried her cherry lips open.

    Chu Jiao felt an intense dampness on her lips. Looking at the eyes of the man in front of her, they were unlike the usual calm and serious but instead, was of deep desire.

    She followed Chu Minshen’s prying tongue and obediently parted her lips, welcoming the strong heat that wasn’t hers.

    Chu Minshen had already forgotten years trained of restraint at this moment. He was like a fierce gale as he invaded Chu Jiao’s fragrant mouth, sweeping across the tender juicy tongue and sucking on it with much strength.

    He acted like himself in his dreams by licking every single tooth of this little flower and felt the slight shiver of the small body in his arms.

    His coarse thick tongue rubbed against her soft tender tongue. Taking her moment of inattentiveness, he assaulted her delicate oral walls, drawing in her sweet saliva.

    “Mm….ha..uhm…. En~”

    Chu Jiao’s tongue was taken hostage so she could only obediently accept it. Her first kiss had caused her heart to beat so uncontrollably that she had forgotten how to breathe. Just like a fish out of water, she was about to suffocate.

    Chu Minshen looked at the little face that was gradually turning red and retracted his big tongue.

    “Use your nose to breathe, stupid.”

    He pinched Chu Jiao’s little nose as he instructed.

    Chu Jiao took big breaths and knocked her head against Chu Minshen’s forehead. “I’m not stupid.”

    “I’ll be able to do it after learning some more!”

    She recklessly turned the tables and puckered her lips forward again, giving her own lips once more.

    It was unknown how much time had passed.

    The two people once again parted panting heavily.

    Chu Jiao had already been kissed until her whole body went soft. She looked like a koala that hung and sat on Chu Minshen.

    One of her suspenders fell over her shoulder from being rubbed and it laid loosely on the crook of her arm, revealing half of her tender bosom.

    Her little skirt was also like a flower petal, it was spread open as she sat on Chu Minshen’s legs. And the manhood she had pulled out of Chu Minshen’s brief was currently pressed on her inner thighs.

    Flesh meets flesh. Scorching heat meets cool temperature.

    On the tv, the film continued to play.

    After the female lead finished teasing, she took off her shoes and climbed up the hospital bed.

    She took off her pure white coat, revealing bareness underneath.

    She opened her legs and crawled towards the man’s body. She stuck out her smooth and round butt and slowly sunk down, letting her flower cave slowly approach the erect object and then slightly stirred.

    Chu Jiao wore white lace panties today. At this time, she tilted her head to follow the moves of the girl in the TV and separated by just a thin piece of cloth, she let her flower bud rub against Chu Minshen’s big object.

    Chu Minshen’s pupils at this moment became deep. He reached out for the remote and pressed down to turn it off.

    The television screen became black in an instant.

    That was his own possessiveness making mischief.

    He didn’t like his little lady looking at other naked people.

    He slowly settled the little lady with both hands holding her head. fFour eyes stared at each other.

    “Jiao Jiao…. Who am I?”

    Chu Jiao’s gleaming eyes slightly curved. “You’re second uncle. My beloved second uncle.”

    She leaned forward again and planted a light kiss on the man’s lips.

    “I only have second uncle. I only want second uncle.”

    “I, I want to be second uncle’s bride.”

    Chu Minshen heard the little person’s innocent and passionate confession. The ferocious beast in his heart finally struggled free from its chains.

    He knew, he had fallen head first.

    He was utterly defeated. He disarmed and surrendered. He was willing to be captured. 

    He lowered his head and planted a kiss in between Chu Jiao’s brows.

    Then the brow bone, then both cheeks, the ears, the neck and then going downwards like a devout believer, he branded his trace on every inch of Chu Jiao’s body.

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