Chapter 133 [Father-In-Law’s Story 9] Feigning Ignorance

“Zhongxing’s wife,” Once Chu Jiao finished serving tea to everyone, the Old Matriarch took her hand and did not let it go, instead, patting it gently while affectionately saying, “I heard that Shen Liang committed a careless mistake today? You’ve just recently entered our home, so if you were wronged, please feel free to tell me and don’t hide it by all means. Grandmother will definitely settle it for you.”

If she hadn’t known the plot before and the original owner still occupied this body, she would most likely be moved by the old lady’s compassionate facade, assuming that she was a grandmother who cared for her and treasured her like she was her own. 

A pity that Chu Jiao had already put up her guard, knowing that the male lead had grievously suffered in silence for so many years under Zhu shi’s1Shi (氏) refers to one’s use of their maiden name. deliberate schemes. 

On the surface, these words implied that she had the power to make decisions and settle matters to her own accord, but to others, it sounded as if she had just put on a great show and caused trouble even though she had just entered her husband’s home. The housekeeper was known to be backed by Zhu shi, so didn’t this imply that she had just openly slapped Zhu shi’s face? How unruly and insensible.

Chu Jiao smiled innocently.

Did she want to compete in feigning ignorance? Then so be it, because that was also her forte.

“Grandmother, it’s just a trivial matter. You shouldn’t punish the housekeeper anymore.”

“I… was just too impatient to see you and all the uncles and aunts. Brother has already repeatedly instructed me to give the prepared gifts to you, so when I couldn’t find the girl in charge of my luggage, I troubled the housekeeper for a run.” 

The underlying meaning in her words was that she didn’t make trouble without reason. Instead, she was carrying out the filial piety of a dutiful granddaughter-in-law. 

“Oh, then I’m looking forward to seeing what your brother has prepared for us.” The old grandmother nodded happily and waved the housekeeper at the side to retreat.

Compared to seeking justice for her servant, she evidently cared more about the sizable dowry.

Chu Jiao clapped her hands, and Lu Huan instantly led several servant girls carrying trays to the front, offering them up respectfully.

“This golden hairpin embedded with peach gems is especially prepared for you, grandmother, to wish you great happiness and longevity as well as a healthy life.” 

The dazzling and lustrous head ornaments placed on the tray blinded people, among them included sapphires, rubies, pearls, and tourmaline. The patterns were generous and fitting, and the materials used were of high quality and meticulously crafted. It was clear at first glance that they were all rare and premium goods.

“I’m already an old woman. How could I wear such bright objects.”

Despite words of refusal coming out of Zhu’s slick mouth, the greedy look in her eyes were those of interest and satisfaction.

“That’s not true. Grandmother is still young. These head ornaments were said to be custom made by the royal family of the West. My father had entrusted a lot of people to be able to retrieve it. But once I saw these, I had a feeling it would especially suit you!” 

Who didn’t know how to butter someone up. With just a few words, Chu Jiao was able to coax smiles out of Zhu shi again and again without fail…

She also delivered the same expensive treasures to several elders in the hall and had successfully reaped superficial goodwill from them at the very least.

Chu Jiao was able to easily establish a good impression since in any case, she had no use for this dowry at all. Now that she had finally utilized it well, she was able to achieve a satisfactory result.

Once Chu Jiao had finished distributing the luxurious gifts and was getting ready to leave, she suddenly felt the heavy gaze of a certain main, burning a hole through her head.

She nonchalantly looked over at him, but the man did not evade her eyes, instead, speaking with a serious face.

“Why doesn’t father-in-law get a gift?”

Although he didn’t care about any troublesome gift, this girl hadn’t looked his way once the entire time, and she had obviously done it intentionally. Shen Zhen felt slightly irked by this.

Chu Jiao irritatedly rolled her eyes at this man on the inside for being shameless and even going as far to ask for his gift. If she was the original owner, it would already be benevolent of her to not throw a shoe to his face.

“Father-in-law jests.” She cast playful glances at Shen Zhen, her gaze like a small hook. “Jiao’er is now married into the third branch of the Shen Family, so everything that I have belongs to the third branch. Whatever father-in-law wants, he doesn’t need to go through me to have it. Just simply take it for yourself.” 

Of course, ‘everything that she had’ naturally included herself. This was a play on words and was clearly poking fun of Shen Zhen’s beastly behavior last night.

Shen Zhen awkwardly coughed twice. He didn’t explain anything in front of the others to save the girl some face. 

“What do you mean.” He then noticed something wrong with this marriage from Chu Jiao’s words and actions. “Your dowry belongs to you. Do whatever you want to do with them because my Shen family,” He intentionally swept a look at everyone beside him and seemed to speak to them in a warning tone. “Will not greedily use the valuables of a married woman. Isn’t that right, mother, eldest brother, and second brother?”

“Hehe, of course, of course.” Shen Zhichang smiled insincerely.

“Humph, money is merely a worldly possession.” Shen Zhimao had a disdainful look on.

And Matriarch Zhu, who sat on the seat of honor, didn’t respond. She simply closed her eyes and said, “It’s time for breakfast.”

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