EBPW Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24.1 A strong kabe-don (1)

The matter of replacing the Zhao family head had roused big waves within Jing City but following this, another big piece of news swept the business world of Jing City.

Everyone knew that the Wen Ren Group was the black horse of the business world during the past few years and the person responsible for steering this black horse was Wen Renyi. However, it was just when the Wen Ren Group was getting more and more prosperous that Wen Renyi declared that he was resigning.

Recalling the previous years, Wen Renyi who was a waste, single-handedly supported the Wen Ren Group for the entirety of 6 years. The Wen Ren Group gobbled up the majority of the market share like a mighty whale, establishing a monumental business empire.

The name Wen Renyi was well-known to everyone despite the fact that he had flawed eyes. He had never accepted any interviews and the entertainment magazines had never been able to capture his appearance but his name was considered to be a legend in the industry.

Now that Wen Renyi had suddenly announced his stepping down, the move had shocked many prominent leaders of the industry immensely. Naturally, the people who were stunned the most were the members of the Wen Ren family.

It was not to say that there was no one else other than Wen Renyi from the Wen Ren family who was qualified but he was completely unrivalled. In fact, those six years of glory were able to feed the appetites of the Wen Ren Family. Moreover, many of the group’s business partners only recognized Wen Renyi. Once Wen Renyi left, their attitudes underwent a 180 degree change. What was even more terrifying was that the competent workers who followed Wen Renyi also quit soon after. Wen Ren Group’s management faced an extreme crisis of manpower shortage. Even with the management of philosophy Wen Renyi had left, the group could still smoothly operate, however who knows how long it’d be able to sustain it.

The board of directors wanted to urge Wen Renyi to stay but Wen Renyi had already made up his mind. Many people couldn’t understand why Wen Renyi left the Wen Ren clan. If he was wise, after leaving the colossus Wen Ren Family, as a blind person, what else could he do?

Some people said that he still had the He Family.

But within the He Family, Young Master He’s position wasn’t simply worth mentioning.

Ever since He Zhou learned how to surf through Weibo, whenever he was idle, he would always like to nestle on the sofa and watch the news. However, the internet was always flooded with news regarding entertainment scandals which in his opinion, were quite meaningless.

Wen Renyi had just tendered his resignation from the group yesterday and by today, every economics column published this special big news. Jing City and even other business worlds in other places all began to go through some slight changes with people in the background quietly observing the changing state of affairs.

And the main protagonist of this matter, was currently in the kitchen, making a meal.

He Zhou sat up from the sofa and walked to the kitchen doors. He saw Wen Renyi’s neat and tidy appearance even while cooking and felt like a cat’s paw was scratching his heart. It clawed here and there, making it feel so itchy and it roused a peculiar impulse in people.

Wen Renyi heard sounds of movement and turned his head. “It’s almost done.”

Sunlight peeked through the kitchen windows, plating a golden light on his soft black hair. Wen Renyi passed through the light with a smile blooming on his face. His soft low voice blew towards He Zhou’s ears. The affection contained within made He Zhou’s heart quiver. He stared blankly for a moment before turning around and sitting on the sofa side. His right hand covered the area where his thumping heart laid.

Behind him, Wen Renyi smiled tenderly yet hidden underneath was a determination to win. He clung onto this kind of warm and beautiful exterior, thinking in excitement of the day their godly senses would intertwine. However, he wasn’t in a hurry. Just like what Li Zeming said, Ah Zhou was a really good person. Such a good person like this was worth taking one step at a time to slowly come to possess.

After having their meal, He Zhou took out a card from the pockets of his pants and pushed it towards Wen Renyi. “Today, Feng Lan deposited a good amount of money into this card. This is for you. He also mentioned that he’ll be sending someone to deliver a certificate to me though I don’t know what for.”

Wen Renyi’s gody sense detected the motion of He Zhou delivering the card to him yet he didn’t understand his intentions and only replied. “It must be the operation team’s distinguished expert certificate. It could be possible that he feels this could serve as a protective talisman to you.”

He Zhou nodded. “I understand. Then, this is for you.” He then moved the card further towards Wen Renyi with a face like it was natural.

Wen Renyi finally felt something wrong. His face carried slight doubt. “What is this?”

“The money in there is for you to use. Besides, I can’t use it all up.” Young Master He had already been in this world for so many days and was slowly adapting to the unspoken rules of this world so he knew whatever company card he had, also had to be given up. Besides, he didn’t know how to manage money and since Ah Yi was adept at earning money, giving the money to him definitely wasn’t a wrong decision.

Wen Renyi was stunned for a moment but with how smart he was, he quickly reacted to the situation. In that moment, he felt that he had lifted a rock and crushed his own foot with it. Ah Zhou’s behavior of handing over the financial authority to him on his own initiative produced a sense of crisis in him. 

T/N: Lol Wen Renyi wants to become He Zhou’s sugar daddy instead. keke XD

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