Chapter 12.1 Uncle, check my teeth (1)

Chu Jiao reached a finger out, softly poking the sleeping dragon.

It was properly wrapped underneath a black cloth. Although it hadn’t awaken, its volume was enough to make people gasp in surprise.

Chu Minshen headed straight for the showers once he got home and was now wearing a comfortable cotton brief. 

The black rectangular brief was just as mensao as its owner. It looked deep and unadorned, suppressing all kinds of desire.

Chu Jiao looked at the rectangular brief’s structure and was a bit curious. She hadn’t been this intimately close to a man’s lower body before.

A girl’s panties was flat at the front but a guy’s brief had a patch of opening.

How convenient.

She thought to herself.

Then she reached her slender finger out and nimbly inserted it into the opening of the brief, carefully rescuing the giant creature from confinement and at the same time, exposing it into the air.

It was soft and meaty.

She felt her face redden a bit and covered her cheeks, giving herself some courage. Then, she imitated the movements of the girl in the TV, bent down and used both hands to hold the sleeping member, softly rubbing it.

Her heart was thumping continuously. This was the second time in 10 years that she had held this huge object. Comparing it to before, it was thicker and bigger.

Now that Chu Minshen was a little more than 30, he emitted a mature charisma all over. The courtyard neighbors have been wanting to introduce him to a partner but he refused because he was worried about Little Jiao Jiao’s growth.

Until now, he was still single.

The only girl that was close to him in his life was the little flower he had personally raised.

The little flower had just slowly bloomed. The pure innocence of a girl in the midst of puberty always attracted a big number of admiring gazes.

Chu Minshen didn’t know what was going on in the outside right now. He was too immersed in his own dreamland.

He saw his own family’s Little Jiao flower holding hands with the next neighbor Wang Family’s kids (1) Wang Xu crossing the road. The boy was elegant and the girl was dainty. They looked like a golden couple but he couldn’t help but wrinkle his eyebrows.

  1. Mr. Wang from next door: used to refer to a neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one’s wife

Although Wang Xu wasn’t bad, his face was too thick.

He didn’t suit his Jiao Jiao.

He thought to himself.

Wang Xu always slipped the little flower things to eat, coaxing here to beam in joy.

He saw Wang Xu give the little flower a lollipop. The little flower tore the packaging off and licked it up again and again.

How naughty.

He creased his brows and went forward, taking the little flower home. He even seized the lollipop in her hand.

The little lady was currently in the middle of changing her teeth. She always loved to eat sweet things since she was small, which led to several of her baby teeth turning rotten.

There was one time, it was so painful, he hurriedly held her to look for a doctor.

After a period of torment, they were finally able to stop the pain. The dentist warned him that from now on, he had to thoroughly supervise this child to brush her teeth properly. 

“Your teeth don’t hurt anymore?”

He heard himself ask.

The little flower pouted, exploiting the opportunity to plant a kiss near his mouth.

“Aiya, uncle, I only ate a little bit.”

The strawberry flavored syrup hadn’t congealed on her lips so it got transferred onto the corner of Chu Minshen’s lips along with her kiss.

Chu Minshen pursed his lips.

It was actually very sweet.

He heard the little flower’s delicate voice say. “My rotten teeth have already been replaced.”

The little flower opened her mouth, revealing the tender meat of her oral cavity.

“If you don’t believe me, touch it.”

The little flower captured his hand and took the lollipop away. Then she gripped his index finger and thumb and delivered it to her mouth.

Chu Minshen didn’t stop this.

He faintly knew that this was a dream.

In a dream, he could occasionally let go of himself, so everything was allowed, wasn’t it?

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