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  • EBPW Chapter 24.2

    Chapter 24.2 A strong kabe-don (2)

    He pushed the card back. “There’s still a few days before school starts and you need to pay your tuition fees. You would also have to spend money when you occasionally have gatherings so just leave it for yourself to use.”

    He Zhou paused for a moment, swallowing the food in his mouth. “But, after leaving the Wen Ren Group, you must have your own plans right? Feng Lan is quite generous so there’s actually a lot inside.”

    When Wen Renyi realized his intentions, he felt moved and couldn’t resist smiling. “After we finish our meal, Guo Yang will be coming over. By that time, we can discuss this matter again.” He said while taking the card back. “I’ll help you keep this first then.”

    He couldn’t always brush away Ah Zhou’s kind intentions.

    After their meal, He Zhou and Wen Renyi cultivated within the Spirit Gathering Array again for a period of time. Guo Yang carried a briefcase with him when he arrived. He was obviously only 26 or 27 years old yet he dressed up like an old man, wearing a black suit without one hair out of place, completely exposing his elite yet old-fashioned demeanor.

    Guo Yang was considered Wen Renyi’s trusted aide within the company. After Wen Renyi parted with the Wen Ren Group, he immediately handed in his resignation letter as well. He Zhou personally brewed two cups of tea and placed them in front of Wen Renyi and Guo Yang.

    Although Guo Yang didn’t like He Zhou, he still nodded to express his gratitude before preparing to dive right into the topic.

    Yet Wen Renyi called on to He Zhou as he was about to leave. “Ah Zhou, come sit here as well.”

    He Zhou stared blankly. “I don’t think it’s right for me to disturb you when you’re talking about company matters right?”

    Guo Yang put on a serious expression and uttered. “This matter is kind of related to Mister He.”

    He Zhou then sat beside Wen Renyi.

    Guo Yang took out a few documents from his briefcase and placed them all before He Zhou. His expression was unreadable but his gaze revealed resentment as he dryly said.”Mister He, please sign these documents.”

    He Zhou didn’t immediately sign per his instruction and only lifted one document up to skim through. His gaze suddenly turned sharp as his keen pupils turned towards Wen Renyi. “Ah Yi, what is the meaning of this?”

    He knew that when Wen Renyi left the Wen Ren Group, he wouldn’t have any other road to retreat to so this road had to be prepared in advance. However, the few documents before him caused him to feel bewildered as anger indescribably surged forth inside of him.

    Wen Renyi replied. “Ah Zhou, as you know, my leave from the Wen Ren Group would bring about definite damage to the company, however, by the time they finally react, they would definitely deal attacks on my company in retaliation. However, these companies are newly built and they can’t compete with that colossus. If these companies were placed under your name however, they’d be able to avoid their attacks.”

    He Zhou couldn’t quite fully comprehend his words but he knew that Wen Renyi’s move this time was indeed a bit impulsive. These companies were his blood, sweat and tears. Giving them all to himself like this, what if he was a bad person? He Zhou, at this moment, forgot all about the matter of Wen Renyi’s cultivation base and was purely feeling a bit angry. Of course, he was rather feeling more distressed than angry.

    “Guo Yang, please wait for a moment.” He Zhou stood up and said. “Ah Yi, can you come with me for a while?”

    Wen Renyi followed him into the bedroom where He Zhou set up a soundproof barrier. “With your current cultivation base, you can simply ignore the Wen Ren family.”

    Wen Renyi took out the card that was passed over at lunch and somewhat apprehensively explained. “You gave all of these to me. In actuality, I also have the same mindset as you. I also wanted to give everything I have to you. I just never expected that you would refuse it this strongly.” He said as he hung his head down sullenly.

    He Zhou felt at a loss for words. He was right. He had these kind of thoughts naturally and as his partner, Wen Renyi would have them too. Since he had reacted so strongly just now, Ah Yi must have been hurt.

    Wen Renyi’s gaze seemed to pierce through his cataracts that grew diluted with each passing day. He “looked” at He Zhou’s face, his long lashes trembling slightly and his face carrying self-blame as he softly said. “My thoughts were too inconsiderate for ignoring He Zhou’s thoughts.”

    He Zhou took a deep breath and immediately pulled Wen Renyi for a crushing hug.

    “I’m sorry.”

    Wen Renyi smiled. “If Ah Zhou kisses me then I’ll forgive you.”

    He Zhou gave a low chuckle as he went in for a kiss but just as he was about to do so, he was pressed by Wen Renyi against the wall and heard a low murmur entering his ears. “Ah Zhou, I really like you.”

    His heartstrings vibrated.

    In the next second, a soft inseparable kiss captured He Zhou’s entire attention. Wen Renyi’s soft expression carried a bit of overbearingness. He reached a hand out and placed it on the wall beside He Zhou’s head and the other hand brushed He Zhou’s face. He sucked in deeply, acting like he wouldn’t allow any signs of resistance. He Zhou who turned foolish from Wen Renyi’s sudden confession, was just about to react but Wen Renyi had already released him before he could do so.

    “Ah Zhou, I like you.” Wen Renyi repeated himself.

    Young Master He leaned back on the wall in a daze. His gaze unable to resist falling on Wen Renyi’s moist lips.

    Wen Renyi chuckled and once again leaned in for another kiss. 

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