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  • EBPW Chapter 22.1

    Chapter 22.1 Making a public display of affection at a banquet (1)

    The Zhao Family had been rooted in Jing City for several hundred years. Their foundation was deep and their influence was tremendous. All the other three family clans and offsprings of famous families, were all invited to come to the Zhao Family head’s banquet. 

    He Zhou and Wen Renyi wore the same style of suit. One wore it in black and the other wore it in silver grey. The two people’s appearances stood out from the crowd. Their bodies were tall and they looked to be of similar height. Once they appeared, they attracted everyone’s gazes. 

    Zhao Jing and He Shaoning brought He Ye over quickly. Seeing the two arrive, they quickly walked over and said. “Ah Zhou, Ah Yi. Let Xiao Ye guide you to familiarize yourself with the area. I still have some things to do with your father.”

    He Zhou naturally didn’t express any opinion.

    He Shaoning knew of the matter that happened yesterday so he asked with a serious face.“You didn’t get hurt yesterday right?”

    He Zhou shook his head. “I’m fine.”

    He Shaoning nodded and looked towards Wen Renyi before telling He Zhou. “Take care of Ah Yi.” Seeing He Zhou obediently nodding, he turned to leave with Zhao Jing.

    “Feng Lan always involves Ah Zhou and Ah Yi in danger. Are they treating our He Family members as easy to bully?” He Shaoning complained to Zhao Jing.

    Zhao Jing’s eyes smiled as she said. “Then let’s register a complaint against them.”

    He Zhou heard their conversation and He Ye helplessly shrugged his shoulders. “Let’s go. I’ll take you around for a look.”

    He Ye also wore a proper suit today. The only difference was that the style’s color was livelier than theirs and it suited his egg-like face which resembled He Shaoning. It was really interesting.

    The Zhao Family had accumulated many properties so their residence was naturally built grandiosely. Zhao Jing was the Zhao Family Head’s, Zhao Xingzhi’s, only daughter and Zhao Ye was Zhao Xingzhi’s blood-related grandson so he had his own room in the Zhao family. He didn’t really plan to bring the two people for a stroll around the manor so he brought them to his own room instead.

    “I don’t know when the banquet will start so you guys should take a rest first. Do you want to drink some water?” Even though He Ye was just asking, he was already carrying two cups of water over.

    “Thank you.”

    He Ye proudly harrumphed. “What are you thanking me for?”

    The room suddenly felt silent. The three of them weren’t fond of talking so it was awkward for a moment until He Ye took the lead and started to speak. “Brother, Mom and Dad were really happy you were able to come today.”

    He Zhou smiled. “Thank you.”

    He Zhou previously hadn’t felt familial love. However, after coming to this world, he had observed the affection that He Shaoning, Zhao Jing and the others had treated him with and placed them in his heart.

    Ever since He Zhou had changed, He Ye slowly felt that He Zhou had a unique charisma that rendered people unable to help but feel respect. He believed that this must be the kind of adoration a younger brother had towards an older brother. 

    The He Zhou before wasn’t considered to be a good older brother. He didn’t deserve his worship but now, it was different. Brother and Brother-in-law were people who were worth his respect.

    “Xiao Ye. Is your brother here?” Zhao Ke’s voice suddenly resounded outside the doors.

    He Ye responded. “He’s here. You guys can come in.”

    The door opened and both Zhao Ke and Li Zengming stepped inside together. When they saw He Zhou and Wen Renyi, they enthusiastically greeted them. Zhao Ke wore the suit he had bought from the store yesterday. He was only 20 years old, was young and handsome and had a dazzling smile.

    “Brother He, Brother Yi. Why are you waiting here? Do you want me to take you out to the courtyard for a walk?”

    Yesterday, the words he had uttered at the store were sour. Today, his attitude was completely different. It made people be in between laughter and tears. However, He Zhou and Wen Renyi didn’t take it to heart. After all, it was normal for the younger generation to be more willful.

    Li Zeming shook his head. “What’s there to stroll about in your family courtyard? He Zhou, how about we go eat cake!”

    He Zhou was about to reject the two people when Wen Renyi stood up and said. “Ah Zhou, let’s go and eat cake.”

    The banquet was hosted at the Zhao Family’s home so guests were continuously arriving. All kinds of desserts and drinks were already prepared in the main hall for the guests to consume.

    When He Zhou stepped into the main hall, he was surrounded by the aroma of all kinds of food. Li Zeming tugged on He Zhou’s sleeve, using his fine chin to point to one direction. “There’s delicious food over there. Let’s go.”

    He Zhou held Wen Renyi’s hand, bringing him over together.

    Zhao Ke and He Ye followed behind the three with a face of nothing to live for. Three big men weren’t going over to drink alcohol but were actually going to eat dessert together. How could it be this repugnant?

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