EBPW Chapter 13.1

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Chapter 13.1 Going to Feng City to rescue people (1)

He Zhou laid on the bed thinking that he still wasn’t used to the life he was living now. He didn’t even think of getting a blow dryer and immediately felt a little ashamed.

Yu Guang saw Wen Renyi take off his earphones and stop working. He then closed his eyes and focused on circulating his Inner Xi, pretending to be devoted to cultivating so he wasn’t able to see the corner of Wen Reyi’s mouth slightly hooked up.

He Zhou laid on his side and felt the other side of the bed sink down. Another heat source had appeared beside him. Even though the two of them weren’t far apart but Young Master He had always felt that his back was slightly itchy.

The room was very quiet and Wen Renyi’s breathing was also very faint. He Zhou knew he still hadn’t fallen asleep and asked. “When is the Original Stone arriving?”

“Are you in a hurry?”

He Zhou said “En” with a muffled voice. “With so many people wanting to kill you, you naturally need to get better soon.”

Wen Renyi fell silent for a moment before saying. “Thank you.”

He Zhou felt a little uncomfortable by the two words he had just uttered and asked after a moment. “Can you tell me what’s going on with the power inside your body? I need to know clearly before I’m assured that I can help you.”

Silence fell over the room again. When He Zhou thought he wouldn’t reply, an alluring voice transmitted into his ear. “Actually, I don’t know what it is either. By the time I was injured, it must’ve already seized residence in my body.”

Seized residence?

He Zhou heard this and suddenly flipped over, facing Wen Renyi and holding his hand. “Do you mind letting me take a look?”


He Zhou closed his eyes and slowly inserted his Inner Xi and godly sense into Wen Renyi’s body. He followed along the veins and gradually arrived at a sealed barrier. Just as he made contact with it, he was almost pulled in and swallowed by the great force of power. His Golden Core Stage godly sense received a slight attack, the other party withdrew a bit but was still in the vicinity of the barrier, seeming like it wasn’t afraid of the golden core stage godly sense.

He Zhou had a faint guess in his heart and slowly infiltrated once more. The other party started to cower a little but it very quickly wanted to counterattack. However, before it could, He Zhou immediately pulled his godly sense and Inner Xi back. He lowered his head to look at Wen Renyi. “An Almighty Golden Core.”

Wen Renyi’s brows moved slightly. “Then, it’s the same as your godly sense?”

He Zhou let out an “En.” “Weren’t you curious before why other people couldn’t see through my cultivation base? And why you could? It was because my godly sense was higher than theirs and that fact that you could see it was due to that power inside your body. It ought to be some Golden Core cultivator who died and concealed his soul inside the Golden Core to for an opportunity to seize residence.”

Inside the dark room, Wen Renyi’s pupils glinted with a faint purple light. He frowned slightly and held He Zhou’s hand tightly. “My head hurts.”

He Zhou presumed that it was the Almighty Golden Core stirring up trouble again and wanting to control Wen Renyi’s body. He inserted his godly sense in to suppress it, making the spirit struggle for a moment but without bearing fruits, it could only give up.

Wen Renyi’s brows unfolded in relief.

“When the Original Stone comes, I’ll assist you. “He Zhou laid down once again. “However, the process will be slightly painful.” 

“Thank you.”

“Thank yous don’t need to be said between the two of us. Go to sleep ba.”

The second morning, after He Zhou absorbed the first wisp of the sun’s purple cloud, Housekeeper Song Cheng knocked on their door to let them know that breakfast had already been prepared. He Zhou withdrew his cultivation and prepared to open the door when he heard Wen Renyi’s voice.

“Got it, Uncle Song.”

Wen Renyi turned around with a light smile on his face. His expression brightening up. “Ah Zhou.”

He Zhou was moved by this beauty first thing in the morning. This stimulated his appetite that he couldn’t help but eat another bowl of congee more than usual.

T/N: Everytime the story talks about how He Zhou is moved by Wen Renyi’s beauty, I can’t help but think. “He Zhou, it’s a trap. Don’t fall for it.” LOLOL

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