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  • EBPW Chapter 40.1

    Chapter 40.1 Sealed Demonic Path (1)

    He Zhou’s golden core godly sense couldn’t reach the secret at the bottom of Boxi River so the two people temporarily gave up on their pursuit and returned back to Jing City the next day.

    Their performance at the international tournament had already been spread throughout the country. Without having even gotten off the plane, He Shaoning had already arranged for people to go wait at the airport to receive them.

    When He Zhou and Wen Renyi arrived at the He Residence, He Shaoning, Zhao Jing and He Ye were all present. They all went to the study room, ——and just after sitting down, He Shaoning who had a belly full of questions, restrained himself and asked. “Were you bullied abroad?” 

    He Zhou shook his head and got right to the point. “Father, we discovered an underground organization in Rose Country. We think that Qi Changling is somehow linked to that organization.”

    He Shaoning was informed about Qi Changling’s matter but he had no knowledge of any organization. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe He Zhou’s words, but he asked with a practical and realistic mindset. “Have you personally seen this organization with your own eyes?”

    “No, I haven’t” He Zhou cast a glance at Wen Renyi whose eyes were cast down and continued. “However, at the bottom of Puli City in Rose Country, there’s an enormous structure. When we were about to go investigate it, we were discovered and stopped.”

    He Shaoning didn’t put his words to heart, because in his eyes, He Zhou didn’t have a cultivation base so the only person who could use godly sense to probe was Wen Renyi. Besides that, Wen Renyi’s godly sense only reached Xiantian Late Stage. It also wasn’t odd that organizations would have defensive measures put in place to avoid people from probing further.

    But what he didn’t know was that having a mechanism that could ward off even those that had Golden Core Realm godly senses was proof that there was something more sinister hidden inside.

    Naturally, He Zhou had already expected that he would not believe his words.

    He Shaoning nodded and replied. “What you mean is that, Qi Changling is connected to a foreign organization?”

    He Zhou hummed in acknowledgement.

    “I understand.” He Shaoning changed the subject. “The reason why I called you two over is due to Ah Yi’s matter.”

    The two people waited for him to continue.

    “Ah Yi, since you possess a domain, then it must be true that you possess a Xiantian Late Stage cultivation base. However, in these 5 years, your cultivation base hadn’t had a sign of improving, how were you suddenly able to recover it?” He Shaoning asked without any malice. Wen Renyi needed to provide a reasonable explanation because the special department would place heavy importance on this matter.

    Wen Renyi repeated the pretext he had come up with He Zhou on the road. “Uncle He, I’m sure you are aware of my past history. 6 years ago, Qi Changling plotted for me to enter the Yellow Springs, fortunately, I was able to survive. In these 6 years, I’ve evaded numerous assassination attempts and it was also due to this reason that you would agree to my proposal of getting married to Ah Zhou. If I didn’t have any means of survival, you wouldn’t be at ease giving me Ah Zhou’s hand in marriage.”

    He Shaoning gave a light cough awkwardly.

    “After that, Ah Zhou had gotten in an accident which I suspect was schemed by someone, only, we haven’t found the culprit yet.” Wen Renyi paused for a moment. “To tell the truth, the reason that I’m able to recover is also due to Ah Zhou.” 

    He Shaoning and Zhao Jing were still baffled. “Your complete recovery is connected to Ah Zhou?”

    He Zhou took this chance to explain. “Father, Auntie, Actually, the reason why Ah Yi wasn’t able to use any skill at all is because six years ago, when he was rescuing his team members, an accident had rendered him incapable. The power in his body had risen dramatically and he attempted to prevent his veins from exploding, hence, he chose to seal them.”

    “Then what happened?” He Ye who was listening at the side was extremely shocked so he couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked.

    “After that, Ah Zhou set up a Spirit Gathering Array for me which helped enable me to cultivate once again.” Wen Renyi smiled exceedingly warmly and intertwined his hand with He Zhou’s right hand. “If it weren’t for He Zhou, I probably would’ve remained a waste.”

    He Shaoning waved his hand. “These are things Ah Zhou was supposed to do. Moreover, nobody called you a waste.”

    “Are you weary from the long travel? Why not take a rest in your room first. When the meal has been prepared, I’ll call for you.” Zhao Jing stood up at this moment and said.

    It was currently almost 3pm in the afternoon. Since Zhao Jing invited them to have dinner, they naturally wouldn’t refuse it.

    He Zhou brought Wen Renyi back to his room and couldn’t help but touch the necklace on his neck. “Ah Yi. Can you do a check on the history of my mother?”

    Since the necklace was a remnant the original owner’s mother had left behind, and had now become the object fought for, by every side, they couldn’t find a breakthrough, so why not start investigating from the very first person who had this necklace, its original owner.

    Wen Renyi nodded. “I’ve already arranged for people to go check it out. It shouldn’t take long to get back the results.”

    He Zhou turned to look at him. Wen Renyi always thought far ahead. Being blessed with this kind of partner made him feel a deep sense of pride. “Ah Yi, have you really made up your mind to go to the ZhengMo Sect?”

    With Wen Renyi’s current cultivation base, he would only receive reverence wherever he went. Even Wen Renshi would have to be a little cautious in front of him, so He Zhou didn’t understand why Wen Renyi was insistent on heading off to ZhengMo Sect.

    Wen Renyi pulled He Zhou to sit on the bed. “While I was still a part of the special department, I was fortunate enough to have come across a book that recorded the sealed war.”

    He Zhou promptly became curious at the sound of this. “The Sealed War?”

    The ringing of phone sounded suddenly and He Zhou picked it up. It was his disciple Ding Zhi.

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