EBPW Chapter 41.1

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Chapter 41.1 The Young Master comes to the rescue (1)

Jing University was, as always, filled with a learning atmosphere.

Ding Zhi had already brought along He Zhou’s textbooks together with him so He Zhou could directly head straight to the classroom from the villa.

Class had not started so there was still a lot of hubbub in the classroom. He Zhou found Ding Zhi sitting in the front row and promptly went over to sit beside him. Ding Zhi delivered his textbook to him and whispered. “Master, I’ve been cultivating hard in the past few days.”

He Zhou swept him a look and discovered that his Inner Xi was definitely thicker so he couldn’t help but nod his head. “I can definitely see it. Keep up the good work.”

Ding Zhi immediately beamed with joy.

Silence suddenly pervaded the classroom and Ding Zhi had assumed it was because of the teacher so he turned his head back to look. As a result, his eyes widened and he couldn’t help but tell He Zhou. “Master, two foreigners just appeared.”

He Zhou didn’t turn his head since he had already known by the time Gars and Auster had stepped into the classroom. To be able to travel a thousand miles to get to Hua Country, he couldn’t help but admire their persistence. 

“En, they might be exchange students.” He Zhou’s voice had just fallen when the teacher entered the classroom.

Gars and Auster arrived at the front of the classroom. Gars’ gaze immediately fell on He Zhou’s face as he revealed a smile with his red lips and white teeth. He looked like a youth from a cartoon and the classroom immediately burst into a string of whistles.

“Hello everybody. My name is Gars Bruch and I come from the United States. I hope to get along and learn together with all of you. Please take good care of me.” Gars’ fluent Chinese made himself even more impressionable in everyone’s eyes.

Auster himself, had already turned immune from Gars’ charm so he only repeated Gars’ words casually. Aside from the name, he didn’t even bother changing any of the other words. Besides, his Chinese wasn’t as fluent as Gars so he couldn’t stand it if everybody laughed at him. Naturally, there were also some people who glanced at Auster differently due to his good looks.

The teacher standing on the platform pushed his glasses up and said. “You may now sit down.”

Ding Zhi could see that something was fishy, however, it was currently class time, so he could only wait until after class to ask his master.

After two grueling classes, Ding Zhi followed He Zhou as they returned to the dormitory. “Master, it seems that Gars and Auster recognized you.”

He Zhou hummed in acknowledgement and said. “We met abroad.”

Ding Zhi sighed “Then how fortuitous. Gars looks so pretty, he might be able to rival Ye Xiao’s beauty. But, he doesn’t give off the feeling of an ordinary person.” 

He Zhou glanced at his own disciple. It seemed like he had just seen his past ignorant self in him. Looks like he had to educate his two disciples on this matter.

Coincidentally, Ye Xiao had also just finished his classes and had returned home at the same time.

“Master.” Once he laid his beautiful eyes on He Zhou, they immediately turned vibrant and glittery like the world’s highest quality gem, appearing extremely sparkly and translucent. 

“En. come over here and sit.” He Zhou beckoned him over. “I’m going to give you a class today.” He said as he turned the computer on and searched for data on vampires, werewolves and the like. He asked. “Have you ever heard of these before?”

The two people nodded their heads. These were supernatural ability users of the west. 

“Since you are already cultivators then I might as well let you know.” He Zhou told Ding Zhi. “Gars is a vampire whereas Auster is a werewolf.”

Ding Zhi’s mouth gaped wide open in shock and it took a while for him to recollect himself. “I..I thought they were just made-up creatures. However, since Hua Country has cultivators then it would also make sense for other countries to also have those kind of people. But, since when did werewolves become good friends with vampires?”

“Times have already changed. Moreover, Gars isn’t your average vampire. He isn’t afraid of sunlight so you guys better not expose your relationship with me. Also, do read these over.” He Zhou said as he handed over the stack of information to the two people.

This was the information Wen Renyi had given him before, regarding the basic situation of the GuWu circle. He didn’t want his two disciples to be completely uninformed about it.

After Ding Zhi and Ye Xiao had read it carefully, they only felt that they were really too ignorant and inexperienced in the past. They finally came to realize the reality of the world they were living in.

Ding Zhi took a deep breath. “Master, the He Family that was being referred to in the info, is it referring to your family?”

Ye Xiao silently looked at He Zhou. He was also waiting for his answer.

The He family was considered a huge tycoon in the secular world and Ding Zhi had always thought this as well until he read through the stack of information. He realized that He Zhou was even more respectable and incomparable than he had imagined. The aristocratic families of Guwu sounded really cool!

“En, on the first day of school, you had also met my partner, Wen Renyi. He is also from the Wen Ren clan that was mentioned on the info.” He Zhou slowly introduced. 

Ding Zhi once again widened his eyes. 

Wen Renyi’s name was well reputed in Jing University as well as the business world of Jing City yet Ding Zhi had previously never cared too much for the person beside He Zhou’s side. Photos of Wen Renyi were also rarely spread around, so he didn’t know that the identity of the person who stood beside He Zhou on that day was the renowned Wen Renyi. Moreover, in the secular world, everyone was unaware that Wen Renyi and He Zhou had gotten married. 

In the past, he only knew that Wen Renyi was an elite businessman. However, after looking through the information, he realized that the Wen Renyi was also originally a cultivator. Moreover, he was a powerful one. Regardless of whether it was in the business world or in the cultivation world, Ding Zhi could only pay him his admiration.

Ye Xiao silently listened at the side and when he heard He Zhou mentioning Wen Renyi, he couldn’t help but recall the time he had chanced upon them in Feng City. The man sitting beside He Zhou at the time, appeared to have been blind..

At this time, someone opened the dormitory doors from the outside and needless to think, it was definitely Qi Shen. However, the three people could sense that, aside from Qi Shen, there seemed to be another person with him.

Qi Shen brought Liu Chong inside the dorm and saw six pair of eyes looking at him, he nodded his head slightly to them. “So you’re all here. This is Liu Chong, my childhood friend.”

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