Chapter 3.3 Beauty and the Beast (3)

Leonard couldn’t hold back any longer. After asking Belle to grab onto the bedposts, he started to rock his waist. Belle’s slender body was pushed back and forth by the movement of his massive root. She fainted several times and was f*cked awake countless times with only pitiful sobs spilling out of her mouth.

“…Ah… No, no…can’t anymore…….”

“What’s wrong? Has your womb been f*cked broken already?”

“It’s…..been f*cked broken…”

“Does it feel good to be f*cked broken by a beast?”

“Ah …… feels good ……to be f*cked broken …… ahhhnnnnnhhhh……”

Under the sense of shame and endless pleasure from the cl*max she had attained from the beast, the last wisp of Belle’s sanity was finally washed away. Ultimately, she had completely blacked out while her body continued to spasm, sucking the root of evil that broke her body.

Leonard rammed her repeatedly for hundreds of times before he released his s*men again. By this time, Belle had already received two of his eruptions in her belly, causing it to bulge prominently. Leonard sinisterly raised his lion palm and gently slapped her awake to let her look at the area they were joined at and said.

“You’ve been f*cked broken by the beast, so you can’t go back anymore, do you understand?”

With a pop sound, he pulled out the giant stuck within her body, and the lion palm pressed down her soft belly, forcing the obscene liquid inside of her to squirt out.

Belle stared blankly at the turbid fluid that was constantly leaking out of her body, and at the lion root coated with her lewd juices. The scent of s*x assailed her nostrils, causing something in her heart to crack and shatter into pieces. 

After this night, she thought to herself that she was no longer a girl nor was a human being. Her body had been filled with the s*men of a beast, and her womb was penetrated by the beast, turning her into a lewd mother beast.

Belle was once recognized as a beautiful girl by everyone in the city. Everyone praised her for her purity and kindness. Even though many men had sought after her and tried their best to please her, she rarely approached them. On the contrary, she still preferred to approach small animals, always taking care of them and feeding them.

She liked to read, liked poetry, liked flowers, liked beautiful things, and she herself was as beautiful as poems and flowers, but now, living in this gorgeous castle, she obtained cl*max under a giant lion’s body and constantly screamed for more.

“…Huff.. feels amazing… its so good… Leonard… gi-give it to me quick.. F*ck me til I break… ahhh ahhn nnhhh mmhhh!”

Although she was wearing a gorgeous dress at this time, her snow white hips were raised high, and her thighs rested on the recliner. The satin skirt was lifted extremely high, revealing a honeycomb with no cover, withstanding the fierce attack of the giant lions from behind.

The juice inside the small hole was stirred about constantly, causing its original light color to gradually turn dark. Belle’s original clear eyes had also become stained with deep lust.

Ever since the day she came to the castle, Belle became the beast’s s*x slave. She knew that not only did her body become tarnished, her heart was sullied as well. She couldn’t refuse the *rgasms that Leonard gave her, especially during her first night, when the beast’s giant root was stuck in her body. Because it had brought intense ecstasy to the deepest parts of her body.

Recalling that she had spewed an endless amount of nectar under the giant beast, tightening and begging him to continue violating her, this taboo copulation and shameless greed caused her to fall deeper down the abyss of lust.

The huge thick shaft ran through each fold of the small hole, pulling away every sensitive protrusion on the meat wall, and bringing forth an unavoidable cl*max. The honey hole was completely opened up by the giant root, and without the need to use repairing magic, it could greedily swallow the giant root whole. When it was time for the beast’s s*men to be poured inside, the promiscuous flower core would even continuously convulse.

In just a short three months, she had changed from a girl who was ignorant of the ways of the world, to a beautiful and charming woman. And whenever she was underneath the beast’s body, she would transform into a complete and utter slut.

Leonard never concealed his naked animal desires, but in materialistic terms, he never treated Belle unfairly. Although there weren’t any other people in the case, she was still able to eat and drink to her heart’s desire. Not only was she able to enjoy an endless amount of sumptuous food but the nook and crannies of each corner of the castle were also swept clean constantly.

Every set of clothes that Belle wore was gorgeous and exquisite, fitting her figure like a glove as though they were tailored for her.

Leonard knew that Belle liked to read books, so she was allowed to casually enter and leave the rich library of the castle at random. When he had gotten to know that she liked roses, he let the garden bloom with roses and when he had gotten to know that she liked fresh fruits and vegetables, he filled the greenhouse with the fruits and vegetables that she loved.

However, the beast’s sexual desire was very strong. As long as he was aroused, he would possess her anywhere. As such, the small table in the library had already been broken by him. And under the stone bench in the garden, Belle’s honey had formed a pool of wet stain.

One day in the greenhouse, when Belle picked an apple and took a bite, she was pounced on by Leonard as though a mother lion had pounced onto her..

It was said that an apple was a forbidden fruit. After Adam and Eve had taken a bite of it, they finally knew what shame was. Belle looked at the apple that had rolled on the ground while feeling Leonard thrust behind her. She reckoned that she would never be able to enter heaven, because despite having taken a bite of the apple, she still couldn’t call her sense of shame back.

Under the beast’s constant training, whenever Belle was suppressed by him, even though the heart resisted, her body would involuntarily spread her legs, twist her waist and hips, lustfully desire for a never ending orgasm, and lose all reason. When she was overcome with wild desire, she would even long for him to f*ck through her uterus, and break her into two, dying from the scalding lava he released from his root and forever becoming a depraved s*x slave under the beast.

Despite being a beast, Leonard was actually very clever. He could talk to her about books and poetry. Although he vented his lust on her, he also sang love songs beside her. He often wagged his tail, revealed a pair of innocent golden eyes to her, and laid beside her, asking her to read to him. He also became aroused often, his beast pupil brimming with wild animal desires as he pressed her down to make her scream madly.

One time, in order to pick the most beautiful rose, she had wounded her hands. Leonard told her that as long as she wanted roses, there would be lots of roses with morning dew on them, placed in the vase every day to be given to her.

Belle shook her head and said that she only needed one. From then on, Leonard would take advantage of when she was asleep, to noiselessly sneak inside the room holding a thorned rose in his mouth and putting it on her pillow side…Then, he would lick her her whole body, or use his giant root to wake her up.

Belle’s body and mind had fallen into a state of extreme confusion, befuddled by the beast’s wild desire, puzzled about why he carried a human heart, and bewildered about whether aside from her body, even her heart had fallen into the trap.

She had never met anyone who could talk to her so deeply, and never imagined that there was such a rough yet gentle beast in the world. She wondered to herself. Was he actually a human or a beast? And for her who had fallen for him both in mind and body, what had she really turned into.

Sometimes, in her state of deliriousness, she would even beg him to let her go back to see her family. At this, he would turn cold, and would begin to f*ck her frantically, telling her before she lost consciousness. “You have already turned into a promiscuous mother beast, and you want to go back to the human world?”

With this, Belle would fall into cold despair and enter dreamland in tears. She missed her Father and her sister very much. And she wanted to know whether they were living well or not. Even though Leonard’s castle was luxurious, providing her a better life and more joy, when all was said and done, it was still not her home.

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