Chapter 11: He’s Really Ning Yan’s?

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Ning Yue saw that Ning Yan refused to believe him, so he put on a straightforward and simple demonstration. 

A demon couldn’t feel the Pact-aura1The Chinese raw uses the same characters (气场) to refer to both their individual auras and the merged auras. In this translation, we’ll be using Pact-aura whenever we are sure the auras are merged between Ning Yan and Lin Rong.  between themselves and their Pactmate, but Ning Yue, as a blood-relative demon, could. Not only could he detect their Pact-aura, but he could also temporarily sever the bond between them. 

So he did. 

And in the next second, Ning Yan jumped violently in the air, shook, and then collapsed onto the ground moaning in terror. 

Lin Rong was surprised but immediately bent down to pick Ning Yan up. He asked worriedly, “Sese?” 

Ning Yue stopped what he was doing and said coldly, “This is what happens if you stay away from him for 24 hours.” 

The Pact-aura between the two would be completely severed: there would be nothing that tied the two of them together. 

That’s why newly-transformed demons either stayed away from their Pactmates or, once they were together, couldn’t be separated until their auras completely merged. 

Otherwise, after 24 hours the demon would experience unavoidable pain, and after 36 hours, both the demon and their Pactmate would die. 

The puppy clung shivering to Lin Rong and whimpered in lingering fear.

Lin Rong frowned as he felt the white puppy shake like a leaf. He didn’t know what happened and looked at the big black dog. 

Though the big black dog had been “barking” in conversation with the little white puppy, he looked calm right now and also glanced up at the puppy calmly. 

Ji Shao lightly coughed and asked, “This… everything’s okay?” 

Lin Rong looked away from the big black dog and lowered his head to ask softly, “Sese, does it hurt anywhere?” 

Ning Yan struggled to look more energetic. He lifted his head and licked Lin Rong’s chin to indicate that he was okay. 

But he was absolutely terrified. 

That hurt, like being split in half by lightning!

Ning Yan thought as he trembled. No, he’s not planning on leaving Lin Rong, nobody will dare separate them!!

He clutched at Lin Rong tightly with his two front paws! 

Ning Yue continued, “By the way, don’t think about telling him who you are; it won’t work.” 

Ning Yan was still in a daze from the earlier pain and had no idea what Ning Yue was saying. Then he heard Ji Shao give him a personal demonstration, “Little Rong, the white puppy in your arms is actually Ning Yan.” 

Ning Yan, “…”

He looked up at Lin Rong in surprise and shock. 

The man didn’t react and kept looking at him worriedly while stroking his head. 

Ning Yan was amazed. 

What kind of technique is this?!

Ning Yue explained, “He won’t hear it. If you write it out, or even if you change right in front of him, the aura on him that was originally yours will make him pass out. Once he’s sure of your identity, it’ll keep him passed out. 

“This is a demon aura’s instinctive behavior when it comes to a non-relative Pactmate, and it’s not something we can control. Only when you have control over your transformation will the aura lose this restriction.” 

Ning Yan: “No, this set-up is becoming more and more supernatural!” 

Ning Yue jeered, “Demons are already supernatural enough, what difference does this make?” 

“…” Ning Yan asked in helplessness, “Do demons have other techniques?” 

Ning Yue replied coldly, “Nope.” 

Ning Yan, “…” This feels a little like chickenshit. 

But if that’s the case, then there’s nothing they can do about it. 

Ning Yan felt guilty, but since it had already come to this, he had no choice but to ride it out with Lin Rong… 

He silently tightened his hold on Lin Rong’s arm. 

Ning Yue said again, “It’s hard to say when you’ll turn back into human form. Everyone is different. But at the beginning, it’ll be unstable. You might temporarily turn into a human and then turn back into demon form, and you can’t control either one.” 

Ning Yan hesitantly questioned, “What happens if I accidentally transform in front of Lin Rong?” 

“Nothing, he’ll just pass out ahead of time.” Ning Yue answered, “But if you can avoid involving him, then do that. You should be able to sense things a day before you transform. During this time either myself or Ji Shao will be staying in this neighborhood, and we’ll be downstairs at the same time every day. If you feel like you’re about to change, you should be able to meet up with us. Let us know and I’ll think of a way to take you away.” 

Ning Yan hesitated and heard Ning Yue say, “You can’t leave Lin Rong, but it’ll be okay if it’s not for longer than 24 hours. 

“As for how I’m going to get you away, I’ll pay him a visit tomorrow and have a talk with him.” 

Ning Yan still hesitated and continued asking, “There will definitely be a warning before the change?” 

“Yes,” Ning Yue nodded calmly and responded with absolute certainty, “Yes. Everyone gets a warning, no exceptions.” 

There was too much information and Ning Yan was still confused by the time they got home. 

Because of his brief seizure, Lin Rong called Gu Shi. 

But Ning Yan returned to normal when he got home and Gu Shi couldn’t figure it out just based on Lin Rong’s descriptions. All he said was for Lin Rong to keep an eye on the puppy. 

After putting down his phone, Lin Rong carefully checked Ning Yan over and breathed a sigh of relief when he couldn’t see anything obviously wrong. Then he ran his hand through his hair and brushed it back, sat down on the chair, and… stared off into the distance. 

The puppy also stared off into the distance on the floor. 

The human and dog stared off into the distance together for half an hour… and then both came back to themselves. 

Ning Yan walked silently over to Lin Rong and lightly pawed at the man. 

The man looked down. 

Ning Yan straightened up and placed his paws against the man’s knees, looking up pleadingly. 

Lin Rong blinked in surprise… that was the first time the white puppy asked for a hug. 

He reached out to pick Ning Yan up, and Ning Yan squirmed until he found a comfortable position before settling down. 

From today onwards, he’ll stick to Lin Rong as much as possible!

For a moment, Ning Yan felt like he was an incubus, out to suck the energy from human males. 

He hadn’t thought that him following Lin Rong home in an attempt to avoid becoming a stray dog would lead to this mess. If he was honest, he dragged Lin Rong into this mess. After all, if they separate, it’s not just him who’ll feel pain; Lin Rong’s life will also be in danger. 

While Ning Yan felt depressed, Lin Rong stroked him again and again, murmuring, “Sese, you didn’t get lost from Yanyan’s place, did you?” 

Ning Yan, “…”

He hadn’t thought about this scenario before

But come to think of it, this was probably Ning Yue’s plan

Lin Rong lifted Ning Yan’s chin and said softly, “We’ll have to find a way to be sure tomorrow.”

Ning Yan ducked his head and thought that, with his cousin visiting tomorrow, there’s no need to worry. 

Though Ning Yan did feel guilty for not being able to tell Lin Rong the truth about this. 

He didn’t dare think about how Lin Rong would react when he finds out the truth… honestly, he was pretty apprehensive. 

At first he had thought that if he really couldn’t get in touch with his family, the worst thing that would happen is he would confess his identity to Lin Rong and risk asking for help. 

He was only cautious because he wasn’t familiar with Lin Rong back then. 

How can he easily expose his identity?

But now, Ning Yan had seen Ning Yue and was more confident about not being sent to the police station or a research institute and yet he was afraid of being outed. 

At this moment, all the guilt was because of how the man felt about him. 

When he got angry before, he thought that once he turned back into a human, he would beat Lin Rong up. But that was mostly in jest. If it really came to that, Ning Yan would be the first to back down. 

He subconsciously refused to think why he worried about how the man thought of him. Instead, he thought that since fate made it impossible for him to confess, his cousin must lie when he comes to visit tomorrow.

Ning Yan didn’t like lying but there was nothing he could do about this. If his cousin didn’t start setting the stage for some things, then he wouldn’t be able to take Ning Yan away at the critical moment, and Lin Rong would pass out because of the aura. 


I’m sorry, Ning Yan thought silently in his mind. 

When he’s gotten control over the shapeshift thing, he’ll make sure to confess everything to the big pervert

And if the big pervert becomes scared or angry…

Ning Yan quietly tucked himself deeper into Lin Rong’s embrace. 

then at least don’t be angry or scared at him? 

He put his head against Lin Rong’s chest. 


Ji Shao called Lin Rong bright and early the next day. 

He said that since he saw Lin Rong’s white puppy last night, he mentioned it off-handedly to Ning Yan’s cousin Ning Yue when they were chatting, and that’s how he found out that Ning Yan’s puppy had gotten out. 

Ning Yue heard that Lin Rong’s white puppy had been a stray and wanted to see if the puppy that Lin Rong had was Ning Yan’s. Ning Yue had already hurrying over to the Elegant Scenery Court and was wondering if it would be convenient for him to visit? 

Lin Rong had intended to confirm the same thing, so he politely agreed to the visit. 

They couldn’t have the visit at his place—all those posters on the walls. 

So Lin Rong brought Ning Yan over to Ji Shao’s place. 

Ning Yue, in his human form, wore a white shirt and looked like an accomplished adult. He sat on the couch sipping tea and seemed like a frequent visitor to Ji Shao’s place. 

Ji Shao poured Lin Rong a cup of tea as well and gestured, “Please sit.” 

Lin Rong subconsciously looked around. 

He didn’t see the big black dog from last night. 

Ji Shao pretended he didn’t see and said smiling, “Have some tea.” 

Lin Rong didn’t ask any more questions and nodded before saying, “Thanks.” 

Ning Yue’s gaze swept calmly over the puppy, otherwise known as his awkward cousin, currently attached to Lin Rong’s feet and put down his teacup before stating, “Mr. Lin, this puppy is pretty rude, isn’t he?” 

Ning Yan, “…”

What a rude opening line!

But when Lin Rong heard this, something flashed in his eyes and he said, “He really is Yan… Ning Yan’s pet?” 

Ning Yan, “…”

How did you two come to an agreement just like this???


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