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  • EBPW Chapter 29.1

    Warning: This chapter contains rape. Please proceed with caution. 

    Chapter 29.1 Soul Dual Cultivation (1)

    He Zhou originally harbored some suspicions towards He Feng. Now that he was seeing him being led away by a person who looked like a bodyguard and even getting on a black car that sped away, he couldn’t chase them on foot so he looked for a long bench and sat down, using his godly sense to pursue them.

    He Feng calmly got on the car. He had never thought of struggling since he was unable to predict how much harm he would be able to take from the consequences..

    The car smoothly and speedily drove to Yu Hao Hotel and he got out of the car on his own initiative. Seeing the luxurious building in front of him, he gave a cold snort in his heart.

    To no surprise, the room he went to was the presidential suite located on the top floor. The bodyguard invited him in and promptly closed the door. He Feng stayed near the door for a few seconds before turning to the entrance hall and he saw a young man sitting on the sofa.

    He appeared young for his age but only reality knew how old this person really was. Cultivators who were in Xiantian Realm maintained the same appearance forever. He felt that this guy wasn’t really as young as he looked.

    The man had a superb appearance and charming features, Compared to the god like celebrities, he didn’t lack anything. His hair was combed without a strand out of place and he wore a black suit. He appeared cold and solemn, carrying a gloomy air around him.

    “Come here.” The man ordered.

    He Feng followed without a sound and slowly walked over to the man. His face remained calm but his tightly clenched hands gave away his feelings. The man’s solemn gaze followed him like it was about to swallow him whole in the next second.

    When he arrived at the man’s side, the man gazed at him with disdain as his lips spat out one single word. “Kneel.”

    He Feng clenched his fist tightly and bent his knees in a slow pace.

    The man stared at his humiliated appearance, his pupils suddenly turning complicated. In the next second, he reached his hand out to bring him into his arms and nipped the back of his neck, forcing him to lift his head and look at him.

    “Weren’t you acting obstinate before? Why are you obediently listening now?”

    He Feng’s complexion was pale as he pursed his dried lips and spoke. “The things you ordered me to do, I’ve already done them all. My mother’s life…”

    “Did I say that I was going to let you go after you finished them?” The man slowly neared him and spat out unfeeling words. “He Feng, as long as I wish for it, you’ll never be able to escape.”

    “What do you need me to do?” He Feng restrained his brows, wearing a wooden face.

    The man seemed to have been irked by his attitude as he suddenly threw him to the sofa and tore his clothes apart. “I do have something for you to do but right now, I only want to fuck you.”

    The cruel sex made He Feng quiver all over. He closed his eyes tightly and bit his teeth in endurance, refusing to utter a single sound. The man’s gaze seemed to become even more dangerous as he ruthlessly pounded him. He stared at He Feng’s pale lips before biting at it, causing blood to pervade their lips and teeth.

    “Stop having such a pained look. Doing it this way will also improve your cultivation faster.” Seeing his knit brows, the man’s gaze softened slightly, his actions also couldn’t help but become gentler.

    Jing University Campus.

    He Zhou who was still sitting on the bench, withdrew his godly sense at once and was unable to stop his face from getting red, his heart thumping wildly. He immediately bolted out of school and hailed a taxi, heading straight for the hotel.

    Regardless of whether He Feng had done something unforgivable to the original owner, he was still a member of the He Family. Being treated so horribly by a person like this would even make the original owner unable to just look past it.

    Having just reached the hotel doors, he sent out his godly sense to probe his situation once again and suddenly discovered that He Feng’s cultivation was slowly growing, although it was at an extremely slow pace, it appeared that between the two, a special circulation made the man’s spiritual power turn into Inner Xi which he had unilaterally transmitted to He Feng.

    He Zhou immediately stopped in his tracks and suddenly hesitated.

    In principle, he had no right to interfere with He Feng’s private matters and He Feng would also not be willing to let his relatives know about this matter but according to reasoning, He Feng was obviously being threatened by the man, and as his elder brother, he couldn’t just ignore it.

    While pondering about the countermeasure for this, the two had already finished their soul dual cultivation. He Feng’s face was rosy as he laid on the sofa. Beads of sweat covered his forehead and the corner of his eyes turned into a nice shade of blush, he appeared more moving than his usual cold and lofty appearance.

    The man got up from his body and forced himself not to look at him as he said in a heavy voice. “I came here to Jing City to handle some matters. Moreover, I’m here to give you your next mission.”

    He Feng sat up and expressionlessly wore his clothes, waiting for the man’s instructions.

    “I heard that He Zhou became an array master. I want you to approach him and ask the way to unlocking the secret key.

    He Feng raised his eyes abruptly. “That’s impossible.”

    The man turned to look at him, fury in his gaze. “What did you say?”

    “If so many array masters couldn’t solve it, Brother Zhou who only studied a superficial part of it, simply wouldn’t be able to do it. Moreover, even if he could, the necklace is in your hands. If Brother Zhou doesn’t see it, how could he undo the lock?”

    Only when the matter concerned He Zhou did He Feng say these many words at once. When the man thought about this, the unhappiness in his heart grew.

    “You really hate me, don’t you?” The man reached out a hand to grab He Feng’s delicate chin. “I didn’t even tamper with the car so stop using those eyes to look at me.”

    “But the necklace was stolen from the guy who had hurt Brother Zhou. That’s Brother Zhou’s property. You are still an accomplice.” He Feng couldn’t help retort.

    The man carefully looked at him. “I have a thought. If I were to kill your Brother Zhou, would you still be able to risk your life?”

    He Feng pupils shrank immediately.

    The man laughed at this, his smile carrying evil intentions. “Naturally, I won’t kill him now. I’ll even give the necklace back to him and what you’re going to do is to keep an eye on him. Once he unseals the secret key. You will notify me at the first moment, otherwise I won’t be able to guarantee your mother’s life.”

    He Feng heard this and couldn’t help but heave a sigh. As long as his mother and Brother Zhou’s life weren’t potentially harmed, he was willing to do his bidding.

    “I understand.”

    The man let go of him. “You can return to school now.”

    He Feng was sent back to school by the man’s lackey and at the same time, he had just received He Zhou’s call.

    “Brother Zhou. were you looking for me?” His voice had sounded a bit hoarse.

    He Zhou hummed in acknowledgement. “Little Feng, if I remember correctly, you live with second aunt near school right?”

    “That’s right, is there a problem, Brother Zhou?” He Feng secretly felt perplexed.

    “The school food is somewhat unpalatable. I was thinking of freeloading a meal off your home for lunch, is that fine?”

    Although He Feng was flabbergasted, he still agreed to it.

    After He Zhou hung up the phone, he had no heart to eat and went straight to his dorm. He sent a message to Wen Renyi on WeChat explaining that he will be eating at He Feng’s family and assumed that Wen Renyi was busy so he wouldn’t answer in time.

    There was only him in the dorm without any clue where the other three ran off to. Young Master washed himself and got on the bed to cultivate.

    After a while, his WeChat reminder sounded and He Zhou stopped cultivating to turn his phone on. He clicked on the screen to play Wen Renyi’s voice message reply.

    “I understand. Guo Yang mentioned he saw you outside in the evening. What happened? Is it related to He Feng?”

    Suddenly intending to go over to He Feng’s home to eat was indeed a bit odd if you thought about it..

    He Zhou still hadn’t clarified the situation and felt it inappropriate to tell Wen Renyi so he only answered. “There’s something going on with him but I’m still not too sure.”

    Wen Renyi responded. “Be safe then.”

    T/N: Poor He Feng… :'(

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