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  • EBPW Chapter 30.2

    Chapter 30.2 A benevolent Young Master (2)

    The hot spell of September made it hard for people to endure the heat. He Zhou walked alone towards the campus while gradually untangling his train of thoughts.

    If the necklace was stolen by He Feng’s dual cultivation partner off from someone else’s hand, this implied that there wasn’t only one organization who was vying for the necklace. In that case, there must be something more to this necklace. Otherwise, why was everyone scrambling for the original owner’s mother’s remnant?

    There was also Wei Mingzhu.

    That person used Wei Mingzhu’s life to threaten He Feng yet he also used Wei Mingzhu’s hands to send the necklace back. Was Wei Mingzhu unaware of the situation or was she being controlled just like He Feng?

    He originally thought that coming to a different world and become a young master wouldn’t have to force him to rack his brains like before but he never expected that the waters here weren’t shallow at all.

    “Mister, please take a look…” A leaflet was delivered to He Zhou by a youth whose voice suddenly paused midway.

    He Zhou stared at the skinny Ye Xiao in front of him. “Are you handing out leaflets?” He reached his hand out to accept the leaflet Ye Xiao put out to him.

    When Ye Xiao met a familiar person, he paused for a moment and nodded his head, using a hand to push his black framed glasses up. “En, it’s a part-time job.”

    “Don’t you have classes in the afternoon?”

    “I do. But it’s the seventh or eight class so there’s still a lot of time.” Ye Xiao’s face turned very red under the scorching heat. The sweat on his forehead trickled down continuously as he held stacks of advertising leaflets in his hands. “Do you have class in the afternoon?”

    It was currently 1:30 in the afternoon and his class starts at 2:30. There wasn’t much distance to school from here so He Zhou thought for a moment and gave Ding Zhi a call, asking him to help take his textbooks to the classroom. Since Ding Zhi wanted to worship He Zhou as his master, how could he not agree to such a small request? He immediately grinned and pledged to complete the job.

    Ye Xiao distractedly watched him hang up the phone. “You’re not going back to school now?”

    He Zhou took out a stack of leaflets from his hand. “No.”

    Ye Xiao saw his unaffected appearance and for some reason, felt slightly moved. He lowered his head and gave his thanks before turning his back to He Zhou and walked towards the passersby to hand out the leaflets.

    With He Zhou’s assistance, they were able to quickly pass out the flyers. By the time it reached 2pm, the flyers were all passed out. Ye Xiao was entirely drenched in sweat. His face had turned bright red as he rubbed his messy hair and gave a toothy smile. There was a clean and youthful taste to it unlike the gloomy feeling he gave off before.

    “Before, at Feng City, I was quite afraid of you.” Ye Xiao lowered his guard a bit and became a bit bashful. “When you arrived at the dorm I was afraid that you would recognize me and when you ordered me to alter Ding Zhi’s memories, it made me think you were a bit scary.”

    He Zhou walked with him side by side and when he heard his words, he revealed a noiseless smile. He wasn’t convinced that Ye Xiao would change his attitude genuinely towards him just because he helped him pass out flyers.

    Seeing him without a reply, Ye Xiao turned silent for a moment before continuing. “You asked me previously where I got my tuition free from. Actually, someone subsidized it. I came across this kind of public welfare and was lucky enough to be able to sign up for it.”

    “That is indeed quite lucky.” He Zhou replied.

    It was not that He Zhou had a prejudice towards kids who grew up in an orphanage. In his experience, the kids who were able to survive just by relying on relief funds were very shrewd. The orphanage and the relief fund hall were more or less the same so Ye Xiao wasn’t, in reality, as simple as he looked.

    His gloominess was a facade, his current youthful act was also a facade. Nobody knew for sure what Ye Xiao was really thinking on the inside. Moreover, his talent was unique as he could easily confuse people’s hearts.

    This kind of person had his own distinct division of what was right and wrong and clearly understood how to act in a way that was advantageous to himself. If he had cultivated his ocular charm, perhaps he would’ve been able to use it to his advantage today.

    Ye Xiao secretly glanced at the calm and composed He Zhou and spoke with envy. “You senior cultivators are really lucky. You don’t fear the summer heat nor the winter cold.”

    “In reality, you also loathe having to leave your hair long and glasses on during the summer, isn’t that so?” He Zhou suddenly asked.

    Ye Xiao was stunned for a while before he replied in a low voice. “I don’t have any other choice. I still can’t control it that well.”

    “I previously mentioned a way to cultivate it, are you willing to learn?”

    Ye Xiao stopped in his tracks, a longing appeared in his gaze underneath his lenses. “I’m willing to, but, what are your conditions?”

    “My condition is that, you are not allowed to use this ability to hurt people unless it’s for self-defense.” He Zhou wasn’t really cultivating Ye Xiao to be a useful person. He only wanted to pull Ye Xiao from swaying between the lines of black and white and was not going to allow him to use this ability to cause calamity to befall someone else.

    This stunned Ye Xiao. He had always understood the logic of ‘if you want something, you must be willing to pay a price’, however, He Zhou’s conditions shocked him.

    “That’s it?”

    He Zhou stared at his disbelieving expression and thought that it hadn’t been easy for him in the past so he couldn’t help but turn a bit soft and reached out a hand to rub his head, gently smiling at him. “What else can there be?”

    In Young Master He’s heart, Ye Xiao and Ding Zhi were considered his juniors. Since a junior required a senior’s guidance, it was not too late to provide it to them right now.

    Ever since Ye Xiao could remember, there was nobody else that had treated him like this before. He Zhou’s assistance of handing out flyers earlier made him slightly touched but now, seeing He Zhou’s gentle and kind gaze had made his heart quiver.

    It was like a shapeless warm current had entered his heart.

    “Wait until you can control it with ease then you’ll be able to cut your hair and take your glasses off.” He Zhou glanced at his watch. “I don’t have a lot of time so I’m going to head to class now. Wait until I get back at night at the dorm then I’ll teach you.”

    Ye Xiao nodded as he stood in his place, watching He Zhou as he left and unconsciously, the corner of his mouth hooked up.

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