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  • Chapter 103 [President’s Story 19] Baby, I don’t dislike you (H)

    He Sinian’s shot caused both of them to be stunned.

    Chu Jiao didn’t think that her encounter with the male lead this time… would actually lead to such defeat. After the experiences she had from the two previous worlds, Chu Jiao was made to think that endurance was such a normal thing….

    He Sinian himself, was also deeply shocked by how fast he had shot, the serious expression on his face gradually crumbling. 

    Chu Jiao held back her laugh. She felt that the current He Sinian was simply too adorable, just like when he was a young boy who was secretly active but pretended to be calm.

    Her passage was completely filled with essence, and due to the current position of the girl being on top and the man being on the bottom, the white liquid that was shot inside Chu Jiao’s body quickly flowed out her hole, wetting the lower area where the two were connected.

    Chu Jiao’s little hole wrapped around He Sinian’s slightly softened d*ck as she bent down to kiss the man’s lips.


    Don’t worry Ah Nian. Baby won’t dislike you.

    Chu Jiao thought to herself secretly. This was also good since her waist and back wouldn’t turn sore and ache every time if it were any longer.

    However, what she didn’t know was that a man’s first time could not be considered as the standard for judgment.

    So not long later, she gave herself a fierce slap, regretting her naive thinking.

    The sweet scent lingering on He Sinian’s lips called him back to his senses and he stared at the cute, yet torturous little minx before him. This time, he didn’t hesitate. With a burst of strength, he turned her over, pressing the girl underneath him.

    “Jiao Jiao, I’m angry now.”

    Although he said this, there weren’t any traces of anger on He Sinian’s face. He was only irked that his little kitty cat was too naughty. What if the person she encountered wasn’t him, but someone else?

    Just by thinking of this mere possibility, he felt an endless bout of fear.

    “Meow?~” Chu Jiao tilted her head. Why was he angry?

    “Why….meow~angry? Meowuu~~~ Ah…..Nian~?”


    I can speak?!

    Chu Jiao happily discovered that she could finally spit out human words but didn’t think too much about it. Instead, a smile jovially bloomed on her face, even the cat ears on her head also perked up and her mood had improved multiple times over.

    He Sinian was similarly pleasantly surprised. He took Chu Jiao’s chin and once again, seriously said, “Jiao Jiao. Say my name again. What did you call me?’

    “Nian….Ah Nian….Meow~”

    The nimble voice appeared unused to human speech. It stuttered and stammered, at times, even carrying a faint cat’s vibrato.

    Yet He Sinian was already satisfied. He impatiently kissed the young girl’s lips and this time, he no longer dabbled. Instead, he used his tongue to pry the two sweet lips open and delved deep inside.

    He Sinian never had any sexual experiences in his 20 years of living. He could be said to have at least comforted himself, and in the field of love making, the only experience he had was watching a little porno which his roommate had forced onto him during college.

    Hence, his kiss was unskilled. It carried a faint youth’s inexperience, despite having clearly matured into an adult. He only cared about charging forward, just like his feelings. Only when she walked into his heart did she feel his warmth.

    Chu Jiao complied and accepted the man’s unskilled kiss with open arms. At the same time, she guided him imperceptibly. Her nimble little tongue hooked and fluttered around the big tongue. She tempted it, entangled with it, and toyed with it in the same oral cavity.

    And instantaneously, the quick-witted and clever He Sinian grasped the technique. His big palm covered the back of Chu Jiao’s head, pressing the girl closer to him. He twisted their lips together, sweeping across the girl’s oral meat walls and teeth, and seized her sweet saliva.

    Chu Jiao was kissed until her eyes turned misty. The man’s palms kneaded the back of her head and at times, touched the two pointy cat ears. Every touch he made elicited a quiver from her ears and her body, as if her most sensitive point was provoked. Moans also spilled out of her mouth.

    “Wuu~~ Ahnn…..Don’t…..Don’t touch, Ah Nian….Don’t touch~wuu~there……”

    He Sinian turned a deaf ear to her pleas.

    Back then in the bathroom, he only had a light touch. So deep down, he didn’t feel satisfied and was reluctant to part with it. This time, he stroked Chu Jiao’s soft and thin furry cat ears. His index finger and thumb rubbed along the triangular arc, slowly sliding up, and kneading her ears. He went down as if he wanted to meticulously inspect this cute little creature from head-to-toe and from inside out. His big palm felt warm to the touch, yet it carried eroticism and lust.

    Her cat ears were definitely her sensitive points. Chu Jiao’s refusal was ineffective and she could only lay languidly on the ground. Her body had already lost all strength, allowing He Sinian to do as he pleased.

    He Sinian temporarily let go of the girl’s lips. As his line of sight shifted down further, it arrived at another marvelous place.

    They were the young girl’s tender bosom.

    Even if she were lying, one could still see the bulging arc made by the two tender lumps of soft fat. The two spring cherry blossom dots on the snowy peaks were tenderly pink, unbridled, and had adorably blossomed before him.

    He Sinian lowered his head and without another thought, his desire guided him into taking one of the pearls into his mouth. Curling his big tongue onto it, He Sinian’s actions incited Chu Jiao to moan, and the little flower gradually became erect under his noisy sucking.

    “Wu~ Meowuuu~Ah….Ah Nian~ Itchy….Meow~ It’s so itchy….”

    Regardless of whether it was holding her hand or sucking on her teat, He Sinian’s actions were extremely gentle. He treated her as if she were still the weak little kitten from back then, afraid of hurting her even the slightest bit.

    However, Chu Jiao felt that this was rather more of a sweet torture. She was tormented to the point where she felt more empty and impatient inside, urgently requiring something to comfort her by filling her up.

    He Sinian listened to the girl’s grumbles and thirsty tone, the c*ck he had buried inside her once again hardened and grew as big as before.

    This time, he thought, he was going to diligently teach this naughty little kitten’s body what it meant to not casually provoke a man.

    Especially a man who had been abstinent for a long time. 

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