Chapter 25.3 Game End (3)

Su Xiaoqian excitedly turned her head around to face Bai Yan, only to coincidentally find out that the two people had the same idea.

It was worth it to have someone to escape with since he had also thought of it.

The two quickly looked at each other, exchanged a few simple words, and completely understood what they had to do.

Since Bai Yan’s white dress shirt was too eye-catching, Su Xiaoqian was the first to walk forward and assess if there was only one person inside. What she saw was that plus it was a weak petite girl that could easily be overpowered, so she quietly signaled Bai Yan to quickly come over.

After Bai Yan went over, the two went straight into the hotel.

When the two infiltrated the hotel, the hotel night staff girl was already dozing off, her head slowly but surely inching down. The inn was just a small rundown hotel located in a remote area. Hardly anyone came by past nine o’clock. This kind of job was easy to find, difficult to resign from, and it would be hard for the manager to find someone to cover another’s shift. As a result, the young girl had gotten used to going out during the day and staying at the hotel’s reception area at night with her chin resting on her hand to catch up on her sleep.

She couldn’t be fired anyway.

“Welcome, please register first.”

Upon hearing the sound of the door opening, the young girl sleepily rubbed her eyes and slowly raised her head, preparing to greet the rare guests.

As she opened her guests and saw the guest, she couldn’t help widen her eyes from extreme shock, even forgetting how to make a sound.

The scene she saw was an eloped couple engrossed in their illicit love affair. The woman’s skirt was messily splattered with blood as if she were a victim of a horrid crime, while the man suspiciously carried a knife with him. The knife’s edges were dyed in blood.

What was more terrifying was that the man’s originally white shirt was all covered with large stains of blood. The creepy smile he had on his face looked like a murderer’s, which made the little girl understand the message of the ominous rolls of thunder.

The unlawful pair who had just recently killed someone immediately sprinted inside the hotel lobby, quickly intending to kill her.

She would be featured in tomorrow’s news.

The young girl tried to open her mouth to scream but her efforts were all in vain. Bai Yan suddenly covered her mouth, while Su Xiaoqian struck her head from behind, making the girl roll her eyes and faint.

“I heard that not controlling your strength well could kill someone. Is she alright?”

After grabbing a random room’s keys and moving the young girl inside, Su Xiaoqian’s long lost conscience had unexpectedly resurfaced.

Bai Yan drew near the girl’s nose and nonchalantly said, “She’s still breathing, so she’s not dead.”

Su Xiaoqian released a stressful sigh, but she was still worried that she hit the girl too hard, making her stupid.

If it weren’t for their situation being life or death, she wouldn’t have wanted to harm the NPC.

After entering the toasty room, the two seemed to be less cold.

However, although they had a place to stay, it didn’t mean that they had time to rest there.

Su Xiaoqian pondered for a while but first ordered Bai Yan turn around. She took the young girl’s clothes off and dressed the girl in her wet and dirty clothes. She then let Bai Yan face them and the two started using the table knife to cut the bed sheet into long pieces to make a rope.

After, they firmly tied the girl up, using the newly made rope, to the chair.

Su Xiaoqian felt that what they did was enough but was instantly proven wrong. She silently watched Bai Yan take the pillow cloth on top of the bed. He couldn’t care less if it were clean or dirty and forcefully shoved the girl’s mouth. He then looked closer if the gag was enough to muffle the girl’s voice and nodded his head once he was satisfied with his work.

“Su Xiaoqian, go check the other vacant rooms and see if there are other points of entry like doors and windows. My clothes won’t look right if I go out now, and if people saw me, it would pose a problem.” Since Bai Yan tied the girl up and gagged her, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt ordering Su Xiaoqian around. “I’ll stay here and watch the girl in case she wakes up.”

You’ve shoved the gag so deeply, will she still be able to make a sound?

Even though Su Xiaoqian’s heart was full of doubt, what Bai Yan had said still made sense. She agreed but first went to the bathroom to grab a dry towel, patting her damp hair dry.

“You’re right, Bai Yan. I’ve always sensed that your head was bright(1).” As she came out, Su Xiaoqian said with suspicion, “Your hair color seems like it’s fading.”

  1. I think Su Xiaoqian did a play on words here. Bai Yan in Chinese is 白言, which means white words. In this sentence, she described Bai Yan’s head being 白, which means bright in this context.

“I dyed my hair red before. Because it seemed too unconventional, I decided to dye it back to black.” Bai Yan said the first thing that popped up in his mind, but he still explained it in a way that made it sound real. “As for my pale face, my body has always been weak and due to being in the rain for a long time, it made my body feel cold.


The excuses Bai Yan gave were reasonable, so Su Xiaoqian paid no mind to him anymore. She then pulled at the clothes on her chest and couldn’t help but heave a breath in annoyance.

The young girl’s clothes were clean as can be but the downside was her body was too petite for Su Xiaoqian, making her feel a little breathless.

After exiting the room, Su Xiaoqian thoroughly checked every room, took note of every window, and found a back door in the hotel.

She then told Bai Yan what information she had gathered and the two decided to call each other when they ran into trouble. In the meantime, Su Xiaoqian stood at the front reception area and temporarily assumed the young girl’s identity, remaining extremely vigilant and ready to fight against the headless ghosts.

The place where Bai Yan was detained was a room with only one window.

The room was located on the hotel’s first floor. This was done so that if something bad happened, he could easily escape. Similarly, if the headless ghosts barged into the hotel’s front doors, Su Xiaoqian could also retreat to this room.

The hotel was only a small one, so the rooms in it were only simple.

In the room, there was only one chair, which the girl was helplessly tied up in, leading Bai Yan to sit on top of the bed. He motionlessly watched the open window but was ready to make a call and flee for his life at any given moment.

At around three in the morning, the young girl came to.

The young girl woke up in a daze and took ten seconds to realize that she was kidnapped. She then started to whimper and struggle.

The soundproofing inside the hotel was bad, so when he saw the young girl rock the chair back and forth to create some noise, Bai Yan simply took out the knife and tapped it in the girl’s soft skin.

“Miss, please be quiet.”

Seeing the bitingly-cold table knife pressed against her face, the young girl trembled from fear and nodded with tears in her eyes. She stared at Bai Yan in horror for the rest of the night until it rolled around five o’clock.

“Okay, you can scream now.”

After being drenched in the rain all night, Bai Yan’s face was flushed red and his hands shook as he held the knife.

He did his best to control his voice, so it didn’t tremble along as he shivered uncontrollably.

Before he left, he unstuffed the pillow cloth in the girl’s mouth and easily severed up the cloth tying the girl’s body down.

However, even though Bai Yan signaled that she could already leave, the young girl shook her head and didn’t dare move an inch. She was still afraid that the murderer in front of her was playing mind games and if she turned around, he would mercilessly stab the knife in her back.

After untying the girl, Bai Yan left her along. He just simply tapped on the return button on his phone and quickly went back to the real world.

“What about the others?” The young girl watched the man disappear in front of her eyes. His spirit slowly fading into the air, making her shiver even more. She felt that she encountered ghosts instead of murderers.

She stayed still in her place for a moment but the next thing she knew, she cautiously moved towards the phone beside the bed and called the police, shaking as she said, “Uncle policeman, I met a ghost, no. I saw murderers.”

The young girl realized what she was wearing. It was the woman’s bloodied clothes. Although the man had already disappeared, there was still a chance that the woman was still there. Even if she truly did come across a supernatural event, she still might face criticism when reporting this to the police. Her face was more important than her life.

The police on the other end was especially nice and helpful, even asking her where she was to immediately dispatch someone over.

Despite the police’s reassurance, the girl didn’t dare hang up the phone. She cowered in fear while standing in the room and became on guard as she heard some strange sounds nearby.

“Boom boom boom.”

“Boom boom boom.”

There were knocks outside the door.

“What’s knocking on the door over there?”

The young girl trembled as she said in loud sobs, “I… I don’t know.”

She backed up into the window and was ready to exit through it when the door came open, but as soon as she pressed her back against the cold glass, she heard a dull pounding from behind.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

“Boom, boom, boom.”

She stiffly turned around to see what was making the sound, only to be shocked when she saw a headless corpse tapping on the window with its bony fingers.


At long last, the knocks on the door finally stopped.

The door… opened.

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