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  • Chapter 134 [Father-In-Law’s Story 10] I Don’t Eat Losses

    After they all finished having breakfast, Chu Jiao and Shen Zhongxing asked to be excused together.

    She had originally wanted to send Shen Zhongxing back to Ting Song Courtyard. After all, the two were husband and wife, so it was only natural for her to care about her husband. But after entering the third house’s secondary gate, she immediately caught a glimpse of the yellow-clothed maid looking on with an expectant gaze.

    She smiled with a knowing look and didn’t go any further. Instead, she whispered a few words into Shen Zhongxing’s ear and casually walked towards her yard under the astonished gaze of the teenager.

    She wasn’t willing to play the role of a third wheeler.

    Behind her, the yellow-clothed maid quickly ran forward, carefully examining the young master.

    “Young Master, are you alright? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

    Shen Zhongxing shook his head softly. “Don’t worry. I’m fine, Ah Wan.”

    “Just now, what did the yo- young mistress say to you?” Ah Wan had a pleasing round face, but at this moment, it showed a hint of worry for her master’s well-being, “Ah, I’m sorry, Young Master, Ah Wan was out of line.”

    “You…  just love letting your imagination run wild,” Shen Zhongxing allowed her to push him into the house, bitterness hanging on the corner of the mouth. “This marriage was all organized by my grandmother, so I didn’t have the power to refuse it and wronged you instead.”

    “No, don’t say that, Young Master! As long as Ah Wan can be by Young Master’s side, it would be enough!” The yellow-clothed maid hurriedly interjected, her tone filled with sincerity.

    “I know that in this world, only you care about me the most.” Shen Zhongxing nostalgically looked at the garden and coughed twice. “Just now, she told me that she was also unwilling to have this marriage and that she also had someone else in her heart. So, she didn’t intend to disturb us and told me to be rest assured. She even told me that if you were willing, I could make a decision and take you in as my concubine…”

    “Ah?” When the yellow-clothed girl heard this, her pretty little face slowly turned red. Stomping her feet, she said, “Aiya, what kind of nonsense is the mistress saying, wha- what is she talking about willing or not…”

    “Cough… Haha… Let’s go, push me back to the room…”

    Behind them, Shen Zhen, who held his hands behind him, silently walked out with his eyes lowered, and walked slowly towards the study.

    Chu Jiao finally returned to the main courtyard and fell back to sleep.

    She had a momo who had been devoted to the original owner since she was young by her side. Chu Jiao, herself, was lazy, so all the matters in her courtyard were left to Momo Wang to be handled. And since Momo Wang’s methods were efficient and unscrupulous, she was able to easily retrain the messy servants in the courtyard within the same morning.

    Chu Jiao honestly knew from the start that most of these people working in the courtyard were spies planted by the second household to eavesdrop for information. She did not like her privacy being taken lightly, so she directly sent Momo Wang to assign them as third-class servants, and not too long later. when mistakes were committed during their jobs, they were replaced by new servants whom she had brought in herself.

    However, these were events that would transpire later on and didn’t need to be told for the time being…

    By the time she had awoken, it was already mid-afternoon.

    Chu Jiao’s belly noisily rumbled, so she asked Lu Huan to pick up some food. However, after waiting for a long time, she didn’t expect to see Lu Huan return teary-eyed and empty-handed.

    “WuuWuu! Young Mistress, the-, they are too mean!”

    Cui Huan came back in a ruffled state. Taking a closer look at her, the right side of her face looked a little red and swollen. 

    “What happened? Who bullied you?”

    Chu Jiao looked at her maid’s face in distress. Aiyo, the sight of a little beauty being painfully marked was too unsightly.

    “WuuWuu! This slave went into the kitchen and asked for them to make some snacks for the mistress of the third household. As a result, the chefs didn’t spare a glance at this slave, merely carrying on with their card game and even saying that they were busy making snacks for the second mistress.” Lu Huan wiped her eyes sadly  “This slave offered to personally make snacks for mistress but before this slave could even touch the stove, one of the contemptuous old maids slapped this slave right across the face, saying that this slave had ruined the snack she was making and even wanted to drag this slave to the second household to complain!”

    “This slave was furious and so struggled free from her hold and came here!”

    “Alright, don’t cry. Look at you.” Chu Jiao kindly wiped her tears away for her, “Silly girl, you always laud the spirit of the enemy and belittle that of your own.”

    “Let’s go,” She put down the boring book in her hand. “I’ll personally go over and see for myself whether they would dare hit me.”

    “Moreover, Hong Xiu.” Chu Jiao waved another maid over and carefully said some instructions into her ear. Seeing Hong Xiu briskly nod and leave, she then walked leisurely towards the kitchen with Lu Huan.

    “Lu Huan, since you are under this mistress, then remember this sentence,” Chu Jiao said quietly yet fiercely, “This mistress can eat anything, with the exception….of eating losses.”

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