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  • Chapter 106 [President’s Story 22] Character Setting

    He Sinian had always been serious about work. However now, he was indeed a little distracted.

    In front of him, the two managers were earnestly giving a report about their recent work. But underneath the table, a soft furry little creature was contentedly lying on his lap. Its long tail was swishing around, hitting his legs in a relaxed manner.

    He Sinian’s right hand held a pen while his left hand was placed on top of the table. His fingers curled up every time the little cat swayed her tail. In the end, he was still unable to hold himself back. He carelessly dropped his hand down the table and gently placed it on the little cat’s back.

    The cat’s body was covered with white fur. Caressing it felt exactly the same as it did before when he stroked it every day as a child. It was equally as soft, smooth, obedient, and adorable as before.

    He Sinian still maintained a serious expression on his face as he held the pen on his right hand. Thoroughly and orderly, he signed various documents while his left hand was still beneath the table stroking Chu Jiao’s little head and petting her soft spine, down and down again.

    Chu Jiao casually propped her head on top of He Sinian’s thigh. The man’s big hand was warm and gentle. Despite having just woken up, his touch made her eyes slowly drift down.

    Originally, He Sinian had wanted to finish his talk with the two people as soon as possible. He didn’t expect that the planning department’s Old Li to be completely ignorant of his boss’s glances. After discussing a proposal, he immediately took out another stack of documents from his folder and placed it on the table.

    He Sinian could only pinch the bridge of his nose and continue going through them.

    These were the plans for the new map opening and information update on ‘Everlasting Miracle’, their company’s popular game.

    ‘Everlasting Miracle’ was a combination of the Western and Eastern fantasies as well as RPG holographic online games. Its grand background setting, rich character professions, and fresh holographic game styles were incredibly attractive to players. 

    ‘Everlasting Miracle’ had been on the road of success ever since its launch. In a short half-year time, the game had scaled first place in the country’s game rankings. Moreover, its popularity was still continuing to grow. There was also a chance for the game’s popularity to spread throughout the whole country.

    The discussion this time was for the launch of the updates during the latter half of the year. It involved an increase in hidden professions and the launch of a new map. The planning department had been working around the clock for a month for this proposal which was the 10th version they had put out.

    He Sinian flipped through the characters and information in his hand. For the update, aside from the original Gods, Magicians, and Humans clans, there was another hidden clan to be added, the Demon race. The Demon race was similar to the existence of wet nurses. They could serve as a support character, helping players to finish their missions while also engaging in battle at the same time.

    Players could also discover the new clan through various missions. There was a certain probability that they could bind a soul contract and spawn a new boss.

    This time, the planning department was said to have racked their brains for the Demon race’s settings. Not only did they design it with the game-world’s big background in mind, they also combined plenty of real-world legends and folklore into the process. The settings ended up with hordes of monsters and evil spirits that were close to a human’s imagination.

    As the president, it was reasonable to say that He Sinian only needed to provide a comprehensive strategic decision on the game. He need not be too concerned with the game setting’s details. At the beginning of the planning, he had requested for the planning department to add the cat demont’s settings. He Sinian was even very picky in setting the details with the planning department, causing the original artist to be at his wits’ end.

    He Sinian had no idea why he himself was so strongly dedicated with regards to the cat demon’s settings.

    In the beginning, he merely wanted to use this opportunity to commemorate his kitty cat, asking the original artist to draw the appearance of the little cat for the game as similar as the kitty cat of his memories. 

    In the end, when the original artist had drawn a near lookalike, He Sinian had completely rejected that version, leading to complete changeovers such as turning the small white cat into a small black cat. Its breed had also changed from a Ragdoll to a Scottish Fold. 

    The mere thought that everyone would be able to spawn and possess his little kitty cat made him unhappy and incited him to change his decision. Even if it was a virtual version of his cat, he wouldn’t allow it. His kitty cat only belonged to him and him alone. 

    Later on, when they were going over the cat demon’s human appearance, he started to nitpick again. 

    It was comparatively easier to come up with male character designs but the same could not be said for catgirls. The artist had drawn several character designs yet He Sinian rejected every single one of them. He always felt that it didn’t fit with the image of a cat girl he had in his heart. 

    What should a cat who turned into a human look like?

    Elegant, lazy, adorable, and captivating. 

    Someone who looked like she knows how to pretend to be innocent and weak, yet pulls strongly against a crazy tide(1) in crisis. Someone that could save someone from fire and water yet could also exit the scene unnoticeably.

    1. To try hard to save a desperate crisis

    It was supposed to be a creature that only existed in a fantasy world and not reality but why did such an image suddenly appear inside his head?

    He Sinian didn’t know.

    Until today, when he realized at this moment. 

    What a cat girl should look like. 

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