Chapter 17 – I Can’t Wait!

When the news came out, Ruan Jiaojiao booked a travel itinerary as quickly as possible and sent her parents to a month-long luxury cruise ship for a holiday abroad.

Before leaving, she coaxed them by saying the recent “news” was just a promotion technique her agency was using for her upcoming film and that it would be dealt with by the time they came back. Moreover, she had a boyfriend and was considering marriage with him. After this matter subsided, she was ready to quit the entertainment circle.

Though they allowed it, Ruan Jiaojiao’s parents never liked seeing their daughter be a part of the messy entertainment circle. Therefore, they were very relieved when they heard her soothing words. 

They didn’t use the Internet, so they were oblivious to the malicious comments the netizens were writing about her. Once they were abroad, they would be away from their gossipy neighbors too.

After seeing the old couple off, she sighed in relief. Just then, her phone rang with a call from Shen Muyan.

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“Jiaojiao, let’s meet.”

Speaking of Shen Muyan, their scandal was officially in full swing, but the parties in question hadn’t seen each other since her character died. She agreed to meet him, and before long, she arrived at the address he sent her. It was his apartment.

Decked in a complete disguise with a loose black men’s shirt, baggy jeans, a baseball cap, and a mask, her curvaceous figure was nowhere to be seen. At first glance, she looked just like a little errand boy or assistant.

She lifted her hand and pressed the doorbell. When Shen Muyan opened the door, he stood motionless in the doorway and stared at her in confusion. She pulled off the mask and smiled.

“What, do you not recognize me anymore? All I did was change clothes, you know.”

She was clearly the same glamorous and beautiful woman as he last saw her, but the neutral outfit gave her a whole different look and feel. He felt his face heat up as his heart began to race. He was convinced that she would look attractive and sexy in anything she wore.

After stepping inside, she stopped and looked around. The simple yet comfortable suite had been arranged for him by his agency. Shen Muyan was usually busy with work, and there were only a few things in the entire apartment. It seemed that he didn’t live here often.

As Ruan Jiaojiao observed the apartment, Shen Muyan was staring at her back, as if he could see the delicate and seductive body wrapped in her loose attire. She thought that he would question her, or at least say something, anything, but he kept silent.

She turned her head and was just about to ask him what he called her for when he suddenly drew close and hugged her waist from the back.

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“Jiaojiao…” His voice was inexplicably low and seemed to contain a lot of emotions.

“Call me jiejie,” she teased, but instead of playing along, he spun her around and made her face him.

The baseball cap on her head fell to the floor. She was stunned. Frowning, she patted his arm, indicating that he let her go, but the young man was unexpectedly stubborn. His arms tightened around her.

“My hair is all messed up. Wait a minute.”

She tried to free herself from his embrace so she could fix her hair, but he didn’t let her. He gripped her waist and suddenly pulled her body down, then he kissed her. 

“My heart is all messed up. I can’t wait!”

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