EBPW Chapter 52.1

Chapter 52.1 A Belated Wedding Ceremony (1)

He Zhou handed the kidnapper over to Feng Lan, before bading his family farewell and returning to the villa with Wen Renyi. 

After going through two similar incidents and eventually picking up the motives behind these incidents, the aristocratic families have unanimously decided that the children would be better off deferring school for the time being, to take shelter at home.

He Zhou’s performance during this incident had been such an eye opener that several people had started to realize the importance of Array Masters. However, there were people who also started harboring suspicions. Why did the kidnapper specifically want He Zhou?

As events continued to unfold, the special department held a meeting with various families and sects. As the Zheng Mo Sect’s leader, Wen Renyi was also naturally invited to go.

He Zhou started to attend school again, and since there was no meaning in keeping Gars and Auster in the villa, Young Master He had decided to also let them take classes too.

Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao had not seen He Zhou for the past few days and knew that he had been dealing with some important matters so they didn’t dare disturb him. Now that they had finally seen him again, they were both very happy.

He Zhou saw the efforts of their cultivation and continued giving them pointers. He also warned them just like before, to pay careful attention to their surroundings and keep their physical cultivations a secret until it was absolutely essential. Although they did not know why, they still kept He Zhou’s word in mind.

Now that the circumstances had turned dire, He Zhou was unwilling to implicate them in his matters.

Once evening came, He Zhou returned to the villa whereas Wen Renyi had already returned from the special department. Gars and Auster successfully mooched another meal off of He Zhou before quietly returning to their room.

Then, He Zhou and Wen Renyi returned to the bedroom. When He Zhou saw Wen Renyi’s unhappy expression, he planted a kiss between his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Just as He Zhou’s lips parted, Wen Renyi swiftly hugged him and kissed him on the lips, softly sucking it before invading his cave tyrannically, teasing and arousing He Zhou affectionately.

The two people had already had a wonderful taste of dual cultivation. Not too long later, a fervent feeling surged within them. When Wen Renyi left He Zhou’s lips, He Zhou kissed his neck and gasped breathlessly. “I haven’t taken a bath yet.”

Wen Renyi pressed him down on the bed, his deep eyes staring straight at He Zhou’s. Within the depths of his eyes seemed to be an endless stream of affection. It was so scalding it felt like it could melt people. Wen Renyi’s voice was unfathomably soft and gorgeous when he uttered. “It’s going to be the same after you take a bath anyway.”

Young Master He may have rejected it superficially, however, he, in reality, also shared the same thoughts. And so, he entangled himself with Wen Renyi and together, they engaged in a passionate activity.

The two people’s stamina were equally powerful as they tossed around in the sheets until midnight. By the time it ended, Young Master He was so exhausted, he didn’t even want to move at all, so Wen Renyi took delight in carrying him to the bathroom. After some scrubbing here and some scrubbing there, Wen Renyi couldn’t help himself and ate him up again.

After everything had ended, He Zhou laid in bed in Wen Renyi’s arms. Despite having just finished an unrestrained and sticky bout of sex, causing his eyes to appear slightly languid, there still remained a trace of clarity and wisdom in them. “There’s something odd with you today. What’s the matter?”

“He Zhou. “Wen Renyi’s long fingers traced over He Zhou’s features, his fingertips lingering on top of his face and his face turned extremely gentle. “I just didn’t like how they treated you. “

“Are you talking about what had happened the night that they wanted to hand me over to the scoundrel?” He Zhou smiled slightly. “It was a rational thing to do.”

“No.” Wen Renyi’s eyes turned cold and sharp. “They already knew that you had something the demonic head wanted and even though the majority of them didn’t agree to it, there is still a small group of people who reckon that when time comes, giving you up would mean keeping everybody’s lives.” 

He Zhou unexpectedly broke into laughter. “You don’t need to be angry about this. They are right. The devil wants the necklace I’m wearing, and only I have the ability to undo this necklace.”

Wen Renyi held him tighter in his arms. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you.”

Young Master He stared into his sincere eyes and felt a moment of peace and prosperity in his heart. Having Ah Yi here with him was really the best.

In the next few days, the demonic head did not make any more movements, and He Zhou’s peaceful days were restored. Wen Renyi seemed to have become even more “sticky”. He got off work on time everyday and every time before they went to sleep, he would hold on to He Zhou tightly.

It was not that Young Master He disliked this sleeping position, however, he was already used to sleeping freely. Now that there was a new sleeping posture imposed on him, he had to take some time to adapt to it.

Dual cultivation also gradually became a more natural activity for them.

The two people’s shameless life were all observed by Gars, who lived under the same roof as them. After one dinner, Gars who was drinking red wine on the sofa, turned to look at He Zhou.

“When are you going to release us?” Gars revealed his two canines. “I don’t want to be fed with dog food every day.”

He Zhou choked when he heard this and replied, “Actually, I’m just worried about your safety.” He Zhou had cast a restriction spell on the two, so although they could still carry out their daily tasks, they couldn’t have any communications with the outside world. Moreover, in the event of an accident, He Zhou would also be the first to be notified.

Gars had betrayed the organization, so perhaps, this matter may already be known to the demonic head. And if so, it was impossible for the demonic head to think of letting Gars go freely. As for Auster, although he wasn’t a member of the organization, the demonic head was a reasonable being, so there was no way he would leave Auster alive after killing Gars.

In He Zhou’s point of view, staying at the villa was the safest option possible.

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