Chapter 111 [President’s Story 27] The Perfect Candidate

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Murong Zining nervously stood outside of the President’s office, holding tightly onto the piece of clothing she had in her hand. For some reason, she felt uneasy yet her mind was filled with expectations.

Just a moment ago, a colleague from the same department asked her to go to the planning department to retrieve something back. After she went over, she had discovered that she was ordered to get a set of revealing clothes.

She was also an avid player of ‘Everlasting Miracle’, so she instantly recognized the game’s clothing design with just a glance.

Although Murong Zining only did menial and odd work for the President’s office, she was still able to obtain important internal information about the company. Recalling herself finding out about the latest server update and the largest upcoming AMG anime expo in the entire country, her heart started pounding wildly.

She knew her complexion was second to none from not having a lack of suitors since she was young. But none of them were as young, as promising, as handsome, and as rich as President He. 

The planning department’s head, Chief Li, asked her to bring the exposing article of clothing to the president himself. Did….did the president intend to make her wear this? Or….was the president….asking her to wear this as a punishment for spilling tea on him earlier?

If this was the case, sh-should she pretend to resist at first? Her imagination ran wild. 

If Chu Jiao knew what the female lead was picturing as of this moment, she would have rolled her eyes exaggeratedly before patting her shoulder and graciously telling her, “Excessive imagination is a disease that needs to be cured.”

On the other side of the closed door, He Sinian was hardily enduring the urge to release his pleasure. He still wanted to prolong sharing his affections with his kitty cat when a pesky knocking sound had interrupted them.

He hurriedly draped a blouse on the girl to cover her and quickly carried her, bridal style, back into the lounge. The thick-skinned person outside seemed like she couldn’t wait any longer and without even asking for permission, she promptly twisted the door handle to enter the office.

“Get out!”

He Sinian tightly hugged the girl in his arms and flicked his head, snapping at the person who dared to enter.

Murong Zining was only able to see a section of a lotus-white arm before she was frightened by his imposing voice. She hastily and quietly obeyed the orders, retreating outside and shutting the door close.

While outside the door, her hands gradually turned stiff while holding onto the clothes.

The ever abstinent president was keeping a mistress, and even letting her stay in their professional company office….

Remembering the faint yet musky smell she had a whiff of a while ago, Murong Zining’s face reddened before instantly turning white.

Who was it?!

Which slut had successfully seduced their chaste president?!

Inside the office, Chu Jiao, who was completely ignorant of being labeled a ‘slut’, felt secretly delighted.

She had managed to catch a glimpse of the person who had entered a while ago. Wasn’t that the female lead?

Even though it was a little awkward to have been caught in the act by someone else, if the person were the female lead herself, she wouldn’t mind being caught several more times.

The female lead must have felt disgusted by the male lead. He Sinian, as well, probably wouldn’t like such a subordinate who didn’t know how to follow orders and didn’t have a shred of manners.

As she thought of this, she covered her mouth and snickered. She did not, however, expect to receive another passionate kiss from the man again.

“Be good and stay inside.” He Sinian carefully placed the girl back onto the bed and changed into another pair of trousers. “Once I get off work later, I’ll take you out for delicious food.”

Chu Jiao finally calmed down and obediently nodded her head. Her little tail swished behind her, playfully patting the bed sheets, appearing clever and lovable.

He Sinian couldn’t resist caressing her head and rubbing her soft pair of cat ears affectionately before walking out of the lounge as if nothing had happened.

After opening the office door, a beautiful girl dressed in a blouse and a western skirt stood in front, carrying a piece of clothing. He Sinian knitted his brows, recognizing her as the clumsy intern from the tea room earlier.

“Give it to me.” He snatched the garments from Murong Zining’s hands without giving her a second look, turned around, closed the office door, and left her by herself to wallow in her wild thoughts and self-misery.

After dealing with some urgent matters, it was nearly time to get off of work.

He Sinian grabbed the clothes from earlier and entered the lounge. In the meantime, Chu Jiao had peacefully fallen asleep again, so he placed the clothes on the bedside.

Once Chu Jiao woke up groggily, she spotted the piece of clothing and lifted it to take a look. She immediately felt the urge to barf in her mind and grumbled that straight men’s aesthetics were always so straightforward.

She remained in deep thought before reluctantly putting it on. Before going out this time, she poked her head out to check who was outside. Seeing He Sinian’s nod of approval, she then passed through the lounge door.

He Sinian stared at the girl who slowly approached him with bedazzled eyes.

‘Everlasting Miracle’ was an online fantasy game, so the game’s clothing also highlighted its characters’ exotic features, mixing the qualities from Western and Eastern myths and legends. Among them, the cat demon’s attire was devilishly attractive.

Chu Jiao’s upper body was wrapped in a silk-tube top while her lower body donned a tight leather skirt with a metallic finish. What was more considerate was that, to meet a cat demon’s design, there was even a special place behind the skirt for the cat tail to move unhindered. The cat tail poked out of the skirt, freely swinging back and forth behind her. Chu Jiao’s current body was very petite so when she wore the costume, it had fit her like a glove.

“Does it look good meow?~”

Chu Jiao twirled around in the spacious office, giving He Sinian a better look. She wore a black leather choker with a large bell hanging in the middle as an accessory. As such, when she moved, the bell would jingle and produce a sound that was pleasant to the ears.

“…..It looks good.”

He Sinian nodded, staring at her.

He regretted letting his kitty cat wear this outfit. In such a bewitching getup, he couldn’t possibly allow anyone else to see her.

“Hello.” He picked up the phone and dialed the extension. “If I recall correctly, didn’t the cat demon have a matching robe?”

“En, bring it up here.”

Chu Jiao originally felt that this costume was a little skimpy, but looking at the man’s fiery eyes, joy and delight gushed in her heart. She generously allowed the man to look at every inch of her figure.

“Boss, what are you going to do with my clothes?! I still need to use them for the upcoming anime expo in a few days!!

A loud voice resounded from outside the office before the speaker himself barged into the room. Chu Jiao turned around and found the person coincidentally pushing the door open and entering.

“Oh!” The youth with the explosive voice was frightened by the unfamiliar girl in the office. He looked at her like she was a foreign lifeform, not expecting an extra person to be inside the room. Boss He who had never approached a woman, had such a pretty girl in his office?!

He hurriedly exited the room and tilted his head to glance at the label hanging on the door, confirming it once again. “I didn’t enter the wrong room?”

“Come in quickly.”

He Sinian knew this young man very well as his tone was familiar.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Boss. When did you start keeping a mistress?”

The young man was called Cheng Rui’an. He was He Sinian’s college senior. An otaku obsessed with design but regrettably, his parents had forced him to become a civil servant so he lived his days soured by the loss of his dreams. Later on, He Sinian discovered his talent and poached him into the company to do his abilities justice. Currently, he was a member of the design team.

Cheng Rui’an was somewhat short-sighted. Because he was too overwhelmed from the shock he experienced earlier, he had failed to notice what the girl was wearing. After stepping inside for another look, without even waiting for He Sinian to explain anything, he yelped out in exclamation and circled Chu Jiao.

“Holy sh*t, Holy sh*t!”

“Boss! Where did you find this cosplayer!? She’s amazing! She’s beautiful!”

“My god. And these ears and tail! It looks so realistic! It’s gorgeous!”

“I-I-It’s as if our character has been brought to life!”

“Cat-eared cute girl! Holy cow. She’s so cute I could feel the blood rushing up to my face! If this character comes out, our new clothes will attract a large number of players. I dare say that this cat demon can appeal to the whole audience too!”

“No wonder our boss is worthy of being the boss! You’re amazing! You must’ve known that I was worried to death about the upcoming expo so you quickly found the perfect candidate!”

“Boss, I love you!”

President He: My employees are all kings of having overactive imaginations. What should I do?

T/N: Like Boss Like Employees. Bird of a feather flock together kek

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