EBPW Chapter 44.2

Chapter 44.2 Will you tie the knot with me (2)

“Since you threatened and harmed Xiao Feng, as his brother, shouldn‘t I seek justice on Xiao Feng’s behalf.” He Zhou’s appearance was cold. Even if he was confronting a Xiantian senior, he remained calm and confident.

Qin Zhao’s face turned grave. “Seek justice? You? Or you and Wen Renyi together?”

Wen Renyi smiled insipidly holding his cup. “Please exclude me from matters regarding you and He Feng.”

Qin Zhao slowly began to relax. Since he was only going to be dealing with He Zhou, it was going to be an easy fight. After all, he was merely just an array master. To want to harm a Xiantian cultivator would prove too difficult of a task.

However, he completely didn’t expect for Wen Renyi to actually deal him a kick.

Qin Zhao held his abdomen as he sunk against the wall. He used his thumb to wipe the blood off his lips. “Wen Renyi, you went back against your word!”

Wen Renyi narrowed his eyes and put on a cold face. “I merely said I wasn’t going to participate in matters between you and He Feng, I didn’t say I wasn’t going to seek justice for myself.” After he said this, he assisted He Zhou in setting up an array.

Trapped in the array, Qin Zhao could only glare at them. “Wen Renyi! What enmity do you have with me?”

Wen Renyi held He Zhou’s hand and replied. “You made He Feng feel uncomfortable so Ah Zhou is letting you know on his behalf. You made Ah Zhou feel uncomfortable so I’m seeking justice on his behalf.  “

Qin Zhao searched for a way to break the array. While he kept knocking against the barrier to the point of being badly bruised, he watched as Wen Renyi brought He Zhou far away and the rage in his heart burned brighter, causing him to exert all his strength into breaking the array wall.

He Zhou had set up a comparably simpler array for him. As long as his attack value reached a certain amount, the array would naturally break. However, this would require an extreme amount of patience. By the time the Qin Zhou broke out of it, he would most probably be extremely weary. Besides that, the kick that Wen Renyi delivered was not light at all, so he would also probably suffer from the internal injury.

The two people left the room at about half past 3. The weather that was sunny and cloudless in the morning, was now slightly overcast, hinting at the probability of rain.

“I’ll send you to school.” In reality, Wen Renyi was reluctant to part with He Zhou, however, there was a possibility that someone would be checking the dorm tonight and if he was not found to be present, a penalty would be delegated. Naturally, Wen Renyi did not care about these matters. However, he didn’t want He Zhou to be unhappy due to these trivial matters.

He Zhou entered the car with him. “I’ll head back to the dorm to handle some matters first. After I’m done with them, I’ll return home.”

Wen Renyi heard this and naturally became happy. However, he couldn’t help but ask. “Then what about the dorm inspection?”

“I was just about to go set up an illusion array on the bed so it would look like I was sleeping.” Young Master wanted to applaud himself for his own quick thinking.

Even if he didn’t, Wen Renyi immediately sang his praises.“Ah Zhou’s really smart.”

The car stopped at the school gates and He Zhou returned to the dorm. He needed to deal with Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao’s problems. These people seem to have encountered a bottleneck and as their master, he needed to take responsibility and properly guide them.

The two people’s gifts weren’t bad. In just a short month’s time, they had already reached Yellow Rank Initial Stage, a stage that no ordinary person has probably ever reached. 

Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao had been patiently waiting for him in the dorm. Seeing him return, they immediately sat upright and listened to He Zhou as he started explaining.

Ye Xiao was able to comprehend it a bit quicker. Once He Zhou said it once, he had a flash of realization and ran over to a corner to start cultivating. Ding Zhi became impatient at the sight of this. However, being impatient was of no use. He Zhou guided Ding Zhi very patiently and when Ding Zhi slowly began to feel it, he heaved a breath of relief.

While the two people were cultivating, He Zhou started to set up the array. After a period of time, the array was fully formed. On the surface, it looked like “He Zhou” was already asleep in bed without any traces of hocus pocus.

To prepare for any unexpected outcomes, he planned to wait for the two people before returning home. Because before he left, he warned the two people about the illusion array. Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao felt their admiration for him grow and saw him to the door.

By the time He Zhou reached the villa, it was already 7pm. He originally thought Wen Renyi was going to work overtime so he had planned to cook dinner for the both of them. He didn’t expect that Wen Renyi would have already finished cooking and was waiting for him to come back.

“You didn’t go to work in the afternoon?” He Zhou helped set the dishes and bowls and asked him.

Wen Renyi hummed in acknowledgement. “En. After we finish dinner, I have a gift for you.”

Young Master was baffled. A gift? What was Ah Yi going to give him?

After the two people had a filling meal, He Zhou collected the bowls and utensils and washed them clean before heading to the living room. There on top of the simple but wide tea table, he saw a beautiful plate of cake.

“You made this by yourself?” Young Master He asked Wen Renyi in amazement.

Wen Renyi personally scooped up a piece of cake and delivered it into He Zhou’s mouth. “This was my first time making cake, how does it taste?” 

He Zhou’s eyes curved into a smile. “Why don’t you try it for yourself?”

Wen Renyi’s gentle gaze fell on the corner of He Zhou’s lips. The white cream contrasted against his glossy red lips, appearing extremely captivating. He couldn’t help but stick his tongue out to lick it up and smiled. “It’s very sweet.”

Young Master He was already used to being teased by Wen Renyi so he scooped up another piece to eat but in the next second, he froze in shock. He pursed his lips and spat out an annular shaped object onto his palm.

The ring that was stained with a little bit of cream, silently sat on his fair palm. He Zhou’s heart trembled and he lifted his head to look at Wen Renyi. 

Wen Renyi also spread his palms out, showing that he was holding the same kind of ring. The difference lied only in their sizes. He looked at He Zhou with eyes that were like the starry sky. His tone was soft and low like the warm autumn wind, sounding breathtakingly affectionate.

“Ah Zhou, will you tie the knot with me?”

T/N: I’ll be honest. I don’t like this method of proposal hahah. So many things could go wrong by putting a ring inside food. :3

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