Chapter 23 [2nd World 1] The Abandoned Perfect Girl

Before Ruan Jiaojiao could even open her eyes, she could feel her weak and powerless body pressed down by a young and strong male body. Her p*ssy unable to ignore the hot thick c*ck stirring and thrusting frantically inside.

“Surprised? Shocked?!’

While she was being f*cked by the man in a frenzy, the system’s smug voice rang out.

Ruan Jiaojiao, “…..”

She opened her eyes but her field of view was completely pitch black.


She blurted out this profanity, shocking the man atop of her to stop in the act and turn the lights on.

When the black room suddenly became bright, it allowed Ruan Jiaojiao to see the other party’s face quickly.

Even though she was already experienced in bed matters, the man’s attractiveness still took her breath away.

Moreover, it was her favorite type of fresh meat. His face was handsome and tender, yet also carried a twinge of the delinquent, roguish type.

Ruan Jiaojiao felt very satisfied. Her lecherous hands streaked across the man’s firm yet supple pecs and abs. The man also seemed to be stunned by her attitude which she returned with an extremely warm and bright smile.

“Well what are you waiting for? Go on, don’t stop moving!”

Before she could even thoroughly enjoy this affair, the system’s prompt rang out abruptly.

“In one minute, your fiancé will be entering through that door and catch you red-handed in your affair ohohoho!~”

The system was unable to suppress the excitement in its tone.


Ruan Jiaojiao’s smile froze as if she was struck by lightning, yet the system turned her words against her to unscrupulously mock her.

“Well what are you waiting for? Go on, don’t stop moving!!”

Ruan Jiaojiao, “….”

At this moment, the system started counting down in a smug manner.

Nineteen! Eighteen! Seventeen! ……

Ruan Jiaojiao decisively kicked the man away and nimbly rolled off the bed, picking up the scattered clothes on both the bed and the floor then crawling under the bed and holding her breath, not daring to exhale loudly.

At this moment, the door was pushed open and someone walked in.

How thrilling and exciting!

Ruan Jiaojiao stared at the glossy men’s leather shoes and the straight long legs wrapped in black trousers, visualizing the appearance of the original host’s fiancé.

“Have you seen Ruan Jiaojiao?”

The man’s voice was cold, gloomy and magnetic but his tone revealed an air of indifference as he talked about her.

“You barged into my room to find your woman?”

The young man who had been having a passionate time with Ruan Jiaojiao minutes ago, asked in amusement, his tone mocking.

The two seemed to have been stuck in a stalemate for a while before her fiancé left the room first.

Ruan Jiaojiao heaved a breath of relief. She had just finished receiving the plot.

This was a melodramatic and cliché story about a separated couple reconciling and reuniting.

However, this time, her role wasn’t that of a cannon fodder but a very important supporting female in the book.

Her fiancé was the male lead Ji Che, who once had a pure campus love with the female lead Su Xue. Due to the difference in their status and lifestyle, and the female lead’s strong self-esteem, the two people often quarreled over trivial matters which eventually led to their break up.

Many years later, despite Ji Che having been arranged a fiancée who matched his status, he couldn’t forget his feelings for the female lead, treating her existence like a white moonlight1White moonlight is a term used to refer to things or people that you covet or desire but cannot attain..

And though the female lead had a warm and caring boyfriend, she often reminisced and regretted her past love.

Later on, they were reunited and through all sorts of coincidences, their feelings for each other were revived. The male lead ultimately chose his true love, the Cinderella female lead, abandoning his perfect fiancée behind.

After learning the plot, Ruan Jiaojiao once again discovered the system’s nasty taste in plots. This bugger was clearly up to no good!

Because in the original book, there was simply no such thing as the current scene playing out!

Rolling in the bed with her younger brother-in-law and putting a green hat on the male lead? What the hell was going on?

At this moment, the system explained mischievously.

Before he cheats on you, I helped you cheat on him first, whaddya think? Aren’t you happy? No need to thank me too much!

Ruan Jiaojiao responded through gritted teeth.

“In that case, I really have to thank you for your kindness.”

If she hadn’t reacted quickly, she would’ve been caught red-handed by the male lead in bed alright!! Hmphh!!

At this moment, her younger brother-in-law Ji Xun, popped his handsome face under the bed and wore a wicked grin.

“Sister-in-law, shall we continue?”

Ruan Jiaojiao pouted her lips at him and calmly ordered.

“Lock the door first. I’m afraid you’ll turn impotent if it happens once again.”

Crawling out from under the bed, Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t rush to continue her saucy affair with her younger brother-in-law. Instead, she walked to the mirror and appreciated the beauty of her current body.

Mmm! She was very satisfied.

As her character design was the perfect girl this time, apart from having a beautiful countenance, she had an exceptionally elegant character, magnanimous bearing and even her hair exuded the alluring fragrance of affluence.

While she was admiring herself in the mirror, a man’s hot body stuck close to her bare back, leaving no gap between their bodies. His stiff hard d*ck grinded between the seams of her derriere, expressing its impatience and poking at her slightly.

“Sister-in-law, are you dissatisfied with my performance? How could you still be in the mood of looking in the mirror?”


Ruan Jiaojiao called out tenderly as she was pushed by Ji Xun and pressed against the mirror.

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