EBPW Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.3 Returning home to meet the elders (3)

It was said that Wen Renyi was only 22 when he was gravely injured, resulting in his martial arts being entirely crippled. His sight in both eyes were lost and now 6 years had passed. In these 6 years, if he had not strived to expand the family business ten times, it was estimated that he would not have a stable foot in the family. But even so, the Wen Family’s few juniors coldly ridiculed him and as the house head, Wen Renshi actually sided with those Yellow Ranked Cultivation Based brats.

These kind of things, He Zhou had seen plenty of times in a different world.

Before, he wouldn’t care about other people’s businesses, but now that it was happening to Wen Renyi, and they were after all, legal partners as well as comrades who worked together, he would naturally take care of his own people. 

“I don’t know why the family head of the Wen Family let Ah Yi bring the juniors here, was it to give advice?” He Zhou’s previous life was extraordinarily gifted, he was also an Almighty Golden Core. His heart possessed an air of arrogance. Even if he was facing Wen Renshi who was in the Xiantian Realm, he was neither servile nor overbearing, he was actually even clear and melodious.

Wen Renyi “glanced” at his side slightly, the corner of his mouth hooking up ever so slightly in a fleeting manner.

Wen Renshi carefully measured He Zhou and only felt that this brat was not the same as the one in the rumors. If ordinary people were to see him, they would undoubtedly be shaking like a sift chaff, but being somewhat fearful was considered normal. However, this kid had been protecting Ah Yi non stop since getting off the car and wasn’t the least bit frightened. Just where was he similar to a white silk trousers as informed in the reports. 

He gave a “humph”. “Since you are Ah Yi’s people, it’s natural to bring you back to take a look. Take a seat first.”

He Zhou didn’t have any good feelings for the Wen Family because of Wen Renyi’s  encounter, however, Wen Renshi was still considered their elder, so he didn’t say anything more and just brought Wen Renyi to sit at the very end, accepting everyone’s inquiring and measuring gaze.

“I heard that Master Shao had been in a car accident a few months ago and had just left the hospital?” An elder with black and white hair looked towards He Zhou, his tone unpleasant.

When He Zhou was on the road, Wen Renyi had already let him read up information on the Wen Family. He Zhou’s memory was good so he could recognize the people who were present. The person who was speaking was the Big Elder of the Wen Family, Wen Renzuo, he was in the Sky Rank Late Stage Realm, his temperament was consistently bad, but his character wasn’t.

He Zhou knew what his intentions were and only replied. “Thank you Big Elder for your concern, this one’s body is in good health.”

Wen Renzuo choked, he clearly didn’t mean this!

Wen Renyi quietly listened to each elder’s I speak a sentence, you speak a sentence. But each was deemphasized and dissolved by He Zhou. They originally wanted to make it difficult for him but they were actually being played by a fluffy headed youngster. The Wen Family Elders choked back a fit of anger. Even though his eyes can’t see, in his heart, he understood that He Zhou’s act was in fact to protect him.

Even though he didn’t need it, the feeling wasn’t too bad.

In the end, Wen Renshi who kept looking at this play solemnly summarized. “Ah Yi’s body isn’t too good, in the future, he would need to trouble Ah Zhou to take care of him.”

“Naturally.” He Zhou didn’t even hesitate to give Wen Renyi a long face.

At this time, a ring sounded. It was the Wen Family’s home phone. The steward respectfully handed the phone to Wen Renshi and the more Wen Renshi listened, the more the color of his face changed, eventually he could only answer. “Alright, I will arrange it.”

Wen Renzuo wrinkled his brows and asked. “Older brother, what happened?”

Wen Renshi carried a slightly worried gaze that landed on Wen Renyi’s face. “The children who joined Jing University’s subsidiary summer camp are trapped in the mountains, it ought to be an evildoer’s work. There are not enough manpower in the operations team. Let us send reinforcements, especially calling Ah Yi to go over.”

He Zhou couldn’t understand, didn’t Ah Yi already lose his martial skills? Why did they have to call him?

Someone had already asked this question.

Wen Renshi sighed. “The evildoer seemed to have a grudge with Ah Yi and said that he wanted to trade Ah Yi for the children’s lives.”

All of the eyes fell onto Wen Renyi, wanting to exchange the life of a waste who couldn’t practice martial arts for the lives of many children. This was a completely calculative business transaction. Besides that, there was no lack of genius sons in that group of children.

Wen Renyi drooped his eyes and did not speak.

He Zhou’s elegant brows was slightly cold as he stood up and firmly said. “No. I won’t allow it.”

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