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  • EBPW Chapter 44.1

    Chapter 44.1 Will you tie the knot with me (1)

    Ripples appeared on the surface of the crystal green tea inside fine china. Sounds of silky strings outlined the artistic mood of the small bridge and river in the tea room. One’s state of mind felt as if they have already stepped into misty and vast waterways of Jiangnan.  

    Qin Zhao clasped the tea cup, casting a fierce gaze at Wen Renyi’s handsome face and taking the initiative to speak first. “If the person sitting in your position was He Zhou, he would have probably started discussing matters regarding my relationship with He Feng. I hope that the reason you were looking for me is unrelated to that matter.”

    The cataracts in Wen Renyi’s eyes had almost fully dissipated at this moment. His brown pupils revealed a cold and sharp gaze.

    “Sect Leader Qin, since the Zheng Mo Sect is now without a leader, I’m sure that you’re very tempted to take over them.”

    Qin Zhao’s expression remained unchanged. His dense eyebrows carried an air of ferociousness as he tapped the cup on the table. “What do you mean by this?”

    “Sect Leader Qin.”Wen Renyi lowered his voice and spoke in an unhurried manner. “You already know my true identity.”

    Qin Zhao sneered. “Could it be that you want to inherit the family property? Wen Renyi, you really astound me. The wicked sects have never been one to recognize blood descendants, they can only be persuaded by strength.”

    Wen Renyi calmly took a sip of his tea. His fair fingertips knocked on the side of the cup lightly. He then lifted his eyes to look at Qin Zhao. “I will naturally do so with strength.”

    All of a sudden, Qin Zhao realized he couldn’t budge at all. He was being controlled by Wen Renyi! Today, he had finally experienced the legendary power of domains.

    “Wen Renyi, I admire people who have power.” After Qin Zhao realized he could finally move again, he leaned back in his chair. “Since you are a Xiantian Late Stage Cultivator, it is more than enough to prove that your worth as the Zheng Mo Sect Leader. I don’t see why you felt the need to personally tell me about this matter.”

    Wen Renyi chuckled. “The reason why I invited Sect Leader Qin to meet with me is because of the matter of the necklace.”

    Qin Zhao froze. He suddenly detected somebody approaching the private room they were in. Following that, someone walked in and swept him a look before sitting beside Wen Renyi. His face was elegant like jade and his temperament was extraordinary.  

    “I’m sorry. I came a bit late.” He Zhou gazed at Wen Renyi and gave a faint smile.

    Wen Renyi personally poured a cup of tea for him and his gaze turned warm. “Don’t worry. You came just in time.”

    Qin Zhao looked at the necklace that He Zhou wore. This necklace looked very feminine but on He Zhou’s neck, it didn’t seem out of place. “He Feng told you about it?”

    “Sect Leader Qin.” He Zhou’s face was expressionless. He projected natural dignity and power. “I saw it with my own eyes. It had nothing to do with He Feng. However, we’re not here to discuss how I managed to know. I wanted to ask you, why did you steal this necklace? And who did you steal it from?”

    Qin Zhao asked him back, unfettered. “What if I don’t want to tell you?”

    Wen Renyi remained unflustered yet the words that came out of his mouth dripped with menace. “Then don’t even think about leaving this place. The Zheng Mo Sect will eventually take over the Demonic Sect.”

    Qin Zhao narrowed his eyes. He knew that what Wen Renyi uttered were not empty words. These two people had completely oppressed the people from powerful countries during the international tournament so it showed that they weren’t easy people to deal with.

    “How ruthless.” He smiled helplessly. “Those who can adapt to the circumstances are frighteningly bright. I know that you’re trying to uncover the mysterious organization. However, let me give you a piece of advice. You best be careful with who you’re dealing with.”

    “Then why did you dare to snatch away their things?” He Zhou slowly drank his tea and asked.

    “The Demonic Sect isn’t cowardly to that degree. But, I have an inkling that they most likely wanted to use me. After all, having one more channel to use puts them closer to getting the secret of the necklace revealed. They might even be watching our every single move at this moment.”

    Needless to say, Qin Zhao’s conjecture had some truth injected in it.

    While they were at Rose Country’s Puli City, even He Zhou’s golden core stage godly sense was hindered from going further. This indicated that the organization’s strength was far beyond than what they had imagined. To have such a mighty force coveting for one simple necklace, what on earth was hidden inside it? 

    If He Zhou had time, he could undo the array on the necklace, but now, he didn’t want to do so. His intuition told him that it would be best to undo it later than sooner.

    “Sect Leader Qin. What kind of person do you think Wei Mingzhu is?” He Zhou abruptly changed the topic.

    Qin Zhao ‘s eyelids twitched and he replied. “Judging from appearance, she looks like the kind of woman who would use scrupulous means to climb her way up the social ladder.”

    He had more words in his throat but he didn’t speak them out. He Zhou also didn’t press him to do so. After all, she was still He Feng’s mother. Before the matter had been investigated clearly, they couldn’t make rash conclusions. However, Qin Zhao seemed to disdain Wei Minzhu. In fact, he didn’t treat her any different just because she was He Feng’s mother. This man was egotistic and rational, at the same time, he was also heartless.

    “I also don’t know much about matters of the necklace. The only thing I’ve heard is that it contains a key to open a secret place. A secret place that hides countless treasures as well as objects that could supplement the enhancement of one’s cultivation. However, nobody knows where the secret place is hidden nor do they know whether the rumor is true or not. The only reason why I stole this key because I was curious about it.” Qin Zhao didn’t appear to be lying.

    “Then who did you steal the necklace from?”

    Qin Zhao threw a glance at He Zhou’s slightly sharp eyes and raised his dense eyebrows. “To say I stole it is a little too over the line. In fact, now that I think about it, I was just a fish that was baited. Rumors about the necklace suddenly started to pop up around me which was too much of a coincidence.”

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi understood what he was implying. It seemed like they weren’t going to be able to attain any useful information from Qin Zhao. It appears that they had to personally go to Southern Province Gui, where He Zhou’s mother had originally resided, to dig a little deeper.

    “Since there wasn’t anything important. I’ll be taking my leave.” Qin Zhao said as he stood up and prepared to leave the private room.

    “Hold on a second.” He Zhou stood up and stopped him. “Sect Leader Qin. Please leave Xiao Feng a little farther.”

    Qin Zhao turned around, a cold smile appearing on the corner of his lips. “Young Master He’s concerns really span a wide range, don’t they?”

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