EBPW Chapter 30.1

Chapter 30.1 A benevolent young master (1)

Six years ago, while Wen Renyi was on a mission, by coincidence, he discovered an external organization conducting an investigation on the Young Master of the He Family.

This discovery had made him feel deeply astonished.

At that time, he was the head operation team’s captain so he had a definite ability to carry out an investigation. Through special means he was able to learn the motive of the external organization and that was to actually to retrieve a certain item from He Zhou.

Wen Renyi hadn’t had enough time to probe further when somebody had discovered his tracks. They pursued him closely and even set up a trap which he had no other choice but to fall into. From thereon, he had gotten severely injured and during his stupor, had attracted the Almighty Golden Core.

When He Zhou finished listening to Wen Renyi’s narration, he looked at him slightly flabbergasted. “I’ve always had a doubt.”

Wen Renyi detected He Zhou’s serious tone. “Speak.”

“Even if you’ve lost your cultivation, there’s no justification to have gotten married to me. What’s the reason?” The original owner and Wen Renyi were simply worlds apart. Moreover, the Wen Ren Clan and the He Family’s relationship wasn’t too hot nor cold. With the Wen Ren family’s attitude, they wouldn’t compel Wen Renyi to ally himself with a ‘waste’ through marriage. This wasn’t of any benefit to their clan. Besides, if Wen Renyi himself wasn’t willing to do so then nobody could force him to agree to it.

That meant that there was only one reasonable explanation. Wen Renyi himself had volunteered for it. If it weren’t for his guarantee, He Shaoning wouldn’t have also been at ease handing over the original owner’s hand in marriage to him.

Wen Renyi was slightly stupefied. He didn’t think that He Zhou would be this sharp. “The situation started because of you so I originally wanted to get close to you and get to the bottom of it. I’ve also pledged to Uncle He to protect you from harm.

He Zhou was about to speak but was stopped by Wen Renyi. “I know what you’re about to say. You had an accident after the second day of marriage. That indeed was a dereliction of my duty and I’m sorry for that. Later on, I used the name of the company using the excuse of conducting an observation of the western market to specially head abroad and secretly investigated that organization and found that they had already stopped all movement.” 

“And that was because they had already gotten what they wanted in their hands.” He Zhou continued, his pair of eyes immediately turning cold.

Wen Renyi felt He Zhou’s hands slowly retracting and a burst of panic immediately rushed forth in his heart. He really was worried that He Zhou would leave him because of how he concealed the fact that his main purpose in getting married to He Zhou in the first place was to find out He Zhou’s secret.

Yet He Zhou unexpectedly held Wen Renyi’s right hand again and touched the necklace on hanging on his neck. “This necklace was stolen when I got into an accident. It has finally managed to find its way back all because they couldn’t solve the riddle on it.”

Wen Renyi understood in an instant.

“The thing they wanted to find was this?” He used his fingertips to feel the silver necklace. “What is it?”

“It’s the remnant my mother left me.” He Zhou’s face turned solemn. “Ah Yi. You mentioned before that there could be a spy amongst the special department. Do you think that there could also be one in our home?”

Wen Renyi could hear the implication underneath his tone. “Are you referring to He Feng?”

He Zhou, on the contrary, didn’t feel that He Feng was the spy but He Feng certainly did have knowledge of something. “He’s being controlled by the organization. Yesterday, Guo Yang spotted me outside because I found out that He Feng was meeting another person. Since you have a definite means for investigation then there’s no harm in checking out who was staying at the Yu Hao hotel’s presidential suite.

Wen Renyi nodded.

“I still have class in the afternoon. I’m going back to school first.” He Zhou said as he was about to get off the car when Wen Renyi suddenly grabbed his wrist.

“I initially did get married to you for a different reason but now…”

He always had a cold and indifferent face but now, there appeared to be a hint of apprehensiveness. When He Zhou saw this, he couldn’t help but smile and placate him. “I understand.”

If you’ve never met the person before and said that you got married because of love, wouldn’t it sound like a joke.

“Then you.” Wen Renyi gripped his hand without letting go, his voice pressed down very low. “Why did you suddenly become so cold?” Even though he couldn’t see, his heart was still set on He Zhou. When He Zhou’s feelings had a slight change, he was able to feel it.

He Zhou heaved a sigh inside. Previously, Wen Renyi mentioned that there was another way of dual-cultivation which he didn’t put to heart but after seeing the activity between He Feng and that person yesterday, he had a flash of realization.

When Young Master He was at the Shen Yan sect, he had never seen anything like it. Moreover, the original owner of this current world only had racing cars as his only hobby so Young Master He didn’t know that the so called soul dual cultivation was this…..cruel and dreadful.

For a period of time, he felt that he couldn’t accept it and just thinking that Wen Renyi wanted to dual cultivate their souls, he couldn’t help but want to distance himself from him and calm by himself.

Whatever kind of dual cultivation it was, for now, he didn’t want to have any lingering thoughts about it.

“I’m not blaming you. I just thought of some matters.” He Zhou couldn’t bear to hurt Wen Renyi. “This necklace could become the object that everybody will be fighting over. Ah Yi, I fear that our future days will not be as peaceful anymore.”

Wen Renyi hummed in agreement. “Don’t worry. When I find out the connection of He Feng to the organization, I’ll immediately let you know.”

He Zhou responded and prepared to open the doors when Wen Renyi spoke. “I’ll send you back to school.”

“No need. It’s not too far from school here. It’ll just be a short stroll.”

After he left, Wen Renyi pulled out his phone and immediately instructed his people to start the investigation procedures.

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