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  • EBPW Chapter 19.1

    Chapter 19.1 Bank Safe Box (1)

    Beside Song Sheng Mall was a bank. When He Zhou and Wen Renyi hurried over, the bank’s state was disordered to an unrecognizable point.

    The sound of a police car from far away brought a bit of ease to the hearts of the people on site but stirred the tyrannical restlessness in the evildoers’ hearts. The guns in their hands were pointed at people’s heads letting the just arrived police not dare to come closer.

    Zhao Ke pushed Li Zeming behind him. “Stay a bit farther away from here.”

    Li Zeming obediently followed and took a few steps back. He only had a Xuan Rank Cultivation Base so he couldn’t really block a bullet easily. However, he still nervously racked his brain, looking towards the inside of the bank. 

    The police dispersed the surrounding crowd and encircled the perimeters of the bank, shouting out negotiations with the evildoers inside. The evildoers held a number of hostages, but they required a sky high price which made it difficult for the police.

    Zhao Ke’s gaze circled around the surroundings before he suddenly wrinkled his thick brows. “Why is Little Aunt also here?”

    Li Zeming stretched his neck out to look. Sure enough, he saw a tall Zhao Li standing amongst the group of police so he couldn’t help but pat Zhao Ke’s shoulder. “Are we going to help? If it becomes a torrent rain of bullets later and Aunt Zhao gets hurt, what are we going to do?”

    Zhao Ke’s godly sense swept the inside of the bank with a grave face. “The number of evildoers isn’t few and every single one of them has a gun. I can’t guarantee taking on all of them at the same time.”

    Li Zeming nodded. “That’s true.”

    Because He Zhou and Wen Renyi had to change clothes, the pair had arrived a moment later. He Zhou held Wen Renyi and went up to Zhao Ke, coincidentally hearing Zhao Ke’s words so he couldn’t help but say. “Aside from ordinary evildoers, there is also a cultivator inside the bank.”

    Zhao Ke glared at him. “If you don’t know anything then don’t spout nonsense.” He had an Earth Ranked cultivation base, if he didn’t know that a cultivator was hiding in the bank, how could this person without any cultivation base exaggerate things just to scare people.

    “He’s an Earth Rank Late Stage.” He Zhou glanced at him. “His cultivation base is higher than yours by a little.”

    Zhao Ke simply wanted to roll his eyes. “ I didn’t expect that Young Master He did not only excel in racing cars but also has skill in rambling nonsense.”

    The police and the evildoers had already been in a deadlock for a long time. All the staff members of the bank were in the hands of the evildoers and they couldn’t take any risks.

    He Zhou was currently pondering on a surefire countermeasure when Zhao Ke was preparing to rush in and execute the rescue. He quickly barred Zhao Ke, coldness seeping in his tone. “What do you think you’re doing?”

    “Rubbish! Of course it’s to save people!” Earth Rank Cultivators could expose their Inner Xi to protect their body so they didn’t fear bullets. Zhao Ke wanted to exploit the inattention of the police and evildoers to storm in the bank and attack the evildoers, removing the danger.

    “There’s an Earth Rank Late Stage Cultivator inside. You’re simply courting death.” He Zhou obstructed him. Besides, if he barged in under these conditions, it would just provoke the alarm and anger of the evildoers. By that time, it was plain knowledge that the hostages wouldn’t be let off.

    “I didn’t even sense a cultivator inside, how could an ordinary person like you know? If you’re scared then just go home and hide, don’t hinder me!” Zhao Ke thought that He Zhou was scared of the current scenario and inevitably said this in despise.

    Li Zeming who hid behind him popped out. His big eyes scanned He Zhou’s face before telling Zhao Ke. “You shouldn’t be reckless. What if there really was a cultivator inside?”

    Zhao Ke snorted coldly. “If there really was, then it’s not worthwhile for him to rob a bank, who knows, maybe he’s on our side.”

    Li Zeming thought for a moment and felt that his words made some sense so he quietly shut his mouth.

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