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  • EBPW Chapter 25.2

    Chapter 25.2 It’ll be the same whoever you kiss (2)

    After the waiter left, Li Zeming propped his elbow on the table, his palms supporting his chin as he looked at the upright sitting He Zhou. “You’re studying finance at Jing University right?”


    “Then are you going to be like Wen Renyi when you graduate, working for a corporation?” Even though He Zhou was an array master, in the end, the places that needed him weren’t a lot——This kind of thinking stemmed from this world’s lack of understanding of arrays.

    He Zhou smiled without replying, instead he countered his question. “Then will you work at your family’s hospital helping the dying and healing the injured?”

    “Of course not.” Li Zeming drank a mouth of water, he continued. “Doctors with cultivation bases like us specialize in treating cultivators.”

    He Zhou nodded his head without a change in his expression.

    Li Zeming glanced at him. “Don’t you want to ask why cultivators would get sick?”

    He Zhou broke into a laugh secretly. Li Zeming thought he was an ordinary person so he didn’t understand the cultivator’s world but he wasn’t going to explain anyway.

    “Let me tell you. Actually cultivators can also fall sick. However, this sickness isn’t the same as that of ordinary people’s. Have you heard of qi deviation? Many people can easily fall into qi deviation when they cultivate, just up to different extents. It’s during this time that they need to see a doctor. Of course, aside from going into qi deviation, there also other conditions but I’m not going to list them because you’re not going to understand either way.”

    At this time, the waiter delivered the desserts over. Li Zeming quickly shut his mouth and started gorging himself.

    He Zhou scooped up a bite and popped it into his mouth. It was soft and cold. The sweet taste spread down his throat causing him to be unable to resist closing his eyes and silently taking delight in the taste.

    The sweet shop had air conditioning on so the fragrant aroma of sweets lingered everywhere. The relaxing music made people feel at ease, making everyone feel like they were in dreamland. Sun rays beyond the window burned the ground. The passersby hurried along, the fountain in the center square was tinted with a rainbow tone. The tall business building towered over, with its countless window reflecting a glaring bright light.

    He Zhou saw a young couple kissing by the edge of the fountain, appearing like they were the only ones left in the entire world. This scene touched his heart.

    He likes Ah Yi. Ah Yi also likes him. They were also legally wedded partners so whoever initiated or controlled the kiss wasn’t that big of a deal anymore right?

    Understanding this point, Young Master He felt that his awkwardness earlier was simply looking to suffer blame. He didn’t know whether his rejection hurt Ah Yi either.

    “What are you thinking about?” Li Zeming followed the direction of his gaze and saw the couple. A knowing smile floated on his face. “So you’re actually thinking about Wen Renyi ah.”

    On the contrary, He Zhou was very relaxed. “That’s right.”

    Li Zeming glanced at him with pity. “What do you want to do with him? I’ll tell you what. You can’t be eaten firmly by Wen Renyi. He’s not that easy to deal with.”

    He Zhou didn’t care too much for his words. How Wen Renyi was like, he’ll experience it himself.

    The harmonious painting outside the window was suddenly broken at this moment. Some of the people in the crowd screamed and fled. The couple sitting by the fountain also separated in fear. The entire public square was plunged into chaos.

    He Zhou stood up when Li Zeming blocked him. “What are you doing?”

    “Of course, I’m going over to take a look.” He Zhou said as he prepared to go out.

    Li Zeming frowned. “You don’t have any cultivation base. I don’t think you should go, I’ll go instead.”

    He Zhou took the lead and went out first. “I know arrays.”

    Li Zeming could only follow him as they arrived at the public square together.

    The public square was robbed of its peace. People fled in disarray while screaming. A few people had already gotten hurt and fell down, unable to rise back up.

    He Zhou narrowed his eyes and saw a red-eyed man with a face of veins popping out, crazily attacking the mass public near the fountainside. What’s even more frightening was that he was an Earth Rank cultivator.

    Li Zeming panicked, stamping his foot. “He’s under qi deviation. I only have a Xuan Rank cultivation base, I can’t possibly stop him!”

    When he saw the man chasing somebody and on the verge of grabbing him, Li Zeming was alarmed and shot out a thin needle from his fingertips, wanting to puncture his weak point. However, it was a pity that the difference between their cultivation bases were too big. The man’s Inner Xi protected his body, making the thin needle unable to penetrate him and was instead deflected back.

    Li Zeming widened his eyes in fear when He Zhou reacted just in time to block that needle. The needle fell to the ground and Li Zeming hadn’t reacted when he saw He Zhou run towards the man’s direction, following it up with a kick to the man’s stomach.

    How could this be! That was an Earth Rank Cultivator!

    The cultivator received He Zhou’s attack and lost his rationality for a moment before redirecting his entire focus towards He Zhou. In a fit of anger, he directed a hard punch straight towards He Zhou’s face, coming in swift like the wind and heavy like the thunder.

    Li Zeming felt his heart soar as he momentarily forgot to breathe. He was terrified to see the scene of He Zhou having his brains smashed in.

    He Zhou lightly tapped on his fist causing the man to immediately retreat a few steps back. As he was just about to put out a fist once again, he was knocked down by He Zhou.

    The noise caused in the public square attracted the operation team’s attention. Zheng Weiming brought reinforcements over as quickly as possible. He originally thought the place would be out of control but he didn’t expect to be welcomed by the sight of Zhou surrounded by a group of people as well as the Earth Rank Cultivator lying unconscious on the floor.

    Xu Lin, who followed behind Zheng Weiming, couldn’t help but recall the scene of when he apprehended the Bat the first time. It was also similarly out of people’s expectations. 

    Young Master He seemed to always bring people surprises every time. 

    T/N: Pft! Even Li Zeming knows who’s getting eaten and He Zhou’s still as clueless XD

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