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  • Chapter 101 [President’s Story 17] This kind of thing is even worse

    T/N: This chapter is dedicated to Applesauce for her kofi! This was supposed to be released last weekend but work has kept me busy QAQ. Nevertheless, enjoy!

    Chu Jiao was caught off guard when He Sinian raised her. She could only hang onto him using her arms and legs in this position.

    When her soft body stuck close, the engorged lower part of the man did not move a muscle. He carried the naked girl underneath the showerhead and allowed the water to wash away the foam between their bodies. He then directly reached out for a long towel, wrapping Chu Jiao up tightly like a silkworm. 

    This series of actions stunned Chu Jiao.

    Why did she always meet these types of men, where they already have one foot out the door but were still able to hold back!? 

    If He Sinian knew about the psychological drama that was going on inside Chu Jiao’s head, he would have no doubt deeply regretted that he hadn’t dealt with her on the spot.

    However, at this moment, he resisted the desire and carried Chu Jiao to bed.

    He wouldn’t take advantage of her nor would he carry out such a beastly matter, which the kitten wouldn’t even understand.

    He thought to himself, since his kitten had suddenly transformed into a human, and would certainly know nothing, he would have to properly educate her on every aspect.

    Of course, as for whether this ‘guidance’ has selfish intentions or not, only heaven, hell, and He Sinian himself would know.

    He knelt in front of her and helped her slowly wipe her hair while asking.

    “You can understand my words, right?”

    He Sinan looked at the cat-eared girl in front of him, his tone soft.

    “If yes, then call out once. If no, then call out twice, okay?”

    Chu Jiao obediently meow-ed once.

    “Is this your name tag?” He Sinian asked, gently placing the leash in her hands.

    “Meow~” That’s right.

    “Your name is Jiao Jiao?”

    “Meow~” Yeah, you idiot.

    “Do you still remember who I am?”


    Of course, I do, my little Ah Nian.

    Chu Jiao stretched her head out and with a ‘chu’ sound, pecked the corner of He Sinian’s mouth.

    He Sinian’s heart was shaken by the quick kiss. But looking at the girl’s innocent and silly appearance, he immediately frowned and admonished her, saying,

    “Aside from me, you are not allowed to do this with anyone else. Do you understand?!”

    Chu Jiao blinked and blinked again. Wasn’t it just a kiss?

    If kissing wasn’t allowed, then what about this?

    She bent down mischievously, and despite being separated by only a bath towel, she once again grabbed his stiff stick that hadn’t calmed down.

    The seriousness He Sinian had struggled to preserve, nearly collapsed. His dark face flushed as he scrambled to grab Chu Jiao’s restless hand.

    “This kind of thing is even worse!”

    In the time they were separated, what in the world had his little kitty been touching?! Why was she always interested in ‘that’ place of his!?

    He Sinian was driven mad, but little did he know that his little kitty was actually a demon. Her current naivety was merely a facade for her to get her ways with him.

    Chu Jiao looked at He Sinian’s appearance of forbearance and abstinence, and her heart itched even more. The man’s fake stern expression didn’t scare her. On the contrary, it only strengthened her desire to see his true side even more.

    She simply followed the strength of the man holding her wrist, and pounced on the person before her, pressing He Sinian down on the ground.

    A pure white rug laid on the ground, so He Sinian did not feel any pain from the impact. However, he was shocked by the girl’s sudden action.

    Chu Jiao buried her head on the side of his neck, sniffing the clean smell on the man’s body. She then stuck out her tongue and slowly streaked it on his neck.

    One of He Sinian’s hands was pressed in the middle of their bodies, separated by just a thin towel. And his arm could sense a soft and supple feeling. The other hand had just wanted to stop Chu Jiao from moving but had unexpectedly been wrapped around by an object, rendering it immovable.

    He Sinian glanced over using the corner of his eye and saw that the thing that had coiled around his wrist, was actually Chu Jiao’s long cat tail!

    That tail was clearly following the will of its owner, having wrapped around his arm a few times. This was not the end of it. With intention or not, the furry tail’s tip constantly rubbed and scratched the man’s arm as if it were teasing and provoking him. 

    With his entire body completely suppressed, He Sinian could only allow Chu Jiao to grope him up and down.

    T/N: *munches on popcorn restlessly

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