Chapter 28 Midnight Selection

Through the small peephole wasn’t a threatening person with a ghost’s face but was instead a tall and sturdy-looking man.

Under the complete control of the app, Bai Yan leaned in to look through the peephole for a split second and involuntarily opened the door.

Seeing his body move on its own, he already knew that standing outside the door was surely the husband that the game assigned to him.

As soon as he passed through the door, the man quickly put down his things and hurriedly gave Bai Yan a giant bear hug, leaving him powerless to avoid the hug.

Bai Yan’s height was 1.75 meters, which wasn’t too tall nor too short for a normal guy’s standard. But, this man’s height was a towering 1.85 meters, causing Bai Yan’s figure to look dainty compared to him.

“Yanyan, sorry that I returned home so late. Today, everyone in the company needed to work overtime, so I couldn’t do anything about it.” While holding Bai Yan safely in his arms, Wu Jingang slowly relaxed his hold on him and said with an enticing manner, “Wife, look here. I bought you your favorite mung bean cake on my way home. Weren’t you craving to eat these for the last two days?”

At this moment, Bai Yan still wasn’t sure of how this young couple interacted with each other, so he didn’t dare reply, just absent-mindedly nodding his head. Bai Yan gave the husband a bowl of freshly cooked rice and indicated for Wu Jingang to start eating right away.

Wu Jingang was indeed hungry from working hard all day long. He quickly seized his chopsticks, ate three big bites of rice, and got more than half the dishes placed on the table. Because Bai Yan ate lunch before he entered the game, he didn’t have an appetite and only took a few small bites before gingerly placing his chopsticks down on the table.

Wu Jingang noticed Bai Yan’s lack of appetite and suddenly had a brilliant idea. His eyes immediately filled with concern, and his gaze suddenly changed to a man’s unique tenderness, making Bai Yan slightly upset and itching to jab those puppy dog eyes with his chopsticks. 

He loathed people looking at him with that kind of expression the most.

However, no matter how irritated Bai Yan was, he still couldn’t stab Wun Jingang’s puppy eyes. He was playing as Baiyan right now, and her hitting her husband was completely inexcusable and out of character.

As a result, Bai Yan silently told himself that this was just an NPC, beating him to death would lead to the NPC becoming a ghost and taking its revenge. After repeating this to himself a dozen times more, his mood seemed to have improved by just a bit and indifferently dealt with Wu Jingang’s deeply concerned eyes from time to time.

After their meal, Bai Yan wanted to collect the used rice bowls and chopsticks.

But Wu Jingang beat him to it, bringing the dirty bowls and chopsticks into the sink and washing them thoroughly.

While Wu Jingang was diligently scrubbing the dishes, Bai Yan played with a piece of mung bean cake with his fingers and tasted it. The more he ate, the more Wu Jingang seemed like a husband who loved his wife dearly.

For a man to rush doing the housework for his wife, he must love her a lot, but loving your wife doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t commit any crimes against her. Bai Yan quickly remembered the bloodstain on the teddy bear and felt that the two lovers surely had their problems.

It wasn’t long before Wu Jingang finished washing the dishes and exposed a quaint smile that looked like he had secretly curried a great favor. He then dashed towards the bathroom to take a hot shower.

Seeing Wu Jingang’s anxious demeanor as well as his sly smile, Bai Yan wanted to laugh, slowly realizing what his husband wanted to do next.

As expected, as Wu Jingang exited the bathroom, he impatiently embraced Bai Yan in his arms, saying to Bai Yan while leading him to the bed, “Yanyan, I want to do it tonight.”

Wu Jingang looked pathetic after saying these words. He was five big and three thick but his meaningful expression could easily evoke any woman’s sympathy. If it were Baiyan, she would be swayed by this look and follow her husband’s requests. After the two had a magical night together, he would probably have a baby shooting out of him after nine months.

Yet, no matter how you looked at it, Bai Yan was not a woman and even more so not Wu Jingang’s wife. He was simply someone who picked the wrong option while the game made him follow through with his choice.

So, he ruthlessly shook away Wu Jingang’s thick hand on his legs and went to bed, quickly wrapping himself in his quilt. His rejection couldn’t be more obvious.

“Sorry, I don’t feel well today.”

Brother, this is for your own good. We’re both men. Even after taking off our clothes, we wouldn’t know who would f*ck who in the ass.

After Bai Yan finished talking, Wu Jingang’s face immediately changed into a bitter one. He wasn’t someone who was solely engrossed in his feelings and did not care about his wife’s well being. If his wife didn’t want to do it, he could only drop the matter resentfully and look helpless as he stood by the bedside.

Seeing Wu Jingang’s pitiful and anxious expression, as a man, Bai Yan also understood this feeling.

He took joy in seeing the sad Wu Jingang quickly going to the bathroom to take a cold shower. Bai Yan released a low chuckle when he heard the sounds of the water falling in the bathroom tile.

Bai Yan blankly stared at the ceiling as he laid on his back, strategizing for a bit on how to get information out of Wu Jingang.

Five minutes later, Wu Jingang left the bathroom chilled to the bone, changing into his pajamas and lying down beside Bai Yan but was surprised to find his wife wrapped tightly around his quilt while shivering non-stop.

“Yanyan, what’s going on with you?” Softly gazing at the round-shaped quilt, Wu Jingang jumped with a scare, “Don’t be scared of me. If there’s something wrong, you can tell me. Please don’t keep things to yourself.”

Wu Jingang naively took the bait and Bai Yan quietly said while shivering in the quilt, “Jingang… I… I’m scared.”

“Today, I saw a teddy bear on the table and it was stained in blood.”

“Yanyan, you’re still thinking about that? That incident had already passed. Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared.” Wu Jingang dug out Bai Yan from the quilt and hugged him, softly patting Bai Yan’s head.

The 1.85 meters tall Wu Jingang was extremely gentle and caring towards his wife. Seeing Baiyan withdraw from his hug with her shoulders still trembling uncontrollably, he thought she was crying from fear and was panicking even more. He hurriedly held her in his arms to comfort her while saying with absolute resentment, “Liu Xiaotian, that bastard! I treated him as if he were my own brother, but he still treated you like this.”

“He dared try to molest you. Karma hit him good, and he plainly deserved it. If it were me, I would personally kill him with my bare hands. I don’t have such a disgusting brother. Plus, you only defended yourself when you used the flower vase to hit him. His luck wasn’t good either and the fine shards of porcelain bore into his skull. What you did was only self-defense. Didn’t the police say that you shouldn’t worry about it anymore?”

“It’s okay. It’s okay. You have me, so Yanyan has nothing to be afraid of. Don’t cry.”

Wu Jingang worriedly continued to comfort her. Now, Bai Yan finally knew why the teddy bear had a bloodstain on it.

As the saying goes, ‘Nothing is more delicious than a dumpling, and nothing is more fun than playing with your brother’s wife.’

Liu Xiaotian was Wu Jingang’s good friend. A few days ago, he came by to Wu Jingang’s house for a visit. That fateful day, Wu Jingang just so happened to have some matters to take care of and had to go out, leaving behind Baiyan alone in the house to entertain the guest.

Ignoring her attractiveness in the big wedding photo, the game also introduced Baiyan as someone who was somewhat attractive for a woman, not a remarkable beauty, but she was still pretty like a delicate jasmine in bloom.

A man and a woman staying in a single room. Baiyan looked weak as if you humiliated and bullied her, she still wouldn’t dare talk back, which inevitably led Liu Xiaotian to move according to his heart’s true desires.

Liu Xiaotian still clearly knew that Baiyan was his brother’s wife. However, in the face of their primal desires, some people would easily forget the laws separating men and animals, even more so about their bro code.

Under the firm control of his lower body, this, my dear friend, was when he tried to grope Baiyan, desiring to do something lewd to her, but what he didn’t expect was for the soft and sweet Baiyan to unleash her intense temperament. After encountering his excessively immoral attempts, Baiyan naturally didn’t take it well. She struggled for a long while before finally getting her hands on a nearby flower vase and smashing it against Liu Xiaotian’s head.

This whack in the head made blood gush out and that was how Liu Xiaotian’s bloodstain on the teddy bear came to be.

When the flower vase broke the old dog’s head, Liu Xiaotian suddenly became dizzy and fell on the ground. Unfortunately for him, the broken shards of porcelain were lodged deeply in his temples, leading him to his death.

After Wu Jingang’s scattered talking, Bai Yan finally pieced together the whole incident.

Following Liu Xiaotian’s deadly fall, Baiyan cried incessantly as she called for emergency service. She later hastily called the police and then her husband.

Liu Tianyi was ill-fated and quickly died at the morbid scene, but this world’s laws considered Baiyan’s actions as self-defense, so the police only took note of what happened and let Baiyan go home.

Although it was unintentional, amid Baiyan’s resistance, she murdered someone by mistake. Her heart was filled with intense fear and anxiety, which led her to use her annual vacation days, so she has been staying at the comfort of her home to rest.

Roughly knowing the past events, Bai Yan had a hunch that if he were haunted by a ghost, that ghost would surely be the rapist that tried to violate Baiyan.

In Bai Yan’s eyes, Liu Xiaotian’s bloodstain on the teddy bear was a dangerous sign.

In some games, the ghost would originate from its bloodstain. There was a chance that the ghosts in this game were not like that, but the teddy bear was undeniably a risky object and needed to be thrown away immediately.

Thinking about this for a while, Bai Yan finally raised his head and looked at Wu Jingang, his large husband. Unexpectedly, the man’s eyes were red. As he was soothing Bai Yan, he couldn’t help but cry for his wife.

This iron-clad man’s emotions were too plentiful. Fearing that he would sense something amiss, Bai Yan furiously blinked his eyes. Through his thick eyelashes, his tears started flowing as well.

With tears in his eyes, he didn’t have a problem anymore. Bai Yan tried to show some emotions, his voice trembling and choking as he said, “Jingang… I saw the teddy bear today and suddenly felt scared… Whenever I see it, I always remember what happened that day.”

“Yanyan…” The more Wu Jingang saw Bai Yan’s crying face, the more he regretted what had happened before. He quickly hugged Bai Yan and immediately promised, “You don’t need to be scared anymore. I’ll throw it away. One of these days, I’ll buy you a bigger and better bear.”

Unable to bear seeing Bai Yan sad any longer, Wu Jingang became sadder. He was scared that Bai Yan would cry again after he was finished talking, so he grabbed the stuffed animal and threw it in the trash can.

As Wu Jingang left, Bai Yan promptly wiped away his tears and comfortably laid down in his bed, waiting for his dear husband to return.

When Wu Jingang came back, the two exchanged a few words and closed their lamps at the bedsides, saying their goodnights.

Bai Yan knew he would be fighting a long war ahead of him and didn’t think about it further. He simply closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. It was a short rest that only lasted until midnight.

At one o’clock in the morning, the next-door neighbor abruptly made loud rattles that cleanly passed through to their walls. These sounds seemed to be clamorous meat chopping followed by high-pitched ear-pinching sounds of boiling water.

Bai Yan was woken up by the sounds of chopped meat, and so he opened his eyes and propped his sleepy body up.

As he got up, he curiously felt an empty space beside him. He instinctively raised his head and found that Wu Jingang was not sleeping by his side anymore. He didn’t have a clue at what point Wu Jingang sat up but he looked like a corpse with his head eerily drooping down. His miserable pale face parted at the corners of his mouth. His gaze steadily fixated on him.

Bai Yan didn’t know for how long Wu Jingang was watching him like this.

Bai Yan felt terrified for a split second, making his grogginess completely disappear.

Before he could do anything, his phone’s violent vibrations suddenly came through.

Time had paused and Bai Yan understood that it was time to make a new choice.

[At one o’clock in the morning, you suddenly wake up from the sudden burst of noise. You’re suddenly overcome with the anger, and you want to complain to your neighbor’s cooking noises. But, as you woke up, you were horrified to find out that there was something wrong with your husband.]

[At some point, he got up and sat next to you, unendingly staring at you with a creepy and deadly look in his eyes.]

[Seeing this terrifying scene before you, you decide:]

[A. That this must be a dream, so you happily close your eyes, turn over, and go back to sleep.]

[B. To noisily wake up Wu Jingang and tell him what had just happened.]

[C. That he must be back. He found me and wants to exact his revenge to kill me.]

Time slowly passed by. Bai Yan stared at the three choices and sank into deep thought.

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