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  • EBPW Chapter 29.2

    Chapter 29.2 Soul Dual Cultivation (2)

    He Zhou turned his phone off and recalled the necklace that He Feng and the man with him had mentioned.

    That necklace was left by the original owner’s mother to him. It looked like an ordinary necklace with a small diamond on the bottom. Although the original owner felt it looked girly but because it was his mother’s remnant, he had always carried it with him.

    Everyone thought it was an extremely ordinary necklace and the original owner himself thought so too but when Young Master He saw the necklace from his dream, he knew that this necklace wasn’t simple as the entire necklace was an extremely complicated and meticulous array. At that time, he was extremely excited about fiddling with it and would occasionally investigate the array on the necklace of the original owner when he had the time, his effort had harbored no fruit..

    In the end, he had gone to consult an array scholar and after years of investigation, had managed to finally successfully crack it. Even though the necklace wasn’t his but to be able to solve the complex array still gave him a sense of accomplishment.

    After arriving into this body, he realized that the necklace was gone and had gone to ask Uncle Song and the others during his stay in the hospital but everybody had told him that they didn’t see the necklace when he was admitted and assumed that the necklace must have gotten lost during the accident.

    Since Young Master He couldn’t find it, he could only drop the matter.

    However, now that he had overheard the conversation between He Feng and that man, he had gotten to know that the reason for the car accident was due to that necklace. What exactly was in that necklace that made people unscrupulously kill the original owner to steal it?

    The next day at lunch, He Zhou and He Feng agreed to meet up at the gates of the school. When they finally met, He Zhou’s gaze swept over the back of He Feng’s nape and discovered there was another faint red mark and he finally realized that the work wasn’t done by mosquitos.

    He Feng was still clueless that He Zhou had already seen many things and brought He Zhou to his own home. Wei Mingzhu had already finished preparing the meal as she smilingly received He Zhou.

    “Ah Zhou. Since the food in the dining hall isn’t delicious, you can come over everyday to eat.” We Mingzhu proposed.

    He Zhou’s godly sense stealthily circled around Wei Zhuming and discovered that nothing was amiss. Moreover,in such a close radius around him, he didn’t discover any suspicious people who were keeping watch of him so he gradually calmed down.

    “Thank you, second aunt. However, my father wants to me to accompany Ah Yi more so I will often have to return home to accompany him for a meal.” He said as he carelessly divulged their conjugal affection.

    Wei Mingzhu expressed understanding. “Oh, that’s right. Before you got into an accident, Little Feng picked up your necklace from the site of the accident. At that time, you were still in a deep comatose and we were all so worried that we’d forgotten all about this matter. Since you coincidentally came by today, I wanted to return this necklace back to you.” Wei Mingzhu said as she went upstairs to her bedroom to retrieve it.

    He Zhou felt astonished inside yet he didn’t reveal this on his face.

    Yesterday, that person told He Feng that he was going to return the necklace back to him so he was pondering what method he would use to do so. He certainly didn’t expect that he would employ Wei Zhuming’s help at all. Could it be that Wei Zhuming also followed that person’s orders?

    Who was that person?

    When Wei Mingzhu brought the necklace over, He Zhou revealed an extremely happy face. After he thanked her, he wore it on his neck once again.

    “Brother Zhou.” He Feng spoke. “I heard that uncle and the Zhao Family’s elder had sent you array book. How’s your learning from it going?”

    Wei Mingzhu’s gaze wavered slightly yet she continued to control her face and smiled as she ladled out soup for He Zhou.

    He Zhou recalled the words He Feng had told the man and replied. “It’s just a scratch on the surface.”

    He Feng secretly heaved a breath of relief. Since it was like this, then they still had a lot of time.

    After dinner, He Zhou and He Feng returned to school together. He Feng was uncommunicative the whole way and He Zhou was still contemplating how to start a conversation with He Feng.

    “Brother Zhou, do you have anything you want to say to me?” He Feng halted at the side of the lawn. He had been following He Zhou ever since he was little so he somewhat understood He Zhou’s thoughts. No matter how you looked at it, He Zhou suddenly asking to eat at his home was strange.

    “Little Feng.” He Zhou set up a domain. “I think that my accident was plotted by someone.”

    He Feng’s gaze congealed suddenly as he stared straight at He Zhou for a moment before he voiced. “Brother Zhou, you’re suspect it was me.”

    “No.” He Zhou’s expression was slightly solemn. “But you know who it is.”

    He Feng was stumped for words for a long time. The rim of his eyes turned a bit red as his voice became low and hoarse. “If I said, I didn’t know him then what?”

    He Zhou knew it was hard for him to mention so he didn’t question him any longer. “You can return to the dorm first.”

    He Feng nodded and when he passed by him, he left him a sentence. “Brother Zhou, please be careful.”

    He Zhou was just about to head back to the dorms when he received Wen Renyi’s call.

    “Ah Zhou, I’m at the school gates.”

    He Zhou arrived at the school gates and spotted Wen Renyi wearing sunglasses. He stood beside the car wearing a suit looking extraordinarily handsome.

    He Zhou followed Wen Renyi inside the car and Wen Renyi promptly held his hand. He then pressed him down the car seat and lowered his head to kiss him.

    Although He Zhou was surprised, he didn’t reject his zeal. He circled his arms around Wen Renyi and accepted his affection without caring about what the driver in front thought.

    Wen Renyi kissed and kissed whereas his hands were a bit unbridled. He Zhou originally still hadn’t felt anything when the image of that man and He Feng’s activity suddenly resurfaced in his mind and he immediately felt his face flush so he reached his hand out and pushed Wen Renyi away.

    Sensing his rejection, Wen Renyi felt a bit disappointed secretly yet he blamed himself and said. “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

    He Zhou was silent for a moment. “Why did you suddenly come over?”

    “I missed you.” These words weren’t a lie. He really was thinking of him.

    He Zhou smiled and left a peck on Wen Renyi’s lips, comforting him. “Sorry, I was wrong. I was just reminded of some unpleasant matters.”

    The driver drove them to a secluded place and stopped, conscientiously getting off first.

    Wen Renyi held He Zhou’s hand. “What unpleasant matters?”

    “It’s nothing.” He Zhou didn’t plan to discuss those matters with Wen Renyi right now. “Ah Yi, can you answer me this one question I have?”

    Wen Renyi detected the serious tone from his words. “Go on.”

    “I know that you’ve been continuously encountering multiple assassination attempts these years but you’re already not the captain of the operations team. Why do those people keep continuing to target you? Who are they?”

    Wen Renyi immediately became silent and just when He Zhou thought he wasn’t going to respond, he spoke.

    “Because I just discovered a secret.” Wen Renyi suddenly gripped He Zhou’s hand tightly. “And this secret, is related to you.”

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