Chapter 4: Substitute Marriage(4)

Chapter 4: Substitute Marriage (4)

Liu Fuyi’s face was solemn as he controlled the Nine Mysterious Demon Restraining Pagoda in the air, sweat dripped down his neck without him realizing.

In the clouds, Mu Sheng’s movements were too quick, quick to the point that one could only see a streak of goose yellow dashing about. He used Exploding Sparks to burst a path open and neared Mu Yao. He then took off the metal bracelet around his wrist and smashed it towards the water mirror.

That metal bracelet was akin to Nezha’s Yin-Yang Bracelet[1]1 Yin-Yang Bracelet: A hidden weapon that looks like a pair of chinese prosperity bracelets. I believe usually the spikes/blade edge are on the inside ring., instantly smashing the water mirror apart. At the same time, it had turned into the size of a hula-hoop. It flew over as it circled around the water mirror.

The water mirror was stuck in the bracelet as it struggled to break free. It twisted every which way in a bid to free itself from this unremarkable small bracelet. Yet, it was like an inflated balloon whose mouth was tightly squeezed shut, unwaveringly locked down.

The Demon Restraining Pagoda’s brilliance grew more and more radiant. The water mirror stubbornly held on in front of the lofty pagoda, it was like a bedraggled mud fish as it struggled with its life on the line. Yet, it couldn’t escape its fate of being sucked into the pagoda.

After the Demon Restraining Tower completed its task, it spun in place and extinguished its rays of light. It spun around as it slowly shrunk in size before returning to its original dainty appearance. In a flash, it flew over to Liu Fuyi like an adorable and pampered puppy.

Liu Fuyi was unable to praise it at the moment. His expression was pale and he stared intensely at Mu Yao in Mu Sheng’s embrace.

Mu Sheng hugged Mu Yao tightly as he slowly descended from the air.

From afar, they looked like a mighty whirlwind. However, at a closer glance, one would discover that he looked rather ruffled up. His clothes had quite a few cuts on them and his expression was colorful. Miaomiao woke up from her stupor and, borrowing the warm yellow light of the lantern, carefully evaluated Mu Sheng.

Mu Sheng was one of Floating Boat’s most distinguishable male leads. He didn’t wear white. He didn’t wear black either. He wore clothes that normally young girls would wear; He wore bright yet soft goose yellow clothes.

Goose yellow was very light, it could attract people’s attention yet it wasn’t eye-catching. A ring of black circled around the collar, it was both stubborn and arrogant. When he wore it, it didn’t seem soft but charming instead.

His hair was pitch black and it lightly curled up atop his forehead. They naturally split apart down the middle and he also had a high ponytail. From the front, one could see his white headband perfectly exposed from the parting of his hair. His youthfulness spilled out from within, like a the scent of lemon in a glass bowl.

Mu Sheng raised his eyes, his pupils extremely bright like two moons reflected off of a lake.

Miaomiao sighed. Youthfulness and ponytails really were a match made in heaven.

Sighing inwardly again, Mu Sheng was completely nothing like what she had imagined.

Most of Floating Boat’s words were focused on Liu Fuyi, writing about his gentleness and calmness, his coldness and passions. It was to the point that the moment Miaomiao saw Liu Fuyi, she was certain who he was.

In comparison, the pitiful second male lead didn’t even have more than a few lines describing him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this black lotus used their family’s specialty: Exploding Sparks, she never would’ve believed that this youth in front of her, was Mu Sheng.

She had thought that in order to become a fitting black lotus, one would need to have a low-key, gloomy and quiet temperament.

This youth who she had seen come from afar, had hair that was sharp at the edges. He swayed back and forth energetically. It made one associate him with the first appearance of a goose yellow winter jasmine in the beginning of spring. Or perhaps the tender shoots of a willow tree. Or even the first bite of a plump tangerine as one’s mouth gets filled with spurting juice.

This sort of person was a yandere?! Whose personality was broken and perverse? It should’ve been someone whose internal flower had dried up long ago, how could this not make one disappointed?

Mu Sheng and Liu Fuyi had already started arguing.

“I had only gone out to pick a few herbs and something happened to my sis. Is this how you take care of people? I’ve told you countless times, you can accompany her but don’t let her be alone! You…”

“Ah Sheng…” Mu Yao’s weak voice appeared. She was lying on the west sideroom’s couch. She extended her slim arm and grabbed onto Mu Sheng’s cuff.

Mu Sheng face had been full of vicious anger but instantly changed into a warm expression as he looked at Mu Yao, “Sis, does it hurt?”

His long eyelashes were clearly visible, bending at a tough-feeling arc. His pitch black pupils reflected Mu Yao’s face. His innocent expression seemed as if he had been the one who was injured, and not Mu Yao.

This instantly changing face caused a wave of goosebumps to travel through Ling Miaomiao.

Mu Sheng’s skin was white like a limpid white jade. The blood vessels on his face were even more pronounced and was a rather ghastly sight.

Mu Yao looked at her little brother’s face. Even someone as cold as her forced out a weak smile, “I’m fine.”

“But I’m hurt…” Mu Sheng grasped onto her hand and wouldn’t let go. He stuck her hand on his face and actually acted cute.

Mu Sheng was born with a delicate face.

Even though both brother and sister were beautiful, they had different kinds of beauty. Mu Yao’s beauty was akin to the pure, untouched snow atop a mountain. Cold and distant. Proud and aloof.

Mu Sheng was coincidentally the opposite. He was a poisonous flower and he hid his emotions in his pupils. There was a kind of youthfulness that fell in between a young man and young girl with a corrupt kind of prettiness.

Mu Yao ignored the cute act in front of her as she twisted her hand free, “If you’re hurt, then go back and apply medicine on it. Why are you still here making a huge fuss of things?”

The kindhearted Mu Yao thought that her family’s obedient and adorable brother only lashed out violently at Liu Fuyi in a fit of desperation and thought that he was being uncourteous.

Mu Sheng stared blankly at her. He then gave Liu Fuyi a look, a threatening look emerging in his eyes for a moment before it was immediately replaced with a wronged expression. His long lashes fell, “Sis, I didn’t flare up on purpose… if I didn’t rush back, something would’ve happened to you! I told him before to never let you be by yourself. Was he even unable to wait a little while?”

Liu Fuyi stood to the side, his eyes full of self-blame.

“Enough.” Mu Yao rubbed her temples and patiently spoke: “I let Fuyi leave. I was originally fine and I’m not a little child either. I don’t need someone to watch over me. Fuyi just wanted to capture the demon a little bit quicker.”

”Is capturing the demon more important than my sister’s life?” Mu Sheng suddenly raised his voice, “He left you alone in this room. Sister, do you not blame him in the slightest?”

He shot a glance at the marriage suit Liu Fuyi didn’t have the time to take off and spoke with resentment, “He ran off to get married to another girl!”

”Mu Sheng!” Mu Yao finally erupted, “I told you already, Fuyi informed me. The marriage was just an act, why are you so stubbornly fixated on this?” She sucked in a breath of air, “How did mother and father teach you? As a family of demon hunters, how can we be afraid of death?”

Mu Sheng’s heart was full of anger as he clenched his teeth and retreated two steps.

Liu Fuyi couldn’t endure anymore and threw himself to the bedside, carrying her into his embrace as he closed his eyes. “Yao’er, I wasn’t good enough, I was wrong…”

Mu Yao had been full of indignant anger but it all instantly dissipated into a warm expression. She cupped Fuyi’s face and said, “Working towards the bigger picture was right. Ah Sheng was also too anxious…”

Both of their foreheads drew close together and they started to share sweet nothings. Their voices grew more and more quiet before it finally turned into whispers.

Ling Miaomiao snuck a look at Mu Sheng who stood at the side rigidly with his hand tightly clenched into fists. She was taking joy at watching other’s pain. If his anger could be turned into fire, Mu Sheng could burn down the entire house.

In the next moment, she was unable to smile any longer. Salty and bitter streams of tears flowed down to her mouth. She wiped her face and found out that it was covered with tears.

What’s going on!? She was crying uncontrollably!

Miaomiao endeavored to her greatest ability to recall the plot: Ling Yu chased Fuyi to the west sideroom only to see the couple’s loving affection for one another. Her beautiful dream of being married to the person in her heart was shattered. She had then immediately leaned against the wall as she slid down to the ground, crying silently in a corner with tears dripping down her face.

Ling Yu’s despondent expression was completely captured by Mu Sheng.

This black lotus was able to notice even the slightest changes in others and in an instant, saw through the feelings Ling Yu had for Liu Fuyi. Instantly, he started growing doubts about how his sister had gotten injured. That’s to say that…

The goose yellow clothed youth turned around and started walking step by step towards the corner she was in. His pupils were jet-black like the surface of a calm lake.

His eyes fell upon Miaomiao’s tear-stained face. He lightly measured her up for a moment before his eyebrows lightly fell. A cold killing intent flashing through his eyes. Immediately after, he raised an eyebrow as an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile covered his face. “Miss Ling. We just fortunately escaped danger, could you tell me why you’re crying?”

[1] Yin-Yang Bracelet: A hidden weapon that looks like a pair of chinese prosperity bracelets. I believe usually the spikes/blade edge are on the inside ring.


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