Chapter 122.3 [President’s Story Extra 1] Unforgettable Yearning (Nian Yue X He Feng) (3)

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He knew that his black cat was incredibly smart. It was capable of finding food for itself. And, it could even prompt him to do this and that, but…it was….impossible…right??

He was a person of the new age, who didn’t believe in feudal superstitions. Determined, de…..termined….not to believe that….supernatural….beings…exist..

At this moment, he was standing incredibly near to the girl. With his hands underneath the table, he suddenly felt a fluffy object slipping into his grasp.

He wearily raised his head and saw the young girl looking at him with a coy smile.

Lowering his head, he then saw a beautiful long cat tail with glossy black fur in his hand.


In the end, Nian Yue was found innocent and released.

The reason for it…He Feng could only swallow a bitter pill, explaining that everything was due to him being in a petty dispute with his girlfriend, who was from a noble family that specialized in martial arts.

Nian Yue couldn’t care less about how confused He Feng’s heart felt. She only wanted to live a life free from worries and at ease.

Once they returned home, Nian Yue felt that laying all her cards on the table was not a bad move. Because this time, she didn’t need to hide from the man and simply ‘poof’-ed, transforming back into a black cat.

She even candidly jumped into He Feng’s arms. However, He Feng, who held the black cat in his arms, could no longer easily stroke her entire body, nor scratch her as he did before.

Because…he would always remember that the cat before him was the girl he had seen before. If h-he touched her fur, wouldn’t that equate to touching the girl’s skin?

Unable to stop himself from recalling the girl’s exposed jade-like skin, He Feng’s face once again turned beet-red.

Once He Feng knew of Nian Yue’s cat demon identity, he became even more restless.

He simply took the girl everywhere with him and constantly looked after her.

The senior officer of the Special Investigation Department didn’t agree to it at first. But after examining Nian Yue’s agility and information gathering skills, he gave her special consideration, allowing Nian Yue to act as an external staff and work alongside He Feng.

Initially, He Feng thought that he would be encumbered with this new dynamic. But in each and every mission, he slowly noticed how capable his little cat was and how exorbitantly captivating she was.

The two people cooperated seamlessly as if they were a match made in heaven.

The girl was free-spirited and frank, treating people as if they were children. She was tactless, ignorant of crafty plots and machinations, and only knew how to take petty revenge, doing things as she pleased.

He was gradually moved by this Nian Yue. And in turn, Nian Yue also fell in love with He Feng after engaging with him day after day.

This big oaf was just like a bag of hot blood. For the sake of his dreams and the sake of his country’s peace, he feared nothing.

In the face of hoards of guns, hails of bullets, conspiracies, and plots, he remained calm and formidable. He was unafraid of any danger, all for the sake of justice in his heart.

Nian Yue had finally gotten to know what love felt like.

She was not afraid of being rejected and never thought that the man wouldn’t like her. So in the middle of one of their missions, she suddenly confessed her feelings.

At that time, she was dressed as a beautiful singer; while He Feng was an outstanding officer. According to the original plan, the two people ought to have argued. She then would be rescued by the target and would wait for an opportunity to steal information.

However, He Feng, who became distraught over this sudden confession, seized Nian Yue in his arms and deeply kissed her in front of a group of guests.

Whoever said that he, He Feng, didn’t understand romance, clearly didn’t know him!

It was only because he was only a ‘Feng’ that didn’t have a ‘Yue’.(1) 

(1) Feng Yue 風月 means romance in chinese, and both characters ‘Feng’ (Wind) and ‘Yue'(Moon) are in He Feng and Nian Yue’s name respectively. You could also treat this as him saying that he didn’t have Nian Yue in his life before.

Now that his moonlight had touched him so passionately, he had become deeply immersed in it for a long time and was unable to extricate himself from her touch.

In the end, the two people acquired information using another method. However, they were still given a tongue lashing by the director.

After leaving the office, the two exchanged knowing looks with affectionate smiles. He Feng couldn’t resist taking Nian Yue by the hand and running back home together with her.

That night, the winds raged on, but the moonlight was ever so gentle.

The East had fallen into enemy hands.

He Feng received another mission and returned to the battlefield.

Nian Yue accompanied him and traveled with him to the East to battle the Western forces. Everyone knew that the advisor who stayed by Captain He’s side was his madame, Madame Moon.

When the dawn of peace had illuminated the horizon, the state of the battlefield was beginning to cha and and the enemy was still making their final counterattack.

He Feng chased after them with a troop of elites but unexpectedly got caught in an ambush. The group was forced to a canyon. In front of them was a cliff, while above them was a huge boulder prepared by the enemy.

Stuck at an impasse, their hearts began to fall into despair.

He Feng secretly asked Nian Yue to transform into a cat to help move the rescued soldiers. But, Nian Yue’s instincts told her that if they were to be separated right now, they would never see each other again.

Nian Yue refused, but He Feng was unyielding in his decision.

In the middle of their conflict, the boulder began to roll forward. Nian Yue no longer cared about the taboos or rules, pulling down the demonic chain she had around her neck and instantly causing the wind to rage, her demonic powers wreaking havoc.

The boulders dropped down one after another. But the soldiers who thought that they would lose their lives in this place discovered that the rocks had shifted their trajectory mid-air, hurling towards the cliff instead.

There had been numerous debris that continued to drop from above. Yet, hope was rekindled in everyone’s hearts.

He Feng was unable to ignore the group of soldiers under him, so he could only treasure the opportunity Nian Yue had created for him to bring all of them out.

However, behind them, the boulders continued to land, creating a shroud of dust and not leaving a single person’s silhouette in sight.

As if having gone mad, He Feng desperately excavated the pile of rubble away, injuring his fingers to the point they dripped in blood. He continued to dig until he completely exhausted his strength and had to be carried to the hospital.

In the end, Nian Yue used up her demonic powers, alarming the clan elders in the process. She was forcefully taken back to the clan and was subjected to 10 years of confinement and torture.

By the time her punishment was done, she had found He Feng by following his scent but didn’t expect to see an easily misunderstanding scene.

Nian Yue gripped the pocket watch as she returned to the manor.

Rubbing the picture in the watch, she sunk back into her memories.

This picture was taken when they were performing one of their missions.

The two of them were asked to be disguised as a newly wedded couple and attend a reception organized by the target’s wife.

For the sake of convincing that they were truly in love, they especially went around popular photo studios to get their wedding photos taken.

The photo showed a handsome man and a beautiful woman. Together, they made a perfect pair.

However, now, the hero had passed away, but the beauty still remained.

Nian Yue sorrowfully looked at her reflection in the mirror. It remained beautiful. However, her jade eyes had already turned into a pool of stagnant water. Only when she recalled certain people and certain memories that a slight ripple would form, giving them a bit of life.

From now on I can no longer appreciate a fine evening, and I don’t care if the bright moon sets in the west. (2) 

(2)This verse comes from a famous poet Li Yi 李益 in the Tang Dynasty titled ‘寫情’ or ‘Writing Feelings’. The poet’s girlfriend didn’t come for their date., and so, having anticipated their tryst for a long time, the poet was shattered by his lover’s change of heart. Yet on this night, a beautiful bright moon hung in the sky, but how could the poet have the heart to appreciate it? And so, because he was ghosted, he wrote this verse to express his feelings using the scenery as a contrast.

Yet, when had she ever forgotten him!?

Nian Yue smiled bitterly, recalling their fight back then. Every single time, it was always the man who stepped back. It was always him who forgave her while pinching her nose and sighing, “Your stubborn and heated temper can’t even withstand a little grievance. Aside from me, no one else can tolerate you.”

That’s right, He Feng. Aside from you, no one else can tolerate me.

There’s also nobody else who loves me as you do.

Nian Yue held the pocket watch tightly in her hand, allowing its hard edges to prick her palm.

You’ve waited for me for so long. This time, let me wait for you.

She opened her eyes and strode towards her clan’s forbidden area.

“Have you decided? Are you going through with this?”

It was the same Dragon Li cat. The only difference was that a hundred years had passed, resulting in it looking older.

Nian Yue nodded.

“I’ve decided.” She smiled, restraining the sharpness in her tone as much as possible. “I owe him a lot. So this time, I can only repay him by giving myself completely to him.”

“You lost three tails the last time, and it wasn’t easy to cultivate them back. If you go through with this forbidden magic, all eight tails will be gone!”

“You know you’re only one step away from having nine tails. “

Nian Yue smiled. This time, with calmness and ease.

“Without him, eternal life for me would just be a life filled with suffering.”

She had already lost him once. This time, she was going to firmly grab onto his hand to grow old with him and to die together with him.

The Dragon Li cat saw that Nian Yue had made her resolve and no longer attempted to persuade her otherwise.

Lifting its hand, a pure and concentrated demonic air rushed into the complicated array as Nian Yue decisively stepped into its core.

A bright light flashed. And in an instant, her entire being disappeared from the array.

In a bustling teahouse, the storyteller’s gavel pounded loudly.

“I only heard Traveller Sun say ‘I, Old Sun, met up with him back then and had a harmonious relationship. Our friendship was quite deep….”

Just as he said this, a young female student dressed in a Western vest and bright leather boots stepped through the doors. She lifted her head to look at the second floor.

And suddenly smiled.

Big Oaf, long time no see.

This time, I’m not going to let go of you.

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En, I gave Madame Moon a satisfactory ending.

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