EBPW Chapter 21.2

Chapter 21.2 The family’s abandoned son (2)

“You look like you don’t even care.” The evildoer felt that he became even more interesting.

“Do I even need to care?”

The evildoer was dazed for a moment before he suddenly broke into a laugh. “My spleen is about to explode! This is really too laughable! Wen Ren Family really committed a sin this time!” Such a good genius was actually this detached!

“When you saw the family head, what did you mean by your words?” Wen Renyi waited for him to finish laughing before he asked.

The evildoer gave him a meaningful glace. “I think what you wanted to ask was why did Wen Renshi place my sister’s urn in the safe, am I correct?”

Wen Renyi waited for his answer.

“I originally thought he did it to lure me over under my circumstances of not knowing any arrays, to personally destroy my sister.” The evildoer snorted. “But now, I feel that the one he wanted to target wasn’t actually me but you.”

A faint purple light flashed through Wen Renyi’s pupils.

“He thought that your body had my sister’s blood so he’s defending himself against you. As long as you have the slightest heart to rebel, they’ll be able to use your mother’s’ ashes to threaten you. After all, who knows what rank you’ll grow into, right?”

The outskirt sun was scorching, blowing hot breezes over. The evildoer saw Wen Renyi’s face maintain an appearance of calmness which made him feel a bit of regret secretly. Being born in the Wen Ren Family was this person’s greatest misery.

In a flash, Wen Renyi undid his shackles. “You can leave.”

The evildoer glanced at Wen Renyi’s slightly softened expression. “Looks like you care very much about your little lover.”

Wen Renyi once again fell silent.

The evildoer had courted a rebuff. Since he had already gotten what he wanted in his hands, he was in a hurry to return home.

When He Zhou and Zhao Ke had hurried over, they saw Wen Renyi standing along amidst the weeds of the outskirts. He hung his head, seemingly deep in thought about something.

He Zhou obviously knew that Wen Renyi’s cultivation was high yet he couldn’t help but feel a bit distressed for him. Although he didn’t completely understand the meaning behind the evildoer’s words but he could sufficiently detect that the news was shocking to the Wen Ren Family.

“Are you alright?” He Zhou walked to his side, holding his ice cold fingertips.

Zhao Ke got down from the driver’s seat and seeing that Wen Renyi was unscathed, he felt relieved. His face was filled with shame. “I’m sorry. It was all because I was too hot-headed.”

“No. At least you used your life in exchange for the safety of the other hostages.” He Zhou comforted him and then brought Wen Renyi back to the car. “Zhao Ke, can you send us back?”

Zhao Ke naturally consented, and consciously became the driver.

When they reached the villa, He Zhou poured a cup of water for Wen Renyi. He sat him down the sofa and asked him. “Who was he?”

He’s the last disciple of the head of the TianQing Sect, Chi Huan. His sister, Chi Li was previously a disciple of the ZhengMo Sect and shared mutual love with Wen Renshu. Because of this, Wen Renshu left the house. When the members of the Wen Ren family found him, he was already dead and Chi Li was killed by the members of the Wen Ren family, leaving behind only a 2 year old child so everybody assumed he was Wen Renshu and Chi Li’s child.”

He Zhou looked at Wen Renyi’s reminiscent expression and lowered his voice. “That child was you. And Chi Li wasn’t your mother so the Wen Ren family was wrong in thinking that you were. But they treasured your gift so they brought you home.”

Wen Renyi smiled. “It’s indeed like that.”

He Zhou didn’t need to think about what would happen next. Seeing it like this, the previous halo Wen Renyi had before, was kind of a restriction to himself. However, now, he was more free and unfettered.

“When did you learn of this?” If he knew right from the start, then it would have been easier for him to digest. However, if he knew of this after turning into a waste, wasn’t it adding hail to the snow?

“I already knew it a long time ago. I’m not just sure when.” Wen Renyi really didn’t care too much deep inside. Regardless of how the Wen Ren Family treated him, he simply didn’t place it to heart.

However, it was precisely because of this uncaring attitude that made He Zhou a bit distressed. This  person was consistently denied to be a member of the family yet he still had to become the glory of the family. And when his halo was lost, he was abandoned by his family to become a money making tool.

How discouraged must he have been to become this uncaring?

Young Master He’s heart immediately turned a bit sour. He stood in front of Wen Renyi and reached his hand out to rub his soft black hair. He saw him raise his head to look at him and bent down to plant a light kiss on his forehead. 

Wen Renyi’s arms circled his waist, sticking his face close to his chest as he closed his eyes and smiled lightly.

T/N: *melts into a puddle*

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