EBPW Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Waiting for a partner’s return

All of the members of the He family had wanted to prevent He Zhou from leaving, with the exception of Wen Renyi who looked to be extremely calm.

He Zhou had already made his decision and would not easily change his mind. He tactfully declined He Shaoning’s request for him to stay in the He Residence, and returned with Wen Renyi to their own little home.

Under the soft lighting, a halo seemed to burst forth from He Zhou’s clear and handsome face, it was indescribably good-looking.

“Ah Yi——” Suddenly feeling a finger pressing down on his lips as Wen Renyi’s deep eyes firmly locked onto He Zhou’s, “Ah Zhou, I know what you’re going to say and I’m not going to oppose you.”

He Zhou widened his eyes slightly as Wen Renyi lifted his left hand and rubbed the ring on his ring finger, “But I have a request.”

“Tell me.”

Wen Renyi really wanted to tell He Zhou, ​​”Don’t go” or ” Take me with you “, but these were unrealistic.

“Regardless of whatever that happens, don’t ever think about sacrificing yourself. Everyone is behind you all the way, including me.”

He Zhou’s heartstrings trembled, and he stared blankly in place. He did make a choice in his heart, but it had taken a long time for him to come to this decision. The present was different from the past. Back then, he had nothing to be concerned about and he wouldn’t have minded sacrificing himself at any given period, but now, he had Wen Renyi.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed in a low voice, “Ah Yi, I’m sorry.”

Wen Renyi smiled faintly, a blue dagger appeared in front of He Zhou as its body glinted in biting cold and reflected He Zhou’s face, “Carry this sword with you.”

“I can’t, this is your life sword.” He Zhou flatly refused.

“I can’t be with you, but this can,” The handsome man took Young Master He in his arms, and planted his warm lips on He Zhou’s ear tips, giving it a peck, “Ah Zhou, don’t refuse me.”

He Zhou opened his mouth, and could not utter any more words of refusal.

The blue dagger suddenly disappeared and He Zhou only felt another godly sense appear in his sea of knowledge, but before he could perceive it, a scalding heat suddenly touched his lips and the arms behind his back tightened even more. The man in front of him was as fierce as a lone wolf. He Zhou lifted his hand slightly but it was caught by Wen Renyi.

“Ah Zhou, don’t leave me.” Wen Renyi’s long eyelashes quivered, his eyes looked sincere but soft as if he wanted to look into He Zhou’s heart. He Zhou suddenly felt a continuous dense ache in his heart. He realized he loved Wen Renyi.

“I will do my best.”

Wen Renyi looked at him blankly for a long while, and smiled all of a sudden.: “I want to learn a new array today, are you still willing to teach me?”

Acidity rose in He Zhou’s throat. “I’ll teach.”

The speed that Wen Renyi learnt at was really too fast to the extent that He Zhou could sense it evidently during this period. The two returned to the bedroom and He Zhou had only mentioned a few points, but it still felt as if Wen Renyi was bestowed with divine help as he was able to quickly set up the array in no time.

Before He Zhou had returned to his senses, Wen Renyi picked him up and gently placed him on the bed. He assumed that Wen Renyi was going to dual cultivate with him, but Wen Renyi merely held onto him tightly and planted a kiss on his forehead. “Sleep.”

He Zhou was indeed feeling a bit exhausted at this time. He turned over and buried his head in the crook of Wen Renyi’s shoulders, sniffing the man’s faint cold fragrance, and feeling a peace of mind slowly spread.

After a while, Wen Ren was able to feel He Zhou’s slow and even breathing, and his eyes gradually darkened.

In the early morning of the next day, He Zhou dressed simply and lightly. Under Wen Renyi’s companionship, they boarded the plane together heading to Rose Country.

The He family as well as other aristocratic families and Sect people came to see them off. They knew in their hearts that the sign of He Zhou leaving bode more evil than good. He Shaoning’s eyes were incredibly red, he would rather go in his place, but nobody could unlock the array on the necklace except for He Zhou.

The others felt pity for He Zhou, and had already contacted the special departments of various countries to dispatch their elites to Puli City in Rose Country, aiding He Zhou by quietly waiting for a window of opportunity.

The plane soared into the clouds. He Zhou sat near the window, looking at the clouds drifting by within arms reach and smiled. He turned his to the side to look at Wen Renyi, “If another opportunity arises, I would take you sword flying, it would be more amusing than flying on a plane.”

Wen Renyi held his hand tightly, “Alright, you can’t take your words back.”

He Zhou’s expression was extremely soft and warm. The first time he had seen Wen Renyi, he felt that this person looked like an iceberg snow lotus, but in fact, he was a shy and soft rabbit. After living with him, he discovered that his weakness was just a facade, and on the inside, he was as hard as a knife and sharp as a sword. Later on, he finally realized that Wen Renyi’s rigidity and softness were two sides of the same coin.

In front of him, Wen Renyi was willing to shed off his cold and sharpness, and treat him with gentleness and in his heart, he was one of a kind.

But now, this strong hearted man’s palm was covered entirely in cold sweat.

“Nothing will happen to me.” He Zhou’s fingertips lightly scraped Wen Renyis palm. He smiled like the spring sun, warmth seeping into his heart. “Ji Wuqiu only appears powerful on the surface, after having expended so much effort in all these years, his strength had no doubt declined a lot. The fact that he is urgently looking for the piece of soul in this necklace is because he can’t hold on any longer. You also understand what it means to lose a part of the soul and what kind of consequences would result from it.”

Regarding this point, He Zhou still quite admired the ancestor of the Shen family. If he had not taken the risk of carrying the piece of soul, the demonic head would not have felt this kind of shackle.

Not only was the piece of soul unable to forge ahead and cultivate, if it was not maintained like the rest of its counterparts, the godly sense would also decline and this would make possessing another body incredibly difficult. In other words, Ji Wuqiu could only exist in the form of spiritual soul from beginning to end. However, since he had nurtured an enormous amount of power, he must have recovered the cultivation he had lost after being trapped in the array for so many years.

But, so what?

“I understand,” Wen Renyi murmured, “I understand everything.” But understanding was one matter, and worrying was another.

The two of them tacitly exchanged their feelings and no longer spoke. Only the grip of their hands tightened even more.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, the plane landed at Puli City’s Airport, and the two people towed their luggage to the hotel they had booked in advance.

Each and every one of He Zhou’s movements have always been monitored, not only by the people of the demonic head’s organization, but also by the ability users dispatched by various countries who had arrived one after another, hiding in the dark, and closely playing attention to the movements of the demonic head’s organization as well as He Zhou.

The person had already arrived in Puli City, but the demonic head did not stir up any trouble to make further requests. It felt like the calm before the storm, causing a sense of agitation to rise in people’s hearts.

Almost everyone believed that the demonic head was preparing to brew a big move, but He Zhou had a faint feeling that the demonic head’s circumstances were not as promising as he had feigned to show before. Since he was so eager to get the part of his soul back, it would’ve been impossible for him to remain silent knowing that He Zhou had already appeared in Puli City.

Something must have definitely happened to Ji Wuqiu.

But He Zhou simply didn’t care for him. He traveled once again around Puli City with Wen Renyi but with a different mindset than before. In the past, they were still confused and ignorant, in contrast, now the two people’s thoughts were in harmony. Puli City was a romantic tourist destination and because they simply had nothing to do, they traveled through the streets and alleys of Puli to feel the rich exotic atmosphere. They even strolled along the banks of Boxi River, and this time He Zhou made the first move. He bought a bouquet of flowers and gave them to Wen Renyi.

Of course, they didn’t forget to probe the underground works at the bottom of the Boxi River with their godly sense. After engaging in dual cultivation for so long, He Zhou and Wen Renyi’s godly senses had also steadily improved. During this investigation, he keenly detected that the barrier seemed to have been weakened. Didn’t this mean that Ji Wuqiu’s strength had declined?

In any case, this was a fortunate matter.

When they returned to the hotel room at night, He Zhou buried his head and started writing a letter. It was filled with information about high level arrays which the average person simply wouldn’t understand, however, Wen Renyi was inherently clever and due to having learnt a large number of arrays for the sake of dual cultivation before, he was able to understand most of them.

“Would you like to rest?” Wen Renyi stood behind He Zhou, bending over from behind him and hugging him. He then placed his perfectly contoured chin on top of He Zhou’s shoulder. “Wait until Ji Wuqiu has finally perished, and you can continue writing it.”

The tip of He Zhou’s pen paused.

He couldn’t guarantee if he could come out unharmed and had wanted to write this handbook as soon as possible so that Wen Renyi could hold it in safekeeping.

Wen Renyi knew what he was thinking, and his gaze turned slightly dark when it fell on the densely packed handwriting. “Ah Zhou, this book would only have significance if you come back safely. Otherwise, to me, it is just an ordinary paper filled with words “

He Zhou put his pen down and turned around, causing the corner of his lips to be kissed by Wen Renyi’s lips. He chuckled and gave him a nip. “Do you want to learn another array? “

Wen Renyi immediately turned ruthless, biting He Zhou’s lips, turning its originally pale color dark red like a rose. Wen Renyi’s eyes were dark as ash he picked up the rose placed on the table, and placed a few petals in between their lips. He couldn’t tell whether the flowers were redder or were He Zhou’s lips brighter.

Young Master was easily enticed by him. Wen Renyi affixed rose petals to his lips, causing the fragrance of the roses to soak into their lips and teeth, and under the rubbing of his tongue, dark red juice was formed, dribbling down the corner of their lips.

When He Zhou’s back came into contact with the soft quilt behind him, he realized that the fire ignited couldn’t be doused anymore.

Perhaps due to being confronted with the uncertainty of a life or death parting, the two had gone all out in the matters of the bed. Their souls and spirits intertwined with each other, as if they were combining into one entity. He Zhou reached his hand out and touched Wen Renyi’s exquisite face, his heart filled to the brim.

He really didn’t want to part with this person.

After engaging in an unrestrained and sticky activity, He Zhou felt his godly sense and cultivation base grow, however, before he could cuddle with Wen Renyi, Ji Wuqiu had sent several people over.

The attitude of these people was extremely upright and sincere. He Zhou swept them a glance and saw that there were all kinds of supernatural ability users but according to his observation, the highest cultivation of these people was only equivalent to Hua Country’s Guwu’s Xiantian Realm. It seemed that Ji Wuqiu didn’t have a lot of disposable people under his hand. 

But this was logical, after all, he had been trapped for so many years, and was missing a part of his soul. After finally being released from the seal, his power had already depleted by a lot and in such a short period, he had managed to nurture this many ‘experts’, which was not an easy job.

He Zhou dressed up neatly and hugged Wen Renyi tightly for a moment. When the other people got impatient, they urged him to hurry up, so he let go of Wen Renyi and left the hotel under Wen Renyi’s tender gaze.

Everyone thought he was being forced to meet Ji Wuqiu, but in truth, he had gone to annihilate Ji Wuqiu.

Ji Wuqi’s impatience was, at the same time, his opportunity.

The sunshine in Puli City remained bright. He Zhou looked back and saw Wen Renyi still standing by the window, as if he was waiting for his partner to return.

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