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  • Chapter 113 [President’s Story 29] Salty Pig Hands

    Chu Jiao was still a little preoccupied lamenting about the changes she had undergone until a sudden creepy feeling on her calves snapped her out of her trance.

    She was currently standing near the edge of the stage.

    Perhaps because the organizer wanted to increase interactivity, the stage inside the venue wasn’t built too high. It only stood at a height of about more than half a meter, so when Chu Jiao lowered her head to take a look, she saw a sleazy plump salty pig hand rubbing her slim calf.

    Her eyes trailed along the source of the hand and found the owner being squeezed amidst the crowd. His short stout figure was covered by the massive crowd, making him hard to track. But since Chu Jiao had sharp eyes, she was able to discern him with just a glance. It was a vulgar-looking man with an oily face, wearing a T-shirt with a cute cat-eared girl printed on it and a pair of wrinkled shorts. With his sleazy eyes, he unbridledly scoured her body while his other hand was stuffed in his pants, moving constantly.

    Chu Jiao immediately frowned and took two steps back, trying to evade his salty pig hand(1).
    (1) Salty Pig Hands refer to lechers or molesters

    Fortunately, she wore stockings today. Otherwise, she might have felt so disgusted that she would feel the urge to peel her skin off to cleanse it..

    With such a large audience, Chu Jiao forgave him, thinking that he wouldn’t brazenly do it again, so she merely evaded his hand and didn’t look further into it.

    After all, she was here today to advertise He Sinian’s game. She didn’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill just because of a trifling matter.

    But she had never imagined that there would be someone so unscrupulous who existed in this world.

    When the second round of the show had started, she put on the matching purple robe she had worn last time.

    The long robe was without a doubt, extremely long. After detaching the belt, the robe dragged across the floor.

    Chu Jiao changed into another standing position and continued to strike poses. But almost immediately, she felt her clothes being tugged by someone. 

    She lowered her head to take a look once again, and this time, anger flared in her eyes.

    It was the man from earlier. He- He actually dared!

    The man seemed to have enjoyed doing such vile acts within a large crowd, even daring to unzip his pants while grandiosely clutching her robe to cover his crotch and masturbate with it.

    Chu Jiao felt disgusted but what made her even more disgruntled was the fact that this man was using the robe Ah Nian gave her to do this kind of insolent thing!

    She couldn’t tolerate it anymore!!

    She wasn’t the pitiful person who would cry for someone else to enact justice on those who bullied her.

    Chu Jiao snorted coldly and first, tugged the robe away from the man’s hands. Then, she took it off herself in disgust and coldly threw it to the side on the ground.

    The people underneath the stage were slightly stunned by the sudden and bold actions of the ‘Cat Demon’ Chu Jiao was cosplaying as. But what made them more surprised was what followed after.

    Chu Jiao was only wearing a tube top and a leather skirt at the moment. She even had on a pair of stilettos that were 10cm tall, yet it didn’t affect her balance.

    She bent over and pulled out a person from the crowd below the stage.

    Upon seeing this, the surrounding people parted to get some space between them to get a good view. The man who was caught off-guard was unable to tidy himself up in time as Chu Jiao had pulled him up on the stage effortlessly before he pitifully stumbled and fell down.

    The man himself completely did not expect to be pulled onto the stage by one of the cosplayers. He staggered to stand up and before he could say anything, the girl’s solid fist greeted him. He hurriedly used whatever random moves he could think of to withstand her attacks, but his untrained body couldn’t tolerate her strength, and he fell onto the ground once again.

    “W-What are you doing?” He held his head and ducked, glaring through his thick glasses and yelling at Chu Jiao.

    “What else do you think I’m doing? I’m obviously beating you up!”

    Chu Jiao wickedly stepped onto the man’s hand with her high heels, causing the man to scream in pain.

    “Hey, what are you doing, why are you hitting someone?!”

    A friend of the man seemed to have been watching amongst the crowd and shouted at Chu Jiao in dissatisfaction.

    “He sexually harassed me. Why can’t I hit him?”

    Chu Jiao raised an eyebrow, exerting a little more force with her foot.

    The repulsive man endured even more pain and even shamelessly opened his mouth to say, “I-I-I just accidentally touched you and you call it sexual harassment!? Was there a need to hit someone over it!?”

    “That’s right! Was it necessary!?”

    “Yeah. What did you think you were, a chaste and pure woman? To hit someone for just an innocent touch!”

    The onlookers who didn’t know the whole truth, were the most easily instigated. Not a moment had passed before the crowd of people started getting angry.

    Chu Jiao was furious. She originally wanted to point at the man’s lower body in explanation but she didn’t expect him to take advantage of the commotion and retract his exposed crotch. At this moment, he was curled up on the ground, appearing like an innocent victim.


    Chu Jiao pointed at the man, gritting her teeth. Without evidence and the audience in chaos, she couldn’t explain the important point of the matter clearly, causing anxiety to inevitably well up.

    At this moment, a warm palm softly landed on her shoulder.

    “It’s all right, Jiao Jiao.”

    “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything. “

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