EBPW Chapter 43.1

Chapter 43.1 I’m just afraid you’ll get hurt (1)

Like a volcano that was about to erupt. Young Master He’s sea of knowledge was about to split open from being tangled by another godly sense. At the same time, the feeling of their souls blooming felt like paradise. It was a feeling he had never felt before.

It was both stimulating and exciting. 

A minute groan spilled out of He Zhou’s throat and just as he did, Wen Renyi instantly drew him closer. Their sea of knowledge quivered as the feeling of pleasure spread throughout their entire body.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Wen Renyi slowly exited He Zhou’s sea of knowledge, leaving behind a lingering aftertaste. He Zhou laid on the bed and panted slightly. The rims of his eyes had flushed crimson and the clothes he wore were wrinkled badly. Wen Renyi was still pressing down on him as if he were still trying to restrain himself..

“Ah Zhou. I’m in pain.”Wen Renyi lowered his head and pecked He Zhou’s lips, speaking in a low tone. 

The room was completely dark and after hearing Wen Renyi’s words, He Zhou realized that he was starting to feel pain in a certain area as well. The change in his body caused him to feel ashamed and embarrassed. He reached his hand out, intending to push Wen Renyi away but the other person chuckled. His hand that was originally placed on his back slipped down further and smoothly switched to the front side. ”Oh. It stood up.” 

A heat wave instantly surged and He Zhou grabbed Wen Renyi’s wrist, his voice nearly cracking. “Don’t.”

Wen Renyi watched him with fixed eyes. “I’ll help you solve it. If not, it would only start to hurt.” He replied. Without even waiting for He Zhou to refuse, he took the blanket and covered themselves up. He took off He Zhou’s pants while his lips kept He Zhou’s mouth busy. 

Not long after, a suppressed groan was heard. Young Master use the back of his hand to cover his eyes. His soul had already gone to ninth heaven. 

It was shameful yet it was also secretly exciting. He Zhou thought to himself. He really had fallen in too deep. 

Wen Renyi got up and took a wet towel over to help wipe He Zhou up first. Then, he wiped his own hand clean and saw that He Zhou was still covering his eyes. He found it extremely adorable so he leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Was that your first time?”

Young Master He heard this and blurted out. “Are you saying that it wasn’t for you?” Just after he asked this, he immediately realized how wrong his words sounded, but he couldn’t take his words back so he covered himself up with the quilt. He made a mental barrier in his heart, forcing himself not to think of those things anymore.

However, in all fairness, that really did feel good.

Wen Renyi laughed at this on the inside but put on a serious and grave face.“Indeed, it was the first time for me, however, I still haven’t come.”

Hearing this, He Zhou couldn’t help but shoot a glance at the man’s lower half that was bulging. He felt himself blush in shame once again and turn his head over to the side. 

——Fine, he was already filled with shame.

When Wen Renyi saw his reaction, he knew that he could only solve it by himself.“I’ll go take a bath first.” He said. Then, he took his pajamas and went to the bathroom.

He Zhou leaned on his side and heard the sounds of water running in the bathroom. He couldn’t help but feel like there were ants crawling all over his heart. Just a moment ago, he could hear a trace of disappointment in Ah Yi’s tone so he reprimanded himself. Did Ah Yi feel hurt? He knew that it was a normal thing for couples to do and since he and Ah Yi were a couple, they also had to naturally fulfil this duty as well. Yet, his behavior just now was completely unlike the attitude of a Young Sect Leader.

Wen Renyi seemed to have taken a longer time than usual to take a shower so He Zhou’s thoughts wandered around for a long time. He then finally concluded that there was no other way to escape so he could only set things straight with Wen Renyi. 

Wen Renyi got out of the bathroom and saw He Zhou still lying on the bed with open eyes.“Do… you want to take a shower?”

After having released once, He Zhou’s body did indeed feel a little sticky so he got up to take a bath. By the time he came out, Wen Renyi carried a glass of warm water over and sat down on the sofa waiting for him.

“Ah Zhou. Drink some water.”

He Zhou sat beside him and received the glass. When he took a gulp of it, his entire person had calmed down and he resumed the calm and unperturbed demeanor of a young leader.

“Ah Yi. In the past, I have used my godly sense to track Xiao Feng.” He Zhou slowly began to open up. “And I saw him being forced by Qin Zhao to engage in Soul Dual Cultivation.” After establishing his mental barrier, he did not feel as uncomfortable anymore.

Wen Renyi was instantly illuminated. Although he was happy to have finally known the reason, at the same time, he felt as if he had experienced a setback. Regardless of whether he was there to see it or not, he could imagine the battlefield that occured between Qin Zhao and He Feng. He was sure that a shadow must’ve been casted in Ah Zhou’s heart as a result from it so it was no wonder that he had adamantly refused him several times. 

“Ah Zhou. He Feng was forced and so doing those things must’ve caused pain for him. But, we’re not the same as them.”

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