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  • EBPW Chapter 42.1

    Chapter 42.1 I like you a little weaker (1)

    The neon lights on the street flickered and traffic intensified. Qin Zhao silently glanced at He Feng with a complicated and indistinguishable gaze before finally reaching a compromise. He got inside the car and left by himself first. 

    He Zhou turned around and sharply realized that He Feng’s lips were slightly swollen. Needless to say, it was a clear indication as to what had transpired inside the room.

    “Xiao Feng. Come with me” He Zhou pulled He Feng towards the dining room and started to introduce him to the people in front.

    He Feng rarely had any friends. Once he saw He Zhou’s many friends, he felt at a loss. However, since he was born from an aristocratic family, he was still able to politely greet them.

    Once Ding Zhi knew that he was his master’s cousin, he became extremely hospitable. He hurriedly asked the waiter to add another chair for He Feng to sit on.

    He Zhou patted He Feng’s shoulder as he smiled and said. “You probably didn’t have a lot for dinner, did you? Sit down and eat with us.”

    He Feng knew that He Zhou was trying to comfort and encourage him to make more friends so he didn’t refuse him and sat down, quietly drinking the soup He Zhou had ladled out for him.

    The black haired youth’s mien was elegant and refined. His temperament reserved, however, it was different to Ye Xiao, who harbored fear and refusal towards the outside world due to his living circumstances when he was young. He Feng instead, appeared like a nobleman’s son who didn’t reveal his talents and was less gloomy.

    He ate a bit and didn’t continue. He Zhou saw this and told the other 4 people. “He Feng and I have some matters to deal with, so we’ll be leaving first.”

    The other people naturally did not mind. Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao sent them off at the entrance and were then prompted to return by He Zhou. He Zhou had planned to hail a taxi and bring He Feng back to the villa. He wanted to earnestly handle He Feng’s relationship with Qin Zhao. Just as he was about to flag one, a familiar looking black car suddenly stopped in front of them.

    The windows at the latter end rolled down, revealing Wen Renyi’s elegant and cool face. His gaze was locked on He Zhou as he spoke. “Ah Zhou, get on.”

    He Zhou didn’t question why Wen Renyi had suddenly appeared here. He let He Feng sit in the passenger’s seat before sitting at the back himself. Just after he shut the car doors, his hand was abruptly captured.

    Young Master He turned his head to look at Wen Renyi. The lights inside the car weren’t turned on so he was only able to see the other person’s face with the help of the neon lights outside. Wen Renyi suddenly bent his head down and pecked He Zhou, causing He Zhou to be stunned. 

    Wen Renyi set up a domain and placed his head down on He Zhou’s shoulders. He spoke in a low tone. “I was missing you and I knew you were here so I came over to fetch you.”

    He Zhou was the most powerless against this kind of Wen Renyi. His voice was akin to witchcraft and his words also moved people’s hearts incessantly. Young Master He tried to calm himself down several times, but planted beside Wen Renyi, he was unable to help but fall prey.

    “I was eating with my dorm mates and coincidentally saw Xiao Feng and Qin Zhao. I was planning on solving his relationship with Qin Zhao because I thought you weren’t coming home tonight.” Since the dorm and He Feng’s house weren’t good places to discuss these matters, the only place that He Zhou could think of was Wen Renyi’s villa.

    “You previously mentioned that He Feng was only helping Qin Zhou because his mother’s life was being threatened. I sent some people to investigate this matter and found some things.” Wen Renyi raised his head, his faintly cataract eyes appeared like a deep pond. “Qin Zhao hasn’t done anything to Wei Mingzhu. Moreover, the tasks he arranged for He Feng to do aren’t dangerous at all.”

    He Zhou’s brows twitched slightly. “Are you saying that Qin Zhao has been deceiving Xiao Feng?”

    Wen Renyi did not reply.

    He Zhou coldly harrumphed. “That’s still pretty selfish of him.”

    Wen Renyi looked at He Zhou’s expression and suddenly felt a chill down his spine. Actually, if he thought about it, weren’t the things he was doing also considered selfish? He used a weak attitude to fool He Zhou into feeling distressed for him and through that, he slowly occupied He Zhou’s heart.

    How was he different to Qin Zhao like this?

    “What’s wrong?” He Zhou detected something odd with him so he couldn’t help but ask.

    Wen Renyi smiled gently. “Ah Zhou. I want to hold a wedding with you. Do you want to?”

    He asked this so suddenly, that this time, Young Master He was the one who was stunned. He Zhou blanked out for a while before he finally managed to reply. “If you want to, then I’ll be with you.”

    Once they arrived at the villa, He Feng followed He Zhou into the house and sat down on the sofa. Wen Renyi personally went to pour tea over before heading to the study room.

    He Feng had been contemplating throughout the entire car journey. In the end, he had finally made his decision, he was going to let He Zhou know. He lifted his head, his delicate mien appearing more elegant under the living room’s soft lights. “Brother Zhou, the one who had tampered with your car was a mysterious organization. Qin Zhao had secretly snatched the necklace from them. As for the use of it, I’m also not too sure. However, there seems to be an array set up by someone on the necklace and nobody could solve it.” 

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