Chapter 21 Love Battlefield

Liu Luoxue foolishly stared at the man who was surrounded by thousands of flashing lights and after a while had passed, she lowered her gaze sadly.

She knew this feeling was called like.

She liked that man called Huo Yuting but he had a girlfriend, and she knew who his girlfriend was. She was an actress who was a part of the film she partook before.

Recalling her enchanting and gorgeous face, Liu Luoxue felt very uncomfortable.

When she came across the scene of that woman kissing and hugging Shen Muyan in private at the backstage of the press conference, this feeling morphed into a strong feeling of anger and jealousy.

That woman called Ruan Jiaojiao actually dared to have her feet in two boats1To have feet in two boats means to have two lovers at the same time.

She needed to expose her true face and prevent Huo Yuting from being deceived by such a shameless woman!

Liu Luoxue clutched her phone tightly, preparing to stealthily take a picture as evidence. However, a hand suddenly fell on her shoulder, making her shiver out of fright.

She turned around promptly and was met with a cold pair of black eyes.

Teacher Qin?

Qin Rui was the most extremely admired figure in Liu Luoxue’s circle. Regardless of whether it was his looks, his acting skills or his character, to her, he was like a spring breeze and she secretly viewed him as her male god.

Now, at this moment, her male god took her phone and sharply measured the photo on her screen. Then, he took out the phone’s memory card and put it in his own pocket.

Liu Luoxue was astounded, staring at Qin Rui in puzzlement.

“Don’t make trouble for her.”

Faced with Qin Rui’s direct warning, Liu Luoxue’s grievances started surging, she blinked her misty eyes at Qin Rui and gently pressed her lips, making her sweet countenance appear lovely and pitiful.

“But why? She clearly….”

Unpleasant words were nearly about to burst out from her mouth but Liu Luoxue stifled them back. She was a wise and virtuous lady, she couldn’t speak such filthy language.

Qin Rui raised the corner of his lips, forming a clear smile.

“She’s certainly not a good woman, but…what does that have to do with you? Clever girl, don’t do anything that doesn’t fit with your image, besides, you won’t be able to get the man you want doing this.”

Liu Luoxue’s face paled and she bit her lip.

Seeing her appearance, Qin Rui knew she understood his implications. He turned around and was about to leave when Liu Luoxue asked him unreconciled.

“Why? Why are you protecting her?!”

At this moment, she was overcome with sorrow and jealousy, she could no longer maintain her expression and yelled out loudly without any concern.

She wanted everyone to know!

Qin Rui paused in his tracks, their small ruckus catching the attention of people nearby.

However, the two people who were having a secret tryst, still didn’t part, remaining in their mutual embrace.

Liu Luoxue simply shed all pretense of cordiality and rushed towards Ruan Jiaojiao and Shen Muyan, criticizing Ruan Jiaojiao with a chest full of anger.

“You’re Brother Huo’s girlfriend, how could you do this behind his back?!”

Ruan Jiaojiao blinked, the corner of her lips twitching.

“I didn’t.”

Liu Luoxue was about to blow her top off. She was still sticking onto Shen Muyan now. How could she tell such a bald-faced lie and refuse to admit it!

This woman was simply too shameless!!

Ruan Jiaojiao looked at the red-faced little beauty and innocently explained.

“I didn’t do it behind his back. If you don’t believe me, turn your head around and look. I’m clearly doing it in front of your so-called Brother Huo.”

Luo Luoxue promptly swished her head around and saw the tall and slender figure she had been watching smittenly amongst the crowd, standing behind her. She didn’t know how long he had been there and whether he had seen the whole course of events.

At first, she was overjoyed, but then she suddenly recalled something and turned to look at Ruan Jiaojiao once again. But she only saw the woman remain in Shen Muyan’s arms, appearing intimately close as conjoined twins, exhibiting no intentions of separating at all.

Could it be….Could it be that her going out with Huo Yuting was a lie?! Were there any hidden secrets?!

Luo Luoxue once again turned her head to Huo Yuting in bewilderment but the other party didn’t spare her a glance. He gloomily walked towards them, intending to pull Ruan Jiaojiao away from Shen Muyan’s arms forcibly but Ruan Jiaojiao held onto Shen Muyan tenaciously.

Huo Yuting’s complexion was fairly unsightly but he didn’t get mad, his tone was ice cold as he uttered.

“Let go! Come with me!”

“I won’t.”

Ruan Jiaojiao sounded extremely impatient as she glared at Huo Yuting.

“Can you please stop pestering me!”

Luo Luoxue was stunned at the scene happening right before her very eyes, her petite body shook for a moment as though she had suffered a strong psychological impact.

In contrast to Liu Luoxue’s reaction, Qin Rui was calm and unflustered, without the slightest fluctuation of emotion visible on his face.

Ruan Jiaojiao was truly feeling exasperated, rolling her eyes on the inside. If her task hadn’t been finished and she couldn’t offend the male lead too much, she simply wouldn’t have fallen into the present quagmire.

“I’m sorry, Muyan.”

Once Ruan Jiaojiao weighed the gravity of the matter, she decided to appease the male lead first. Just as she was about to turn around and cast herself into Huo Yuting’s embrace, Shen Muyan seized her wrist.

“Jiaojiao! Don’t go!”

The rims of Shen Muyan’s eyes were already red. He didn’t know why but lately, Ruan Jiaojiao had been avoiding him and was unwilling to see him when she clearly said she likes him the most!

It was because of this man in front of him. No matter how much the world praised him, no matter how amazing his identity and status was, he was just a beast who forced Jiaojiao to go out with him.

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