EBPW Chapter 31.1

Chapter 31.1 The Young Master’s cooking skills (1)

He Zhou arrived at the classroom and found Ding Zhi who had already helped him occupy a seat. Seeing him come in, he waved his hands to him.

He Zhou calmly sat beside him under the gazes of everyone in the classroom and received his own textbook. “Thanks.”

“It’s just a small matter. It’s nothing worth mentioning, however.” Ding Zhi paused for a second as his eyes turned. “If Young Master He could impart half a style to me, then…..”

“Do you really want to enter this door?” He Zhou raised his brow and glanced at him, his expression stern.

Ding Zhi also turned serious in response. “I do.”

“This path isn’t as easy as you think. It’s difficult and is accompanied by dangers. Are you really determined to enter?” He Zhou really did treasure rare talents. Even though Ding Zhi was a bit too old, his talent wasn’t bad. Combined with naturally thick veins that allowed him to recklessly cultivate, it would’ve actually been a waste of natural resources.

Ding Zhi wasn’t even this serious when he was going for his college entrance exams. He violently nodded his head. “I will persevere! I won’t run in the face of danger!”

“Class monitor, are you speaking in sign language with Young Master He? I see both of your mouths moving but I don’t hear a single sound.” The boy who sat beside Ding Zhi asked in confusion.

He Zhou dispelled the domain and replied: “We’ll discuss this again when we return to the dorm.”

Ding Zhi’s face was filled with so much excitement that he wanted to run a few laps to shake it off. His heart thumped so quickly like it was about to explode. Although he looked carefree, his thoughts, on the contrary, were meticulous. He turned his head and replied to the boy. “We’re practicing lip reading, want to join?”

“What are you practicing for? Are you both going to become secret agents?” The boy jested.

“The teacher’s coming. Let’s stop here.” Ding Zhi waved his hand and didn’t continue but inside he became even more respectful of He Zhou’s means. The classroom was just a small space yet nobody actually heard the two people’s conversation, it was indeed unfathomable.

After finishing two classes in a muddle, Ding Zhi couldn’t wait to immediately fly back to his dorm. However, He Zhou’s pace was relaxed and he hadn’t had the heart to hasten him.

He Zhou naturally understood his thoughts and said. “To learn the art of Wu, one must not be impatient.”

Ding Zhi heard this and felt that it made quite some sense. To cultivate in Gu Wu, you needed to have a calm heart so he took a deep breath. He couldn’t let this become the reason of He Zhou changing his decision.

There was still some distance between the dorm and the school and even though trees sheltered the roadside, a heat wave that rose from the ground clung onto Ding Zhi. He was originally weak against heat and would easily sweat like rain within moments. Seeing He Zhou without a single drop of sweat, he was incredibly envious of him and was even made more determined to learn Gu Wu.

After arriving back at the dorm, although Ding Zhi really wanted to rush into the bathroom and splash cold water onto himself, when he recalled He Zhou’s consistent composure, he endured the impulse to do so and only stared wide eyed waiting for He Zhou’s instructions.

Ye Xiao and Qi Shen both had classes so only the two of them were present at the dorm.

He Zhou saw him stupidly standing in place like a large dog waiting to be fed and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Seeing you drenched in sweat, you should first take a shower before we can proceed.”

Ding Zhi followed his orders and immediately carried them out.

He Zhou had decided to mentor Ding Zhi, one hand was because Ding Zhi was really passionate about Gu Wu and on the other hand, it was because Ding Zhi’s character wasn’t bad. As an upright person, he had quite the righteous feeling. By the time he and Ye Xiao cultivated together, it would more or less produce effects on Ye Xiao and wouldn’t let Ye Xiao feel too isolated.

Ye Xiao could cultivate ocular charms. This was already for certain but as to what Ding Zhi could cultivate, Young Master He was still choosing in his mind.

Ding Zhi was bold and scrupulous. He was also brave and courageous, possessing naturally  thick veins. He Zhou finally picked out a cultivation method book that was compatible with his characteristics just as Ding Zhi had finished his bath — <Long Wind Secret>.

It may sound quite graceful and subdued but the cultivation method was quite powerful and violent. If he was able to cultivate until the late stage, he could possibly have a hurricane like might as overturning seas and rivers would prove to be nothing difficult for him. Naturally, to be able to cultivate into which realm is dependent on Ding Zhi’s level of understanding.

Ding Zhi animatedly came out and saw He Zhou’s pondering expression and somewhat did not dare to disturb him. He Zhou raised his head to look at him. “Gu Wu can’t be learnt in an instant. While learning it, you need to strengthen your body and remember the following cultivation method. If you have anything you don’t understand, you are welcome to ask me anytime.”

This shouldn’t be a problem at all. Ding Zhi repeatedly nodded his head.

”Wait a second, Young Master He. Don’t we need to inform my parents? Also, do I need to serve you tea?” These were a part of the ceremony he had seen in television and novels.

He Zhou waved his hand. “I don’t have that many rules but there is a condition. You need to remember that you can never use this to harm any people.”

“I understand. Master!” Ding Zhi’s eyes shone fixing his gaze of worship at He Zhou.

He Zhou had not planned to accept any disciples. He just wanted to nurture Ding Zhi but after having second thoughts, receiving a disciple didn’t seem to be a bad idea, so he went through with it. “Come over and I’ll teach you how to remember the secrets.”

Ding Zhi shifted his chair and moved towards He Zhou. “Master, shouldn’t there be a book?”

“It’s all in my head.” He Zhou pointed at his own forehead and poked it. “You are also only allowed to remember it from here.”

Ding Zhi expressed his understanding. To be able to get into Jing University meant that your IQ couldn’t be low. Ding Zhi felt that memorizing secrets weren’t a hard thing to do. However when He Zhou successively recited strings of the secret out, he was completely dumbfounded.

He could understand each word but when he connected them altogether, he simply didn’t know what they meant. If he couldn’t understand it, then he could only rely on mechanically memorizing it which was still quite hard to do.

He Zhou saw him reveal a difficult expression and felt that he had already made a blunder.

Ding Zhi wasn’t the same as your average cultivator who had received this kind of instruction since young so when they made contact with the cultivation method, they were able to easily understand it but Ding Zhi right now was just an ordinary person.

“How about we first start with identifying the acupuncture points of the entire body. Then we can slowly move on from there.” He could only guide him one step at a time.

“We?” Ding Zhi asked in puzzlement.

“En.” He Zhou had no plans to conceal it from him. “Ye Xiao and you together from now on.”

“Ye Xiao?” Ding Zhi’s face was filled with astonishment. “He’s also doing it?” This was to say that only Qi Shen was the remaining ordinary person in their dorm.

“Wait until Ye Xiao comes back at night then we can discuss. I have some things to deal with first.”

Ding Zhi immediately shifted his seat away and went back to his original place. He turned his computer on and started to search for the pictures of the acupuncture points. He first needed to remember the names of the acupuncture points and as for identifying them clearly, he could only do so by auditing the classes of the neighboring university of medicine.

He Zhou also turned his computer on and entered his password in. He plugged in his earphones and clicked a video open to start watching it earnestly. If Ding Zhi were to turn around at this moment, he would have seen He Zhou viewing a cooking video and would definitely be shocked.

He Zhou was adept at learning and his memory exceeded that of an ordinary person’s. He watched the videos until dinner time approached and had already learnt the steps by heart.

He  turned his computer off and saw Ding Zhi still obsessing over the acupuncture points. With this, he praised his efforts in secret.

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